Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, St. J and Sammie attempt at a normal life and go out to the movies. Sammie ignores these visions of death until they overpower her and the two come fleeing home. Meanwhile, the dark creature, the Angel of Death reaps both Dip and Jo destroying their home in the process. St. J scares the angel away but was useless against the police force. The suspicious Agent Sullivan has questions for the grieving family. They later flee to Blake’s treehouse where Nikki was told the terrible news that her mother was killed and they have no idea why. 

Book One, Episode 10:

The Unexplained


Sammie rolled off my arm and lied on her back. Her eyes were still closed but you could see blue lights piercing through her eyelids. She stirred in her sleep in a cold sweat as her vision played out and then took a sudden gasp for air. She froze in place, eyes open and glowing. //

Blake was in the kitchen area of the treehouse where cabinets and cupboards lined the wall. There was a large stone structure in the room used as an oven as a fire was set within. On top of the hot surface, Blake made coffee with a camping style instant pot. He stopped the process and looked back behind him sensing something in the air. His eyes seemed sure as if he could see the irregularity before him. He snarled with disgust. //

(((A blue tint lined the edge of her view.))) Cotton puff clouds grew larger in this sea of blue skies that engulfed everything. The puffy white clouds passed by her, Sammie reached her arm out to touch them but continued to drop through the sky. Her free fall wasn’t intense, she wasn’t afraid or blasted back with harsh winds. She seemed to be simply dropping through the atmosphere at a peaceful pace with a set course towards other large clouds below. Sammie fell through the cloud causing it to explode into multiple puff balls that trailed across the sky above her. Her viewpoint opened and she could see herself plummeting towards Earth. Even with the rocky landscape below her, she did not show fear, like she knew she was dreaming. Suddenly, Sammie got an uncomfortable feeling. She wiggled about before two white angelic wings sprouted from her back. They spread out magnificently but she still she continued to fall, if anything, she soared faster for the ground. She could hardly control these wings or get close to making a flapping motion. She could only close her eyes and pretend she wasn’t spiraling out of control as the Earth drew closer with every passing second. Sammie shook her head and opened her eyes not thrilled to still find herself in this now frightening dream world. She shifted her weight and did her best to move her wings. Her body rocked forward but she seemed to be trapped in a current moving her to a specific location. With the wind pushing against her, her eyes teared up as she looked down below to the empty desert wasteland with nothing but rock formations and shrubs to cushion her fall. She struggled to move but found her body to be frozen. She tried to scream out for help but found herself unable to produce words. Sammie was forced to do nothing but watch as her wings angled themselves downward gliding her towards the largest object below. There was this tall layered rock formation that stood out away from the other connected hills of orange stone. She was heading straight for the peak of this rock tower. Without slowing down in the slightest, her wings folded aligning herself vertically to slip into a narrow crevasse within this giant rock. Sammie hung midair surrounded by darkness. It was quiet except for Sammie’s panting breath which echoed throughout the cave. For a few moments it stayed silent until the rocks around her begun to shift revealing a bright holy aura. She shielded her eyes while completely blinded by the light, but there was never any chance of seeing the being behind the light. His loud booming voice projected through the cave rattling through her head with the message “Bring him to me!” shouted into her subconscious. //

The commanding voice snapped her back into this world in a shock. Sammie’s body flinched to an upright position flinging the sheets off me and our bed. I jolted awake and turned to see Sammie’s eyes were glowing as she sat upright mindlessly. I groaned rolling my eyes and fell back onto my pillow completely exhausted with hopes that this would all blow over.

Sammie: Bring him to me?

Me: What?

I sat up and moved in front of her, still in a groggy state. I looked into her glowing eyes and yawned as we were face to face. My arm reached out to shake Sammie, but she just blankly looked past me.

Me: Sammie… (No response.) Sammie!

The glow in her eyes slowly faded back to her regular deep blue. She slightly shook her head ridding her brain of cobwebs then dully blinked her eyes looking towards me seeming lost and in a daze. Drops of sweat bleed from her brow, but her skin was cold to the touch and her face looked pale.

Me: It’s all right now, Sammie. What happened to you? What did you see?

Sammie: I’m not exactly sure. This vision was more vivid this time, but I couldn’t understand what I saw, nothing really made sense. Usually, I just see something that’s going to happen, or at least pieces. But this one, it was like a message.

Me: What was the message?

Sammie: I think it was for you. You need to see someone or to go somewhere. I don’t know, maybe the others will know something.

She started to get up, but was too weak to do so, and gently fell back flat onto the bed with a quiet groan.

Me: Shit, Sammie. You’ve gotta take it easy on yourself. Now that I’m actually up, you’re not really looking too good.

Sammie: Oh yeah, that’s what every girl wants to hear the morning after. Don’t worry, dummy, I’m fine. You know when I get up too fast I black out. It just happens.

Me: Sammie, you look white, like white-white, and your sweating for no reason.

Sammie: It’s hot.

Me: Jesus, if anything Sammie, you’ve got to get better at lying.

I said while reaching under the sheets to softly pick up her leg and place it on my lap. I started to unwrap her bandages. Sammie dipped her head back, too embarrassed to look as I treated her injury. The first thing I noticed was a slight smell that had my nose twitch as I unwound the inner bandages off her wounded thigh. The area around the initial bullet entry was red and swelled up. I pressed down on her thigh with my finger, away from the red area, but it still caused her to cringe in pain. She grabbed onto her leg and reluctantly looked up at me with sad eyes, both ashamed and scared.

Me: How did this happen? You cleaned it good, twice a day!

Sammie: It’s still an open wound, it doesn’t take much for bacteria to get in and infect a wound.

Me: I really thought you’d be ok. Maybe I expected too much, you being a Warg and everything. //

Blake, in a room nearby, jolted up from his seat.

Sammie: (From the other room.) I needed stitches, but now I’m a homeless fugitive, so that’s not going to happen!

The two wolf ears on Blake’s head retreat into his dirty blonde hair, back to those of a human. He cracked his fist just by clenching it and cut around the hall. //

Me: Well, what do you want to do about it now?

Sammie: Let’s just do what we were going to do. This vision could be very important, probably more so for you. I can wait an hour to get this fixed up. (I looked at her doubtfully.) It’s okay. (She said laughing.) I’ll make it. I don’t even know why you’re bothering with me when I might have uncovered just a little bit of this giant mystery that’s all about you.

Me: Are you trying to say I can’t worry about you?

Sammie: I’m trying to say you can try.

We were leaning in to kiss when a loud feminine scream interrupted us. I hovered up out of the bed leaving Sammie scrambling for her cane, but I landed before she could cross the bed and kicked her cane off its side.

Me: Stay in bed. Please!

