Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, we’ve seen St. J struggle to find his way back into his body. We’ve learned that his death occurred three days prior and in that time in-between, the world has not been the same for Nikki and Sammie’s family. Nikki faces changes, Sammie’s vision has left her in distraught. St. J does his best to solve this mystery but Kalexo continues to delay there efforts. Luckily it seems he has more than just one enemy on Earth. Continue on below to see how this new character will change the tides. Continue reading Eyes of my Enemies

The Great Emu War of 1932

It came to my attention that not everybody knows about the one hundred percent legitimate, Great Emu War of 1932. I’d heard about it once or twice online, but I had to know and I am so happy to find out that yes, Australia went to war with a flightless bird, and yes, Australia lost that war.

If you want to just check out the video I just watched, it’s a little corny, but it gives you all the details of probably the funniest true war story I’ve ever seen.

The Great Emu War EXPLAINED – Cool History   Continue reading The Great Emu War of 1932

Donald Glover Comments on Directing A Star Wars Film

After a historic win at the Emmy’s for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, Donald Glover had many announcements to make including his thoughts on directing a Star Wars film.

Fans are clamoring the young actor/writer/musician and now, director, to produce his own Star Wars film. His thoughts on the matter were very humble. Continue reading Donald Glover Comments on Directing A Star Wars Film

Dunkirk Review

Imagine all the war movies you’ve seen, the battles, the glory, the overcoming of amazing odds. There was much to overcome in this movie, but this was no war story, it was a massacre. The story opens with a traditional gun battle. British forces were pushed back to one location showing how trapped they were. Thousands of Allied soldiers were trapped on a beach in Dunkirk, with no one left to save them. Despite all soldiers and all enemies surrounding the area, this story follows Tommy, and a handful of other expendable British soldiers, as they fight through all odds to get back home. Continue reading Dunkirk Review

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