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Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, we pick right back up in the heat of things as Sammie and St. J managed to free Katrina. Despite showing an amazing display of power, St. J still struggles to gain control over his deadly abilities. Even with all his strengths, it wasn’t enough to prevent Sammie from suffering a gunshot injury to her leg. With the combined abilities of Katrina and St. J, the entire team was able to escape. We see Agent Sullivan fail to control the situation, but he makes preparations for their next encounter. Meanwhile, Katrina includes herself to the team as they made way for home.  Continue reading Eyes of my Enemies

Eyes of my Enemies

Previously oEyes of my Enemies, St. J and Sammie have set out to steal St. J’s car back from his parent’s house welcoming in some unwanted memories. They continued on to the prison alone, finding Blake and Nikki busy with training. With on the spot planning, Sammie and St. J were able to break into the prison to begin their search for the fallen angel, Katrina, but found complications all along the way. We pick up after St. J had just discovered Katrina’s cell in hopes she will have all the answers he is looking for and hopefully is not yet another enemy.

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Lofi Chill Hip-Hop Beats

What do you guys like to listen to while you write? I wrote a post earlier about the different techniques you can use to prevent writer’s block. One thing that I mentioned was to know your environment in which you write your best. Is at night or when you just wake up, do you brainstorm beforehand or dive right into it. Before I mentioned the idea of listening to music while you write, but now I’m curious. What do you listen to? Continue reading Lofi Chill Hip-Hop Beats

Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies. Nikki is stricken with grief after giving into her animal ways and allowing the Lycan within to rampage throughout the streets. Blake shows another side of himself comforting her with the story of their species origin. Meanwhile, St. J and Sammie learn of the angel with black wings, Katrina. After an intense battle with the police, she was captured and brought to Holbrick Penitentiary. Newscasters are unsure how to cover such supernatural events. St. J begins his quest to speak to this angel who just may have the answers he seeks, but that means he must break this dangerous creature out of a maximum security prison. Only time will tell if he is to succeed, read on below to find out. Continue reading Eyes of my Enemies