Eyes of my Enemies

Previously oEyes of my Enemies, St. J and Sammie have set out to steal St. J’s car back from his parent’s house welcoming in some unwanted memories. They continued on to the prison alone, finding Blake and Nikki busy with training. With on the spot planning, Sammie and St. J were able to break into the prison to begin their search for the fallen angel, Katrina, but found complications all along the way. We pick up after St. J had just discovered Katrina’s cell in hopes she will have all the answers he is looking for and hopefully is not yet another enemy.


Book 1, Chapter 8:



(((Dip’s POV))) While panting heavily, we see through a low angle as the dog raced through an empty shower area. Several voices echoed through the open room from behind. / Several guards armed with assault rifles were creeping into the shower area. Their faces were each covered with helmets and shrouded with plastic shielding visors.

Guards: Where is that thing… Careful… It’s in here, I know it… Fan out! /

Dip slowed to a stop and quickly sniffed the ground with intense curiosity. He looked up to where one shower was still running hot water filling the air with steam. A puddle formed around a hair-clogged drain and had leaked across the floor over towards Dip. His flames simmered down further into his shaggy fur. As footsteps continued to echo towards him, Dip made time to lap up some of the floor water. He acted as if he had never tasted water before in his life, the warm liquid filled him with such joy he now mashed his face against the floor slurping it all down. The footsteps stopped, the guards had already made contact. They paused, unsure of how their target could have possibly caused such a difficulty for the rest of the prison’s guards. They questioned the order given to shoot on sight and decided to press closer towards the dog. The water shower water stopped flowing after its automatic cycle had completed. In the now quiet environment, Dip snapped his head up upon hearing a guard stomp his boot down into the echoing room. The guards shook seeing the Hellhound’s eyes filled with fire. He snorted out a mess of smoke and burst into flames. The puddle beneath him evaporated instantly turning to steam that mixing in with the smoke to form a multicolored cloud barrier between him and the guards. The men shot into the eruption of fire and gas until one shouted out for them to cease fire. There was a campfire’s size flame of Hellfire still burning in the spot where Dip once stood, but no other trace of him remained. The guards looked to each other, nervous and confused. Their leader took a step forward.

Lead Guard: We move up. After it! (He yelled out as all the guards charged past him.) //

Dip cut a corner smashing into a wall of the linking hallway. The was a door with a red cross on it right next to the hole in the wall Dip created. On the other side of the wall, you could hear the female nurses scream out in fear. They didn’t dare open up the door, even if they had, Dip was already gone. They were met soon later by the full platoon of prison guards all crammed together in an orderly fashion and moved after Dip down the hall. / He passed through an opening, the brightly lit cafeteria finally gave Dip the wide-open space he needed to escape. He hastened his pace dashing past the rows of cells lined up on the upper levels of the cafeteria. The prisoners yelled out to the dog calling him over and shouted out to the other inmates informing them of their visitor. Dip was unaccustomed to all this communication. He howled to them with glee as he raced across the ledge. / A guard behind him slid down to a knee just as he entered the dome. Dip howled out a 100 meters distance away from the guard, but he didn’t let his weapon waver. He fired out rounds in bursts spraying shots Dip’s way. / The bullets ricochet off the concrete walls and steel bars from lucky inmate’s cell as they safely found shelter. Dip leapt over the rail smashing into a table below destroying it. Scraps of wood and metal screws were flung at the unconscious guard, Carl, still laid off to the side of the cafeteria. The inmates again became very excited and ratted against their cell bars continuing to shout and cause a commotion. Dip shook off the blow and sprinted out forward again. He looked back to see that several guards took position along the railing resting their guns against it to make a perfect firing line. Dip burst with flames streaking out from the tip of his tail scorching the floor tiles below. He bounded up to the next level on the opposite end of the cafeteria. At his high velocity, Dip slammed against a cell block caving in its bars for a gentle landing. The large black woman inside dropped her guard hostage, Damien. The second blonde inmate with dreadlocks checked to inspect the damage. Dip was imprinted in their cell, his flames were low, and his eyes were closed. Just as the blonde girl drew close, Dip snapped to life. He bounced off their holding cell bending the bars under his paws to free himself. He looked at the two women in jumpsuits and blinked his eyes slowly towards them before he blasted up into the air twirling around mid-air to scamper away down the nearest hallway. The two women looked at each other and blinked twice, slowly, just as the dog did. A guard’s shout got them back into focus.

Guard: (Far in the distance) Remain in your cell, inmates!

Inmate: Charlene, see if you can fit through the bars!

Second Inmate: But the guards?

Inmate: They’re gunna fuck us up anyways, let’s go!