I emphasized before fading through the wall. Sammie looked down at her cane rolling to the other side of the room and pouted. //

Katrina’s terrified face was illuminated by a ray of light flickering through the leaves that made up one wall of her room. Dan’s face was in complete darkness except for one sliver beam of light that streaked across his face. He looked anguished, lost in direction, running off instinct.

Dan: Katrina!

Katrina: Dan, is that you?

She picked herself up realizing who it was. She still acted timidly, without her bladed-cuffs on her wrists, and only bearing a long angelic white nightgown. Katrina backed to the edge of her bed against the wall.

Dan: What did you do? (He didn’t sound so much of crazy, just scared.)

Katrina: What did I do? What are you doing!? Get out, Dan! (She threw a pillow at him, he took the minor impact without flinching.)

Dan: Why did the thing that killed my wife come for you!? Why didn’t you tell us about it!?

Katrina: I don’t know. I swear on everything, I didn’t know.

Dan: It pointed to you, I saw it. I can’t get that disgusting face out of my mind.

Katrina: I’m sorry, Dan, but…

Dan: This family won’t live under the same roof as you if you can’t tell me why any of this happened!

Katrina was frozen, she didn’t move, while Dan trembled with anger and a cold stare. I phased through the wall becoming visible in the midst of the conflict.

Me: Uhm, Dan? What’s up, what are you doing here?

I sounded awkward, it was even weirder as Dan remained silent. The second dragged on.

Katrina: I-I should tell you both, about the Angel of Death.

Me: What, the real Angel of Death?

Dan: What did you not tell us!?

Me: Hey, Dan. It’s cool.

Katrina: No, it’s not cool. It’s very, very bad. (Katrina rose to stand on top of the bed only to glide down to the floor.) //

Nikki raced down the corridor bumping into Blake on her way there. He rested against the wall of the hallway with one foot kicked up. Nikki caught her breath and rushed up to him.

Nikki: Where are they!?

Blake: Your dad jumped off the deep end. He’s in Katrina’s room right now, freaking out in his boxers.

Nikki sighed and rushed down the hall. Blake stayed where he was. // Nikki bursts through the doorway. Everyone took a simple glance at her then back to Katrina begging for her to continue.

Katrina: The Angel- The Angel of Death is a mercenary for God. The creature you saw is from Heaven.

Nikki: But it looked so dark and evil.

Katrina: Heaven isn’t all diamonds and sparkling lights. Just look at me, the darkness that I’ve become.

Me: Your wings, do they have anything to do with the attack?

Katrina: I don’t know why it would come for us.

Dan: It came for you!

Nikki: Dad, please.

Me: What do you know, Katrina?

Katrina: That thing is God’s executioner. It only reveals itself for the most extreme of threats, ones that could destroy the balance of the world.

Me: Sounds like it would have enough of a motive to come after me after everything I did.

Dan: Are you kidding me, St. J. Don’t be a fucking idiot. They come from the same world, why else would something like that be here if not for her?

Blake: (Appearing in the doorway behind Nikki.) The fact that she admits to this so openly means she’s not a threat. She doesn’t know anything.

Katrina: Hey!

Blake: (Ignoring her.) Whatever happened to you was a mystery.

Dan: One I intend on solving.

Blake: Get him out of here.

He spoke softly to Nikki. She looked shocked to see him command her, but she followed through and lightly nudged him along. Dan shook his head and went along without trouble.

Me: I’m sorry about all that, he must be doing worse than I thought.

Katrina: It’s not a problem. Just a little scare, but there was no harm.

Me: Well that’s good. I’m honestly surprised we got him to settle down, especially since I was just winging it.

Katrina: Winging? (She said confused holding on to her own black wing.)

Me: Oh, I mean I didn’t have a plan for all of this, I’m just doing it as I go along.

Katrina: Ah, my father would call you a fool for that.

Me: (I laughed) Yeah, mine too. Alright, Katrina, rest up if you need to. I want to have a meeting in a lil bit.

Blake and I exited the room. Closing the door on Katrina as we paced down the hall.

Blake: Pretty crazy, huh.

Me: Yup, a real shit show to start the morning.

Blake: Angel of Death though, what the Hell is that?

Me: I don’t know, let’s just hope that’s the last we see of it.

Blake: Oh, right. Hey, I’ve got a question for you.

Me: Yeah?

Blake: Yeah.

He said sinisterly. Then, with a flash of motion, Blake choke slammed me up against the wall. My face was confused only for a second before grinding with anger. I faded through the wall Blake had me pinned against and swooped around behind him. Blake turned back shocked, he was surprised to see me with glowing eyes and a storm of wind behind my back. Blake took a step closer but was shoved back by waves of my silver wind.

Blake: (growled) You should have told me about your girl.

Me: I don’t know what you’re fucking talking about!?

Blake: She, is a Warg. Wargs, kill, Lycans.

Me: She doesn’t even know what she is!? All she knows is Kalexo is a Warg, and she’s like him, and that already scares the shit out of her.

Blake: It should.

Me: Come on, could you just give this a rest?

Blake: Sam doesn’t know anything of the genocide and the battles, and of every last evil deed that was executed by her species hand! But if she did, she would…

Sammie: She would what? (Sammie clung to the wall with her cane guiding her down the hall.)

Blake: She wouldn’t listen to a damn thing those voices in her head told her.

Sammie: Why Blake, what do they mean, where do they come from?

Blake: Just don’t listen to ‘em.

Me: He doesn’t have any idea! (Blake sulked and remained quiet.)

Sammie: Blake, we weren’t trying to hide anything from you, it’s just that we don’t know enough to make anything worth sharing. Please, if you know anything about this, tell me.

Blake: Can you not understand the voices?

Sammie: They’re not just voices, I see things too.

Blake: Bad things?

Sammie: Sometimes. I think I see the future, but this latest one was a message. “Bring him to me.”

Blake: You should be more careful. These aren’t the foretellings of the future. A Warg can retrieve messages from others mentally, but I didn’t think images could be transmitted. Whoever has chosen to contact you must be very powerful. If it is another Warg, this makes me very uncomfortable.

Sammie: Are you saying a person is doing this to me!? They’re in my head.

Blake: I know no more than you do, you’re the Warg.

Me: So what? What does this mean?

Blake: What do you think!?

Sammie: Blake, I don’t have to be your enemy. I want to kill Kalexo, just like you. I could help you figure all this out, everything about Wargs.

Blake: It’s too dangerous.

Me: What are you afraid of! Sammie has one leg and I wouldn’t let her do anything too crazy. You’re just so afraid of what she is that you won’t even hear her out.

Blake: And what would that accomplish!

Sammie: I could tell you every time I have a vision. I’ll tell everyone, everything will be completely open, and we’ll all decide what to do about it.

Blake: If we do this, you tell me everything, every last detail. And we start now, you said it happened earlier, yes?

Sammie: We can do it now.

