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Game of Thrones Characters: By the Book

HBO’s Game of Thrones follows George R.R. Martin’s series with relative accuracy. But many fans of the books are not happy with the looks that some of these Character’s display compared to how George Martin envisioned.

Of course, Hollywood is Hollywood and everyone must be attractive, but George Martin is who he is as well and his story calls for a much darker reality. Continue reading Game of Thrones Characters: By the Book

Upcoming Works

Hey guys,

I’ve got loads of articles from another site Gamersshere, that I worked for a while. Thought I’d have a week where I post two articles a day to get my content up. Movie reviews, TV show info, and all the random topics they had me write about. Might as well share the love, hope you guys enjoy.

– St. J

Eyes of my Enemies

Here you will find a story of action and drama. Tune in weekly to keep up with the eventful tale of a teenage boy exposed to the supernatural world that has been amongst him his whole life. After an interdimensional tear was ripped open, beings from Heaven and Hell escaped to Earth. Experience terrifying demons, visions from God, and epic battles as you see through the eyes of our main character as he comes to age. Will he be able to reverse the mistakes he made? Begin the adventure and read on ahead. Continue reading Eyes of my Enemies