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Dead Poets Society: Analysis

I am part of the education process for special needs students in a school. I am a writer, a scriptwriter, and would like to call myself a free-thinker. As such, I can say the Robin Williams film Dead Poets Society resonates with me quite a bit. I watched part of this film before after Robin Williams had died, and I watch it now in full for the first time with new eyes in wonder of all this movie has to offer. Not only does the film have a message of independence, free will, and fighting for what you believe in, it also has several ideals in it in which makes the film reach high levels of importance and perfection on the scale of cinematography.

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Lofi Chill Hip-Hop Beats

What do you guys like to listen to while you write? I wrote a post earlier about the different techniques you can use to prevent writer’s block. One thing that I mentioned was to know your environment in which you write your best. Is at night or when you just wake up, do you brainstorm beforehand or dive right into it. Before I mentioned the idea of listening to music while you write, but now I’m curious. What do you listen to? Continue reading Lofi Chill Hip-Hop Beats

Man of the Year

Through blogging, we are given an amazing opportunity to connect with others with similar interests and aspirations. We are given the chance to help and learn from each other through the amazing gift that the internet is. Too many people use this device to spread hate, while there is a world of opportunity literally at our fingertips. An amazing writer, Bryan Fagan, reached out to me as friendly people do online. Together we would like to present to you a presentation of each other. So without further ado: Continue reading Man of the Year