Blake kept a lingering eye, but pulled away and marched down the hall. Sammie and I looked at each other, I gave her an impressed nod of my head. //

We all sat around a wooden table, Becky found her seat and joined us at the table. Everyone was there, but Dan. The room wasn’t very open, but it overlooked the balcony, so lots of light poured in.

Me: Where’s your dad?

Becky: Yeah, I tried to get him up, but that’s not happening.

Nikki: Just let him keep to himself for now, it’s for the best.

Me: That’s fine, I guess.

Becky: But you do have something you wanted us to hear, right?

Blake: You’d better. It’s bad enough you’re in my home, you don’t need to be my damn alarm clock.

Me: (I shot Blake a look, but he glared right back at me. I shook it off and continued.) Sammie just had a vision, and her past couple visions have affected us all. So, it’s best we hear what happened and try to make sense of what she saw to figure out what we’re going to do about it.

They all agreed, Sammie looked around at everyone.

Sammie: Nothing made much sense, but there’s got to be some meaning to all of this. (She took a deep breath before proceeding.) I saw myself falling with these angel wings on my back. I was somewhere out in the desert heading straight down for this mountain-like-rock. I crashed into it, actually, I fell in this dark crack, but then the rocks shifted and this light took over and it said, “Bring him to me.”

Everyone started to shout out their own ideas and pointless comments with little regard for being heard. Sammie looked exhausted. From the looks of it, her short speech had taken a lot out of her. She sat quietly pinning her head up with a hand that ran through her hair. I was seated next to her trying to make sense of all the blabber. Blake would make comments starting with, “What’s this nonsense have anything to do with?” followed by, “Why didn’t you fly?” Meanwhile, Nikki and Becky were both going off spitting out the names of every desert on this side of the hemisphere.

Nikki: It could be the Colorado Desert.

Becky: Sonoran.

Nikki: Mojave Desert.

Becky: The Great Basin!

Nikki: Yeah, but which one has the type of rock she was talking about? It’s got to be…

During all the chaos, the focus was placed on Katrina continuing to attempt to join the conversation, but continuously being drowned out by the chatter.

Katrina: Excuse me, (she loudly cleared her throat) everyone? Hello? I know what she saw! (Everyone shut up and looked at her.) In your vision, did this rock have layers to it, like an ant farm, getting smaller as it goes up?

Sammie: Yeah, how did you know?

Katrina: Well, the angel wings and the desert location gave it away. I actually know of an angel, an archangel actually, who lives in the desert outskirts of Bell Rock. My mother told me where to find him, in case I got seriously hurt, she said that he could help me.

Nikki: So, what exactly is this angel that you know?

Katrina: He’s Raphael, the archangel. He spends most of his time on Earth. His main goal is to use his powers to heal and save the people that call out to him or need it. But I know where he actually resides, inside Bell Rock. (Sammie and I looked at each other with wide eyes when Katrina mentioned healing powers.)

Nikki: You’re saying, he makes miracles happen? All those crazy situations where cancer patients get better overnight?

Becky: Um, guys. (She said holding up her phone.) You probably guessed by the whole desert scene, but I looked it up and Bell Rock is in Sedona. Arizona. That’s all the way across the nation.

Blake: I don’t see the benefaction of a man thousands of miles away who just might be able to help us with the battle we have here.

Me: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re not on the winning side of all this. We’re just wandering around in the dark swinging hooks and hoping to land a punch. This, what Sammie saw! It has to mean something; answers, guidance. Why else would she envision it?

Blake: I’m not wondering why. I want to know who. (I groaned in annoyance.)

Sammie: Blake, please. Don’t make this about you, it’s about St.J. (Blake scoffs.) The voice said, “Bring him to me.” This wasn’t like my normal visions where something happens. This was a message telling us something that we have to make happen.

Nikki: But still, it’s in Arizona. What are we going to do, get first class tickets and fly over? (Blake shuffled back in his seat grumbling to himself.)

Katrina: (To me.) I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty fast, faster than any hunk of metal can fly.

Me: Hey, I’ve had flying down since day one. We could go over there to check it out, but then again, I don’t know about splitting up. That’s was what killed us last time, it just, it shouldn’t have been that way.

Blake: What about it? This was your idea, and it’s the only way it’s going to get done. Besides, from what I heard about the attack, with or without you two, we’re still fucked if that winged creature comes back.

Me: Yeah, thanks for that Blake.

Blake: Not a problem, I also don’t trust that voice. Not for a fucking second. So, I suppose if you don’t make it back, I’ll be proven right.

Me: All the more reason to make it back. I will be back, as soon as I can. (I said to Sammie then started to walk towards the balcony.) We’ve got nothing to lose, I don’t at least. Katrina, can you leave now?

Katrina: Of course.

Me: Good. Let’s be quick and pray your friend can help us.

Katrina: Right!

Blake: Hey, you know what they said about the cat and curiosity? (I left for my room ignoring him. The others slowly departed leaving Blake alone to twiddle his pencil at the table glaring as we walked by.) //

The meeting was over, Katrina and I had left. Sammie appeared a little on edge as she slowly made her way down the hall when Becky caught up to her from behind.

Becky: Sammie, are you doing alright?

Sammie: Yeah, I’m just going to take it easy in my room for a bit.

Becky: Ok, do you need anything, I could get it for you?

Sammie: I think me and St. J stocked up enough to last for a while, thank you though.

Becky: That’s good, okay then.

She walked on ahead and Sammie crutched forward. She was moving sluggishly and had time to look around the place at the smoothed hollowed out hallways that stretched throughout the tree. She soon felt a presence and turned to see her dad if only for just a second at the doorway. He had this miserable look in his eye barely visible from the crack in the door before he closed it shut. Sammie paced two steps closer.

Sammie: Dad?

There was no answer, just the sound of his footsteps walking away. Sammie held still for a moment, then walked away herself. //

Katrina and I flew through the sky at incredible speeds. Massive clouds drifted by in seconds. Katrina was wearing these gold tinted goggles with blue lenses and a wing crest engraved across the brim. I looked up after keeping my head down looking at the ground to avoid the rushing wind pounding against my face. Katrina’s blue dressed flailed wildly, strands of blue cloth flapped in every direction. Before she could increase the gap between us, I switched to an intangible state allowing the wind to flow right through me as if I wasn’t even there. My body turned into a visible shimmer outlining myself in detail. With a grin, I switched gears and burst forward. I was nearly at her position when I began to feel a resistance needing an influx of speed to break the sound barrier. I jetted forward leaving the explosive sounds of a sonic boom behind me.

Katrina: Oh. Are we getting serious now!?

She arched up flapping her wings down with great power, enough to advance closer and get back to my side. Her head dipped fighting against the wind. A sonic boom blasted behind her after another flap of her wings allowing us to proceed at similar speeds.

