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Lofi Chill Hip-Hop Beats

What do you guys like to listen to while you write? I wrote a post earlier about the different techniques you can use to prevent writer’s block. One thing that I mentioned was to know your environment in which you write your best. Is at night or when you just wake up, do you brainstorm beforehand or dive right into it. Before I mentioned the idea of listening to music while you write, but now I’m curious. What do you listen to? Continue reading Lofi Chill Hip-Hop Beats

Bobby Tarantino II (The Influence)

The latest body of music by rapper Logic is coming in the form of a mixtape available to all on all streaming devices. Bobby Tarantino II, the second mixtape of the series. Logic used to be a known member of the mixtape community, back when Datpiff was huge and not filled with “Mumble Rappers” and trap music. Logic brings back the idea of passing out free music, like his colleague Chance the Rapper, whose Coloring Book debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 with 57.3 million streams. Continue reading Bobby Tarantino II (The Influence)