Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies. Nikki is stricken with grief after giving into her animal ways and allowing the Lycan within to rampage throughout the streets. Blake shows another side of himself comforting her with the story of their species origin. Meanwhile, St. J and Sammie learn of the angel with black wings, Katrina. After an intense battle with the police, she was captured and brought to Holbrick Penitentiary. Newscasters are unsure how to cover such supernatural events. St. J begins his quest to speak to this angel who just may have the answers he seeks, but that means he must break this dangerous creature out of a maximum security prison. Only time will tell if he is to succeed, read on below to find out. Continue reading Eyes of my Enemies

Man of the Year

Through blogging, we are given an amazing opportunity to connect with others with similar interests and aspirations. We are given the chance to help and learn from each other through the amazing gift that the internet is. Too many people use this device to spread hate, while there is a world of opportunity literally at our fingertips. An amazing writer, Bryan Fagan, reached out to me as friendly people do online. Together we would like to present to you a presentation of each other. So without further ado: Continue reading Man of the Year

The Pint Father

Anyone want to read a play I made a while back. It’s pretty short, shorter than the majority of the stuff I post on this wonderful blog St. J Writing. But I got a little funny with this work. I’m not really familiar with many plays so I took a lot of inspiration from the one play I do know, A Christmas Carol. My play, The Pint Father, is about an alcoholic in 1800’s England. He goes throughout his daily life trying to piece together the events that unfolded the previous night that he cannot recall. We meet his friends, enemies, and a great secret is revealed. Enjoy! Continue reading The Pint Father

Eyes of my Enemies


Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, Nikki has been found and returned to her natural state. After her first transformation into her full Lycan state, she had run amok throughout the town of LittleRock. Nikki found the bodies of those she had harmed and is suffering from guilt. She had also learned of Sammie and St. J’s relationship, not at all pleased to see her best friend and sister together. Nearby, the angel, Katrina, has made her way to Earth discovering her angelic wings had turned black as night. Could this be part of the consequences of fleeing Heaven as her father warned? Or could something more be in store? Read on to discover the story that unfolds, and stop by next week for the next thrilling episode. Continue reading Eyes of my Enemies

Bobby Tarantino II (The Influence)

The latest body of music by rapper Logic is coming in the form of a mixtape available to all on all streaming devices. Bobby Tarantino II, the second mixtape of the series. Logic used to be a known member of the mixtape community, back when Datpiff was huge and not filled with “Mumble Rappers” and trap music. Logic brings back the idea of passing out free music, like his colleague Chance the Rapper, whose Coloring Book debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 with 57.3 million streams. Continue reading Bobby Tarantino II (The Influence)

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