Katrina: So, I’m guessing you have no idea where we’re going!

Me: West! (I say smiling.) I can look up where to go later, but for now, we’ve got a whole country to cross! Don’t sweat it!

Katrina: How could I…?

Me: It’s just an expression. I was saying not to worry about it!

Katrina: Fair enough. We need to ascend higher! I don’t care to make the news again!

She said and flapped her wings elevating higher to split through a cluster of clouds making droplets of water slide off the tips of her wings that twinkled in the sunlight as she twirled up above me. //

Sammie hobbled into the opening with an aggravated sigh directed towards herself. Nikki and Becky were there sitting at the same table where their meeting was conducted earlier in the day. The two sisters sat close as Nikki pulled out her phone to show Becky.

Nikki: How am I supposed to send these to you? You never found your phone, did you?

Becky: No, it’s gone now, I left it in the house. (Nikki sympathizes and swiped her phone to the left.) Oh, that’s a good one. Is there anything of just the two of them?

Nikki continued to swipe until both sisters stopped with a mutual appreciation for the image before them. / It was an old picture of Dan and Jo around Christmas time. Jo looked younger and Dan’s mustache was not yet at full thickness. They stood before their tree brightly lit, Dan had a beer in hand and Jo had a massive cup of cocoa and a Christmas sweater to match. They both looked happy and full of life. / The picture sunk in deep with both of them, neither were sure if they’d ever see, obviously their mother, but it was even questionable to wonder if their father could ever be that happy again. It didn’t seem like it now, which brought their hopes down after the initial joy of seeing the image. Becky looked up seeing Sammie looking out across the woods from on top of the balcony. A long second passed as Sammie leaned against the wooden rails of the balcony. She seemed to be looking out aimlessly until her attention redirected to the rope and pulley system above her. Becky repeatedly poked Nikki to get her attention away from her phone.

Nikki: Becky, I only have like a day’s left of data, knock it off.

Becky: Nikki, look, it’s Sammie.

There was a snap as Sammie tightened the ropes to the pulley. Her dangling sleeves from oversized clothes flailed as she shot her arm out further down the rope system and pulled hard. It was subtle, but she was shaking under the weight of the rope she pulled. Down along the line, the rope was connected to a well in the field that led all the way up to the balcony. Water sloshed as the bucket within rocked slowly up the well. Strands of Sammie’s loose hair from an unkempt bun got in her face as she struggled to continue pulling the rope. She grunted with determination and did not stop pulling although the pain it put her through left her weak. Her heavy breaths turned to long fading ones, her eyes lost focus, and Sammie collapsed. Becky and Nikki responded to the unwinding sound of the rope which caused the bucket to crash back within the well with a big splash. They ran up to Sammie’s aid, but she had already regained consciousness and had attempted to get back on her feet herself. She crawled her hands up the railing but any attempt to place pressure on her leg resulted in excruciating pain. After a wailing cry, Sammie drained her remaining energy clinging onto the railing in a desperate attempt to keep off her injured leg.

Nikki: Sammie, what’s wrong?

Becky: What’s happening to you, Sammie?

They dropped to her level and moved her body into a seated position, one where her leg wouldn’t cause her more pain. Both Nikki and Becky were in her face asking questions. / (((Sammie’s POV))) She could hardly see straight, their bodies appeared as blurs, and their voices were distorted. As one sister spoke to her, the other seemed to pulse in and out closer to her face. /

Sammie: I’m fine, just a little dizzy. (She almost sounded drunk.)

Becky: Sammie, don’t lie to us! You can’t even keep your fucking head up!

Nikki: It’s has to be her leg.

Becky: Help me get the bandages off.

Sammie: No, no. don’t do that.

She said the words but did little to stop her sisters from unwinding the bandage wraps coiled around her thigh. She didn’t look as embarrassed but scared this time as Nikki quickly unwrapped layer after layer of the gauze. Sammie’s head was rested back against a wooden beam, her eyes stayed open but she refused to look down to her leg. The bandages closest to her skin were damp, not from blood, but wet with bodily juices. The last of the gauze peeled off her skin with an uncomfortable sticky slide thus revealing an infected wound even worse than what was first seen. By now, the whole area was clearly red, and from how Sammie gripped onto her thigh, and by the distressed look on her face, it was clear she was in an enormous amount of pain. Sammie groaned and shuddered, she was scared for her health and unable to comprehend how things could have gotten this bad. Nikki tossed the last of the bandages over the side of the balcony.

Nikki: Sammie this is disgusting! How could you not tell us about this?

Sammie: The Angel. Angel will fix everything that’s… that’s why

Becky: This isn’t good. She needs a hospital, but we can’t.

Nikki: I know, but there’s gotta be something we can do for her, right?

Becky: Yeah, we can clean it out some more, but that won’t really do much, especially if we don’t do it the right way. Fuck. Ah, God, we need some help with this.

Nikki: Maybe that’s what she’s counting on?

Becky: Hmm?

Nikki: What if Sammie was right?

Becky: She’s smart, but I think you’re giving her a little bit too much credit. She’s practically hallucinating.

Nikki: No, think about it. There’s no way St. J doesn’t know about all of this, but he was still willing to fly across the US to find Raphael. His name literally means, “God heals”. What if Sammie’s vision could save her own life?

Becky: He was pretty quick to leave, and I don’t see why else he would leave Sammie while she’s in this condition.

Nikki: That angel might be the only one that we can trust who can save her now.

Becky: Then Katrina better be right about all this. St. J bet Sammie’s life on it. (Sammie looked away from her sisters and sighed.) //

A wall of black clouds stretched out across the skyline ahead of them darkening the scene immensely. Katrina and I had traveled further west, to the center of our nation, where the land was flat and only a two-lane seventy mph highway could divide the acres of farmland. Katrina appeared to be nervous with the dark storm clouds getting closer with every passing second.

Katrina: If I’m not mistaken, the dark clouds mean rain, correct?

Me: We’ll be lucky to just see rain. Clouds can rain, hail, snow, and uh, thunder. They do that too.

Katrina: How frightening. (We enter the storm. It’s not raining yet, but is very dark.)

Me: Eh, you get used to it soon enough. I’d be weirded out too if every cloud I’ve ever seen was white and fluffy.

Katrina: I had really hoped you people would have gotten past that stupid idea that angels live up in the clouds.

Me: Well you gotta admit, it’s a little easier to wrap your mind around than the real truth.

Another rumble of thunder up ahead had me turning to look over my shoulder back to where you could still see a little bit of blue sky now replaced by dark clouds. Looking back forward, the storm didn’t seem to end, there was nothing but dark skies for miles. There was no point in turning back, it would have been impossible to avoid without wasting time.

Me: Hey, Katrina. We should fly a bit lower.

Katrina: Why is that?

