What would you do if you were trapped on a desert island cast away from society, gadgets, and friends? Would your mind be lost in the isolation, or would that not be the type of thing to affect you? Would you have the will to survive, to hunt, and build shelter, or has laziness left you inefficient for the task at hand? 

Why the question occurred, I don’t know, but I believe the answer to whether you could or not survive says a lot about one’s self. In this world run by our technology, it takes a unique type of person to perform well without it. We are also social beings, the ability to survive without others should be considered a flaw or an unnecessary trait in our evolution, yet still, it is one that is presented time to time.

I think it may be interesting to take the time away from the world entering a purgatory with complete isolation from our world. Not only does a break from media sound refreshing, but imagine the physical and mental test of surviving off your own skills. The thrill of an action movie could be all yours in the unlikely scenario of a plane crash-landing on an uncharted island. Can you build fires with just the elements, what if we gave you a lighter? Would that make a difference or just bring further embarrassment. Can you hunt, or more specifically kill if needed? Does the thought of an innocent squirrel being your next meal make you squirm? Would it be better if it wasn’t such a furry little critter, or is that something that fades as the hunger sets in?

Let’s add to the experiment. Say you are not alone, how does this change things. Are you in the same situation or were they there before you? How this changes everything. While working alongside another in a similar situation may be nice but the idea of an unknown other can be so frightening. A native island dweller, never seen to be a good thing in any story. One could only imagine the mental trauma this type of environment could do to a man after long. How long would it be before you revert back to more animal-like instincts and lose all of your current materialistic goals? I would like to say I was any different, but these are the issues of any man in our culture.

Back to the question at hand, what difference does it make with others? Say you have a group with you, do you have a government, a leader, a lawless land of anarchy. Will you help your fellow man? Do all goods feed all mouths, or is it more of a supply and demand system where goods are only given in exchange for other goods and services? What if you have nothing and others have everything? How could a system like that be fair? But then again, what’s another’s life compared to your own?

How will you spend your time? Do you curl up to yourself and wish it all to be over or do you end it yourself? Would you read, nap, and take leisure or is every moment spent on an abandoned island another day lost in the real world? Could you sit and read under the sun while others work and make efforts to be rescued? Would you cling onto your obsessions and write, think about your job, your kids, or do you focus on the situation at hand, the cards you were dealt?

It’s amazing to see the real-life correlations a bizarre situation can hold. The questions I ask speak on behalf of human nature and who you are as a person. It may do the world good to imagine all the scenarios and odd outcomes if even just for the pleasure to see where your mind will find itself. Can we answer our own questions of the ways of the world by seeing our own stubborn beliefs from a different angle? Perhaps, but it takes a whole other kind of determination to make a change. Like being trapped on an island, there are good and positive ways to handle any situation, but from another angle, we may see why we do such things or we may question if they really are the right action. If we knew the outcomes already and unwanted deeds we may have to do or what action will lead to the next. How much would that affect what we do?

Does any of this hypothetical shit matter or do we have this idea of ourselves in our heads that are nothing like the reality? As I writer I say many things, and through the act of characters acting, I feel that I am capable of much, but what happens in the scenario where I am the character. Can the body fulfill the expectations of the mind, or is there another presence holding us back? This essence called a conscious, second-guessing and judgmental. Does it hold us back or protect us, and from whom, ourselves? What is the point of our mind protecting us from ourselves, why wouldn’t our brains wish for us to be free? Such freedom would come at a price, this price may affect our minds and as such our brain could just be protecting itself without an interest for what it’s host may want.

So before we lose ourselves and plunge into the surrounding endless waters of blue ocean,  envision a scenario and see how remarkable you are within your own mind where the possibilities are endless. Journey back to that realm where you can be exactly what it is you wish to be and learn what humanity is about.



2 thoughts on “Stranded”

  1. We are survivors by nature. We have that instinct built in us but in the world we have created we don’t need it. At least to the degree of playing out a Tom Hanks movie.

    If that were to happen I think the majority, if not everyone, would figure it out. Granted there would be a few who would lose their mind and crash. We all know the type. But for the most part people are strong. We can flip that switch and do what it takes.

    Great topic. I’ll have to bring it up at our 4th of July party. 🙂


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