About Me

Hello viewers,

My name is Zack and I started this blog to publicly declare myself a writer. I’ve been writing all my life, but seriously took interest in the art over the last three years. In this latest couple of months, I’ve finally developed myself as a scriptwriter and I wanted to share some of my ideas here with the world to all who are willing to look.

I don’t want this to be all about me though, I want to hear from you. I’ll be sharing story ideas and making prompts for you guys who like to write, and I will participate as well, only fair. But add to my blog whatever is on your minds as well, this could be a group journal for everybody who likes to write and share their fantasies.

I think writing takes us to amazing places. We are able to create better versions of ourselves and create characters with the qualities that you like about yourself or that you see from others you admire. Our writing can take us to places we’ve always wanted to go and do things we’ve only dreamed of. It is a very beautiful art of expression, and art is meant to be discovered so please do not hold back, progress.



Upcoming Works


You’ll hear more about this, but my latest project is an action/comedy, zombie thriller

Or Die Trying. 

It’s based in Idaho, but characters move East all throughout the central USA coming up to a thrilling end in Chicago. This project is most definitely a script, but my biggest dilemma is the question of should I alter this story into a TV series or a movie. Initially, it was planned to be a movie, but a fantastic television series has always been the dream. Writing for network TV is said to be very rewarding and high paying, but very hard to get into. Random unheard of movies pop up all the time, but they still have to be done right and gain a lot of support. So there’s no easy way to go, but plenty of options. We’ll talk more on this subject later.

For now, as always, if you have any questions. Contact me at any time.

Share stories, ideas, dreams.