I had only started to open my mouth to explain, when a lightning bolt flashed before us and zigzagged down to a tree below. The lone tree split in half as its branches caught aflame and chunks of electrified flaming wood shot to the ground. Above the tree, where sparks mixed with embers, there was a column of static leading up to the sky in the path the lightning bolt fell. Katrina and I were caught it the electric current as we flew directly through the column of static energy. Katrina flinched from the tingling sensation but was virtually unaffected compared to me. I didn’t feel right. The first indicator was the sudden feeling of rushing wind again, but my insides made me feel so uncomfortable that I couldn’t move. I looked down at my hands as they faded from existence only to reappear again within seconds. My whole body was continuously switching on and off between normal and intangible as sparks danced across my skin. The electric current zapping through me was trapped in my body full of changing molecules. The energy that resided inside myself would not cooperate with an external energy causing my abilities to fail. The next thing I noticed was a major shift in momentum as I suddenly lost the ability to fly and plummeted to the ground. Unable to do anything for myself, I just screamed wailing my arms around in a frenzy. Katrina swooped down to help me, but when I reached my hand out for hers, I faded out of her grasp. I kept on falling, only picking up more speed the longer I fell. As the ground came closer to my face, I dared not open my eyes. / My body was tense, my eyes were pressed shut with intensity, but the needle-sharp tingling sensation had left my body and was swapped out with cool relief. I blurted out a sigh wanting nothing more than to just open my eyes, but it seemed to be impossible. My eyes had to be open, it was the world that was dark. I was a lightly outlined speck in a dark background very confused about where I was. I moved my hands in my face seeing their shimmering outline while in my clear-state. It seemed I had some control over my body again and began to calm down realizing what had happened. I did the only sensible thing and floated upward where I emerged through Earth’s surface. / Katrina was waiting there for me, hovering where I was last seen. She looked just as confused as I was.

Katrina: What in Hell?

Me: Don’t ask, I don’t know. All I can say for sure is, I’m not too good with lightning, which really complicates things, (Lightning struck as it began to downpour.) because I only have one plan and it’s a bad one!

I said floating over to the right of what remained of the burning tree which was gradually put out by the rain.

Katrina: Well, if we didn’t turn back when the storm first brewed, then I won’t back down now! What are we going to do?

Me: We’re going to have to get above it. Above the storm.

Katrina: You wish to fly directly up to that thing that almost killed you!? I know we don’t have these storms of yours in Heaven, but this, this is clearly a bad idea.

Me: Hey, if we live, we avoid the problem completely and have nothing but high flying for the rest of the way out. (She looked at me like I was crazy.)

Katrina: Helping you is sure to be the end of me.

Me: Did you really think saving the world from a supernatural disaster would be easy?

Katrina: No, but I had hoped our fearless leader wouldn’t wing it more than half the time.

Me: (I chuckled.) Yeah, well, what are you gunna do?

I said shrugging my shoulders before immediately bolting up into the sky. Katrina watched me ascend higher, giving her the time to sigh to herself and accept all this before she joined me in the sky. At that moment, thunder crashed from above. Rain pelted us as we accelerated, I stayed tangible all the way through and could feel the elements fighting against me. The clouds above crackled with static jumping across its cotton edges. With one last burst of energy, we successfully shot through the storm cloud leaving a massive hole in its center. //

Sammie was in bed with a wet towel over her brow and blankets wrapping her tightly. Becky knelt by her side with water for Sammie. She took it and Becky sat back down by the bed where medical supplies were scattered across the covers. Scalpels, scissors, alcohol, antibiotic cream, and gauze, the empty med kit laid somewhere on the floor. / Dan walked lazily past the door, his hair was wildly messed up and he was still wearing pajama bottoms. Dan barley recognized what he saw, at first glance, but he quickly turned back and walked into the room.

Dan: Did I miss something? (He said crouching down next to his daughter.)

Becky: Her wound became infected, St. J and Katrina went to go find an Angel of Healing, but not for that reason, it was because of the vision Sammie had last night.

Dan: Oh, I see. (Becky laughed a little.) Well, damn it. You all left me with no time to be miserable. We need to do more about this wound.

Becky: OK, but we can’t bring her to the hospital, they’ll find a connection between her gunshot wound and the prison break.

Dan: Fuck the hospital! Just a bunch of sick people making each other sicker and the cheapest nerds around running the whole thing. They’re all dumbasses, I can help her. (He rose.)

Becky: What are you going to do?

Dan: If I could just find some maggots, we could have this problem fixed by morning.

Sammie’s eyes popped open.

Sammie: Oh, no! You are not putting maggots in my body! I don’t care, you can chop my leg off, that’s not happening!

Dan: Fine, have it your way! Becky go get a warm moist towel, then another towel for the blood, and some pillows. So, Sammie. (He pulled out his knife and attempted to clean it with his shirt.) This other method is going to hurt hell of a lot more than the maggots will.

Sammie: (She gulped.) Let’s get it over with then. (She flapped the blankets off her and laid her injured leg down.)

Becky walked back in with lots of towels.

Dan: Put that down for now. I need you to hold her legs down. I’ll reopen the wound, let it drain out more, and remove some of the dead tissue if I can.

Becky got down to sit on Sammie’s leg while holding her other infected one down with both arms. Sammie clutched wads of her blankets cradling thick chunks of the fabric in each hand. Once she was prepared, she nodded to her father. He looked deep into her eyes as she signaled to him and he got straight to business. With steady movements of the blade, he dipped the metal inside her wound and scraped out the puss forming around the dead tissue. Sammie moaned with a quiver, her whole body cringed in her best effort not to move. As the pain swelled, her neck flexed stopping herself from screaming, but her tears were unable to hold back and rolled all the way down her face. Her dad edged the knife around the outside of her wound cutting out the discolored skin. You could tell that Sammie was trying to contain herself, but her whole body still trembled.

Becky: Sammie, how are we doing?

She spoke softly, but it gave her sister no comfort. Becky was struggling to keep down her legs as Sammie’s trembles turned into a rocking motion. After a prolonged whine, Sammie flung herself up, Becky barely keeping her down as Sammie screamed out with tears gushing from her eyes. In the intense moment, she tore her sheets in two then gasped out for deep breaths before the next bit of torture. //

We flew through a mist of clouds that clogged the air as we passed. As we dropped lower, Katrina’s wings tattered the last of the cloud puffs opening the scene to a bright and orange Arizona landscape. Vegetation grew around the dust-coated rocks in an open plain without a person in sight. A mountainous rock with trees surrounding its base broken into the center of the screen. The was a town with structures in the background but most of the population was blocked by the sheets of rocks stacked up to form the plateau ahead.

Katrina: Wow! That’s it, we’re here!

Me: Surprisingly, I had pretty good reception up there. I think I got my phone a little wet though.

Katrina: Will your rectangle technology not be able to lead us back home?

Me: Uh, (I laughed) maybe not. But I’ll get us back, let’s not worry about that.

Katrina: Alright then. Let us proceed.

Me: Let’s! /

There was an old sign at the exit of a worn-down path, the sign read Bell Rock. The path coiled up around a minor hill then was lost among the multiple routes that all led to the scenic site ahead. We landed some ways away from the paths where a few trees seemed to be out of place in the mostly rocky orange sand landscape. A few shrubs stuck out of the Earth’s crust leading all the way up to Bell Rock, a rock formation with gigantic layers stacked on top of each other like a wedding cake.

Me: So that’s it, Bell Rock. (I said looking up at the dusted orange mountain contrasting off the blue sky.)

Katrina: Yup, that’s it.

Me: So, where’s your friend?

Katrina: (She paused smiling.) He’s here.

Me: Ok, yes. But where!?

Katrina: That, I’m not too sure. We’ll have to fly around searching for him. (She was about to take off.)

Me: Wait, hold up! (Katrina flapped her wings rising into the air. ) Damn, we gotta stop doing this.

I hovered after her and shot my arm out for her ankle stopping Katrina before she could elevate any higher. I yanked her back and we both came tumbling down to the ground kicking up a cloud of dust into the air.

Katrina: What do you think you’re doing!?

Me: I was going to ask the same thing to you. Do you not see all these people on the rocks!? They’ll see you instantly.

Katrina: Fine then. Make me invisible. I need to be there too.

We both got to our feet without any trouble. I carelessly glanced to my left and right finding the area to still be vacant thankful that no humans had been alerted. Katrina placed her hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes with such raw determination. I sighed loudly before trooping forward with Katrina close behind.

Me: Come on. //

The hiking paths of Bell Rock were riddled with tourists exploring the trails. They energetically skipped up the hills as others descended down proclaimed the wonderful experiences they just had. Lots of these people looked different than what one would typically expect from tourists at a hiking site. Instead of being geared up and appearing fit, these people looked like hippies with bright clothes, long hair, and bandanas. They spoke to each other with thrill from their experience.

Hippie: Yo, I can still feel it, my whole body is tingling. This is so cool.

Hippie: I know, me too! There’s nothing else like it!

Hiker: Kate sure was right.

Hiker: Yeah, this is incredible.

Hippie: I am coming back here, every day, for the rest of my life!

I took heavy steps up the mountain, lizards and rodents scattered away into cracks and shrubs. I took in everything I heard around me but appeared to be focused on nothing more than my own progression up the hill. Katrina danced around me getting close to the travelers to better eavesdrop. This was all while never letting her hand stray from my shoulders, the whole time she remained invisible from others who were oblivious to her presence.

Me: You can stop that, anytime now. (I mumbled under my breath with my head tilted down.)

Katrina: If I can get closer to people, I can better hear them, possibly hear something relating to what we’re looking for. (She moved her face closer to another hippie passing by.)

Me: They can still hear you, you know. (Katrina jumped. The hippie turned and looked in her direction but saw nothing. Katrina hid childishly behind my body as I acted obliviously and continued to walk onward.)

Katrina: Why didn’t you tell me?

Me: It’s obvious. (I grumbled as another large group passed by.) Why do you want to listen so bad? These people are nuts, I haven’t heard one helpful thing.

Katrina: They certainly are not a nut. (I groaned.) Possibly, we could try asking for assistance instead of hoping to stumble upon it.

Me: Ask what? (I turned to her breaking focus.)

Katrina: Him, ask him! (She whispered directly into my ear.)

Me: Fine! Just shush.

Katrina had to have picked the strangest man in all of Arizona. He had a large cowboy hat, black boots, and a bandana hanging by his neck. The man looked to be young, but the features of his face indicated him to be much older. Even in the dry heat of Arizona, he could somehow stand to wear jeans in this intense weather.

Me: Hey, I’m a bit lost on what’s going on here. Do you mind telling me a little about this place?

Odd Man: Why this, this is the greatest place on Earth.

Me: Really, why would you say that? (I said with a weird expression.)

Odd Man: Hundreds of people gather here from all over the world to witness the all mighty power of God, right before us! Electric vortexes are all over this here area in Sedona, but none are as strong as they are here in Bell Rock.

Me: So, these Vortexes, what do they do?

Odd Man: They open up everything and unlock parts of your mind. You’ll feel different, but a good different, not a bad different. Some people say its relaxing or blissful. I use the calming energy waves to meditate. Feel free to join me if you like.

Me: Yeah, I would, but I need to find someone.

Odd Man: Aw that’s too bad I encourage you to climb to the top north peak. Not only is it a beautiful view, but it’s also where the electric vortexes are at their strongest. (He turned to face the mountain’s edge.) The feeling is incredible, sometimes I can hardly contain myself. The whole world needs to know about it. I just want to scream out to the world!

He turned back with an eccentric joy that only slightly wavered when he discovered he was alone. The shimmer of Katrina and my own body hovered away from the scene leaving the Odd Man to himself. //

Katrina clung to my back to remain invisible as we soared to the top of Bell Rock. The peak seemed to be more populated than below and twice as beautiful. The vivid landscape stretched in every direction with humps of rocks breaking across the horizon. The thick patch of clouds we had taken cover behind had drifted far far away. From the peak, we continued to spiral around the summit seeking anything out of the ordinary.

Katrina: That man was something else, but he must be correct about the summit.

Me: Yeah, I guess if this angel would be anywhere it would be at the strongest spiritual point.

Katrina: I wonder where that could be. Do you suppose we’ll really be able to feel the vortex, that they might lead us to him?

Me: I haven’t felt a thing since we got here, and I doubt I will. We just have to look around some more. Don’t worry, I won’t allow this trip to be for nothing.

Katrina: Mhh. Hey, what’s that!?

We circled around the peak when an older woman came into view. She had short dark hair that framed her head and a light cardigan, not at all the gear of a hiker. She seemed to have gone off the grid, in a hard to reach section of the summit right by the edge. Deep cracks and twisting roots from nearby trees blocked her away from the traditional hiking trails. There she stood alone on the highest level of the mountain. She tip-toed closer to the edge until half her sandals had extended off the rocky cliff. She sunk her head down low, clearly able to see the abrupt drop easily far enough to take her feeble life. She inched closer to her doom, the ground beneath her feet crumbled sending pebbles down the mountain’s edge. Suddenly, her body swayed forward, her hair fluttered up in a breeze. Then, right before reaching the threshold, her body swayed back shifting all of her weight to her heels. She then swayed back out forwards, again nearly falling off the cliff like it was all one big dangerously childish game. / Katrina gasped seeing the woman nearly fall off the edge. We landed quick, away from the paths, but I stopped to turn back to Katrina.

Me: Stay here. I’m just going to see what’s up with her.

I left Katrina behind a large rock where she was somewhat hidden from others view. Katrina urged me to hurry then looked on with concern as I ran out into the open. I took a few leaping steps before slowing, not to startle her. The whole situation was creeping me out, I stayed cautious, but had to act before tragedy took place.

Me: Hey, yo. Are you ok ma’am? You should really take a step back or something.

Her head snapped over her shoulder behind her to show off a creepy grin on her wrinkled face and a set of glowing orange eyes. I took a step back disgusted and shocked. Her smile was inhumanly possible stretching out through her cheeks. I looked into her orange eyes that stared right back at me with curiosity. She would have creeped out the bravest of men, I’m not too embarrassed to say I shuddered a bit. Unexpectedly, without straying her piercing glare from my soul, she took a step forward and dropped off the rocky cliff.

Me: No!

I yelled out instantly springing into action and faded through the mountain to cut time. / She fell faster than a little old lady should. Her body dragged against the cliff’s side skimming off the jagged rocks that sliced her skin and tore her clothes. Before falling into the open air, her head tilted back and was struck hard against solid rock snapping the woman’s neck. I burst through the rock wall, just moments too late. She continued to fall limply, but before colliding into another layer of rock, I was able to swoop down and snatch her without a second to spare. The woman wailed out as she was scared and in pain seeming nothing like how she had appeared at first. I jolted up and set her down back where I first found her, but now there was blood all over her face and her arms that were bent and shredded. The woman looked like a corpse, but she still had the life in her to cry out and cling to me while continuing to wail. I honestly tried to push her off, but her grip was tight and unkempt nails dug into my flesh. It was a relief to see Katrina run out from behind the boulder towards me.

Woman: The pain! (She moaned.)

Me: What’s happening to you, why would you jump? (I noticed her eyes were now a normal blue color.)

Women: Help me. No, just run. Get now before it comes…

The woman whispered one last message to me before her whole body started to violently convulse. I had to drop her, and in my fear, I backed away towards the edge of the cliff. Her seizure-like episode came to an end and I could see that her eyes turned back to a bright orange color. The creepy woman opened her gaping wide mouth.

Women: (In a demonic voice.) Fool, your vessel is mine.

Her jaw snapped open with a loud crack of her bones. Her bottom jaw completely unhinged as a black entity shot out her mouth and through my chest. The impact had me stepping back now just at the edge of the cliff. After a second of discomfort, lights poured out from my eyes and mouth, white, silver, orange, and red colors, in no particular order. It seemed like there was a battle raging within myself and the darkness was overpowering me. My eyes would flicker from silver to orange as a storm of colors brewed in my mouth until there was nothing but a red glow. My soul slipped out from my body, as it did when I first died. My clear form hovered above the scene unable to interact with the rest of the world. Katrina rushed up to my physical body as all the radiating lights faded and were sucked into my chest. My body dropped to its knees, with my feet dangling off the dropoff.

Katrina: St. J? Are you in there?

She said effortlessly lifting me up and shaking my limp body in the air. Through the shaking, you can see a crooked smile growing across my face. My body’s eyes snapped open, now red with streaks of black wrinkles edging out from the corners of my eyes. They seemed to follow the pattern of veins but were as dark as the soul who took ownership of my body.

Demonic St. J: Not even close.

It seized Katrina then lifted them both into the air pinning Katrina up by her throat. I watched in horror unable to stop my body from viciously strangling her. My best attempts to scream and use my abilities were all for nothing. Not only did nothing result from the waving of my arms, but no one even seemed to be able to hear my voice while in this state. Past the fear, Katrina looked more confused by all of this than anything else. She must have been in a great shock as she tried to move her arms and wings about, but found them to be pinned down by some invisible force. Katrina struggled and shook but could not free herself from my unusual power now inherited by the demon possessing me. Katrina could barely stand on the tips of her toes gargling for air, but my demonic-self was merciless. By some luck, a bright light came from the rocks behind us blinding everyone. The creature controlling my body hissed and tossed Katrina towards the light before flipping into the air and diving straight off the cliff. Katrina gasped in her next breath and scampered across the rocks where a pair of silk woven sandals laid in front of her. After a few deep breaths, she looked up finding a large hairy man standing overhead. Despite the odd features, the man was not unattractive. The man had a round belly, light brown eyes, and his neck and wrists were covered in jewels.

Katrina: Raphael?

Raphael: Yes, Katrina. It’s good to see you again. (Katrina’s face filled with joy.) //

The Terrain sisters were all huddled together in Sammie’s bed. Sammie looked to be in a deep sleep fully wrapped in her ripped sheets. She laid on her back with her injured leg extended out and her two sisters surrounding her on either side. They too were asleep but seemed much more comfortable than Sammie who was stiff and stern while cocooned in her sheets. / On closer examination, her eyes were moving under her eyelids. Her body at peace, but her face twitched periodically. After the slightest twitch of her nose, just a sliver of her glowing blue eyes was revealed under her eyelids. //

(((Streaks of blue framed the screen))) as images flashed before her eyes. In a dark room, a glimmering green gemstone the size of my fist stood alone where it was circled around by the viewer. / The shimmer of the gemstone was exaggerated and took up the screen transitioning into a gleaming metal scythe that slashed across our view. As it passed, the Angel of Death was revealed fluttering magnificently with his dark cloak caught in a breeze. / Suddenly, a maniacal laugh echoed within Sammie’s mind. The Angel of Death faded away from sight and the screen panned over towards Kalexo laughing hysterically to himself. There was a small fire that consumed his feet and gradually grew up his legs and consumed his body. There were a pair of red eyes in the background creating the illusion of being watched. As the flames grew higher, you couldn’t see it, but the sound of Death’s scythe cutting through the air echoed. Immediately after, an explosion was set sending clouds of fire bursting out for the screen. Kalexo’s evil laugh continued mixing in with what sounded like the screams of children. But soon all the noises, the fire, and flames were all cast away by the sound of a Lycan’s howl. Only embers remained across the floor surrounded by darkness as another Lycan howled towards the end of the first’s cry followed by a third and fourth wolf’s call. Something else was coming, a small light in the distance was expanding as it came closer. A silver dot streaking across the sky. But before her vision could fully play out, Sammie was interrupted. The sound of her own yelp brought her back into reality. (((Blue streaks indicating Sammie’s POV vanish.))) //

Sammie cringed while grasping onto her leg. Becky rolled off her in a panic, Nikki, on the other side of the mattress, looked embarrassed by their failure to help and awkwardly lowered herself off the bed and out of sight.

Sammie: Becky, the fuck!? (She looked back searching for her other sister, but couldn’t see her.)

Becky: I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

Sammie: What were you even doing!?

Becky: We were watching you.

Sammie: You were sleeping!

Becky: I know, sorry. (There was a rustle from the sounds of Nikki trying to crawl away and escape.)

Sammie: You said we… (The rustling stopped as Nikki froze.) Nikki!

Nikki: (She sighed and reluctantly stood up in view of her sister.) You passed out when Becky and Dad were fixing your leg. The two of us were watching to make sure that you didn’t die in your sleep!

Sammie: Dad did this? Where is he, is he better?

Nikki: Your guess is good as mine, I don’t know.

Sammie: Becks, where’s my cane? I wanna go see him. (Becky didn’t move, her face showed concern.) Becky!?

Becky: You really shouldn’t, Sammie. He’s back to how he was, just like that. He’d only be more upset seeing you up and moving again.

Nikki: Sammie, you’re white as Casper and you’ve got a hole in your leg! Just lay back and get better!

Sammie: No!

Nikki flung her arms up and grunted into the air. / Becky and Nikki were then seen aiding Sammie down the hall. She had her cane in hand and seemed to be in great pain shuffling herself along while Nikki practically hoisted her forward. Sammie’s breathing was heavy with the strenuous task at hand. Dan’s door appeared in front of them. They all hesitated before it while Becky continued and attempted to open the door, only to find it locked.

Becky: Dad? (She shook the knob to no luck.)

Nikki: Huh, there’s no lock on my door. (She said to herself.)

Sammie: Dad, it’s us. I’m awake now, thanks… Dad?

Becky: He’s in there.

Nikki: Let’s just go.

Sammie: Wait. (On her own strength she moved herself up against the door.) Dad, if you can hear me, I’m alive, because of you. I’m thankful, but it would be nice to tell you this to your face. / For all I know you could be sleeping right now and this would all be for nothing. But I think you can hear me, so thanks. I know you might be feeling broken right now, but we all do. / I miss my Mom, but you showed me that you can be strong again when you helped me. I hope you find your strength again soon. We need you. (For a moment in Sammie’s speech, we see inside Dan’s room. Dan was seated in a chair in the dark with his head down. He extended his arm out for the door, but then paused, and recoiled. Dan sulked to himself cradling in grief as Sammie continued to speak.) Alright, we can go. He’d come out by now if he was going to.

Becky: Maybe we can try again later.

Sammie: Maybe he’ll surprise us.

Nikki: Maybe. (Nikki again assisted her sister back down the hall to her own room.) //

Down into the depths of Hell, Kalexo knelt at Satan’s feet before his throne craved from a miniature volcano.

Lucifer: Kalexo, you stand before me because you stole Hellhounds from the sacred flames of Xanvear. How do you plea?

Kalexo: I have sinned, that much is clear. But I only acted in your…

Lucifer: You have only defied me with heinous deeds. I allowed you to pick any beast from the tomb of lost souls, yet your selfish ways have led you to these crimes.

Kalexo: I understand Lucifer, please accept my deepest apologies.

Lucifer: Your words mean little to me. I trust you know what must happen next.

Kalexo: Yes, my God. I know what you must do.

Lucifer: Luckily for you, I feel compassionate today for some reason, perhaps it’s because I recognize you as a useful sorcerer. Stupid and irrational, yet your skills have shown to be useful. So, my gift to you today is your life.

Kalexo: Thank you, my God, I will redeem myself. And I will bring you the boy.

Lucifer: Redeem yourself (His booming laugh projected all throughout Hell.) Well, not fully at least. You’ll need the help of Abaddon the Destroyer now, to compensate for your, handicap.

Kalexo: Handicap?

Lucifer moved for Kalexo as quick as took him to flap his four mighty wings. He pinned Kalexo down with his two top appendages smashing the sorcerer’s head into the cave’s floor where each claw dug through the stone beneath. Each finger was like steel bar locking Kalexo’s head in place while pressing him against the crimson floor steaming with heat. Another limb held Lucifer upright while his other two placed Kalexo in an armbar giving the servant little option but to be submissive.

Lucifer: Did you really think you’d go unpunished? Sure, I won’t throw you to a pit where goblins would chomp on your organs and gremlins tear flesh from your body. Instead, I’ll ensure you never take control of any of my beasts, because what’s a Warg without their eyes.

Kalexo: No, please don’t. I’ll…

He couldn’t speak another word, all that came from his lips was a blood-curdling scream as Lucifer palmed Kalexo’s face and dragged it against the uneven floor. The Lake of Fire located behind Lucifer’s throne illuminated Kalexo’s eyes, wide with fear. Once he saw where he was being dragged he hollered out even louder. Flames spat out from the pool and cooked the ground beneath them. A trail of Kalexo’s blood stretched from the throne to the Lake of Fire. Such a radiant color of red with the glowing fire in the background allowing the blood to pop out from the crimson stone floors. Half of the devil’s face was left in darkness as Kalexo looked up to him for just a moment before a dirty jagged thumbnail dug into Kalexo’s right eye. He fished around in his socket taking his time until edged his index finger in too, ripping out his prize. Kalexo pleaded for this to come to an end crying blood filled tears. Lucifer finally pried out Kalexo’s eyeball with his massive fingers and laughed demonically over Kalexo’s wailing cries for help. Other demons, just shadows in the background, were watching from the corners in complete terror of their ruler. Lucifer popped the blood-soaked eyeball into his mouth slurping up on the cord still connected to Kalexo’s brain. His head was lifted up, dangling by a thread, until Lucifer snipped the cord with a quick chomp of his teeth. Kalexo dropped to the floor with a thud, the final bit of his torture. Blood oozed from his open eye socket, but he was in relief that it was all over. His face still cooked against the hot floor, but he curled up against it quivering to himself.

Kalexo: Thank you. Thank you. (He whispered weakly.)

Lucifer hovered back to his throne with a light flutter. Abaddon stepped into the center of Hell, waiting for his master. He was a long creature with a face slightly resembling a human’s, but he had these giant black beady eyes. His face looked crusty and his neck burst open with scales that lined down the rest of his body. The spikes that pierced out from his head was shaped like hair slicked back and edging down his back. Abaddon’s scales were dark green and coated his lightly colored puffed-out chest, humanoid in design, and very muscular. The rest of his body was long and lean all the way to his tail, except for Abaddon’s limbs that were anything but slim. Both his arms and legs were bulky with reptilian features including pointed claws and talon-like bird feet. His tail was tipped with a barb similar to a scorpion’s tail. Although no circular gland, the end of his tail was flat with large plated scales that narrowed out ending with a tip. His talon feet stepped over Kalexo where he looked down at the little man still cringed with pain and bubbling out blood as it flowed into his mouth.

Lucifer: Ah, Abaddon. This is your new pet, Kalexo. Use him to succeed where Kalexo failed, and above all, DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME!

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