Charlene turned for the opening between two bent bars. The black woman grabbed Damien, who’s remained perfectly quiet throughout this entire ordeal with socks stuffed into his mouth and his arms bound with bra straps. Charlene is skinny and easily able to fit through. She extended one leg through the gap then grabbed the bar above her as she wedged the rest of herself through. After a second of contact with the steel bar, she could feel her hand cooking to the metal and flinched out flopping to the floor outside their cell.

Second Inmate: AH! Don’t touch the bars, they’re wicked hot.

Charlene looked down at her burnt red hand with patches of skin missing, but still, she laughed realizing where she was. Gunshots whizzed through the cafeteria soon after. Charlene dove down cradling her burnt hand. They weren’t aiming for her, the guards hopelessly shot down the hallway Dip had already escaped through. Grateful for her life, Charlene sighed in relief. She looked up as Damien hollered out with his forehead pushed against the smoking metal bar and the original inmate guiding him through from behind.

Charlene: What are you doing with him?

Inmate: Giving us some leverage, idiot. (She said giving Damien one last shove to pop him out the cell, she then easily stepped through.) Quick, follow that fucking dog. I’m getting us outta here if no one else will.

She dragged Damien up and pinned him to her body as they moved together in a rush out through the nearby hallway. They had all cleared out when a mass of guards entered the area to investigate.

Guard: Hector’s not going to like this. (He said inspecting the cell.) You want me to follow them?

Lead Guard: Yes, you in four others go. Keep this under wrap, you guys shouldn’t even be heading out there. HQ is about to put this whole shit on lockdown. They want all guards in the cafe, so get back on the double.

Guard: You got it, Sal. (He and four others moved out down the hall as the remaining guards held still awaiting orders.) ///

Me: My name’s Zachary St. Julien, I think you were looking for me.

Katrina: (She looks astonished.) A

A bright flashing light flickered from red to yellow after an alarm was triggered blasting a siren throughout every hallway. Katrina was cut off and became very frantic rustling about to escape her restraints. She looked back over to me in a panic.

Katrina: Did you come to free me?

Sammie: Yes!

Katrina: Well, come on then! You wouldn’t have gotten this far without an evacuation plan. Help me get out of these things! (She kept trying to flap her wings, but they were too well strapped to the table that was bolted to the ground.)

Me: Ok, ok, just let me concentrate.

That gave me just a few extra seconds to get my head straight and figure out how I was supposed to this. After a moment, my hands faded through the bottom of the table with my palms faced up. Sweat dripped down my brow as I struggled to focus on my abilities through all the noise, lights, and other distractions that this stressful situation had to offer. She didn’t look too sure of me as I stood over her. I moved my hands up, but I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t know what I was looking for, so I tried reaching out to her again. This time, Katrina’s whole body became clear as a ghost. A joyful laugh slipped out in this stressful moment, reassuring me. Sammie peeked over my shoulder to see as Katrina suddenly felt the sensation of being weightless. Her eyes widened as I lifted her up. She began to move about without the feeling of being chained down and soon discovered herself to be transparent and light. With a shocked expression, she phased her arm through the restraints. I had to move up along with her as she started to rise up spreading her wings and stretched them with bliss as she leapt into the air. The second she left my grasp her body flushed with color. Katrina patted herself down instantly relieved that she was back in the flesh. Her wings were so wide that they took up the entire room as she sustained herself in mid-air for a moment. She then folded her wings behind her back and landed her thin sandals down on top of the table. Sammie and I were looking up at her with awe, even in these hasty moments, it’s still breathtaking to see an extraordinary creature from Heaven for the first time.

Katrina: Alright humans, now what? (She said leaning towards us.)

Sammie: We’re flying right through these walls and out this prison. (She said placing a hand on my shoulder.)

Katrina: What an incredible talent.

Katrina nodded trustingly and gripped my opposite shoulder. Her comment shook off the doubts building within me. I stood up tall now but noticed Katrina was nearly at my eye level. I looked back to the wall in front of us and closed my eyes. When they opened again, they glowed with white fire as we all leaned forward taking a step of pure faith. My forehead came up to the wall and passed right on through. While Sammie and Katrina, on the other hand, bashed their faces against the wall and fell back on their asses. / Ahead of me, there was a squad of guards trooping down to this section of the building that was lined with solid steel doors for solitary confinement. One inmate you could see through a tiny slot howled wildly while these guards moved with purpose. They didn’t look like regular prison guards, more like soldiers. These men had armor and much larger guns than what you’d expect for your traditional prison raid. I hadn’t noticed, but I landed down ahead of them and instantly returned to my natural state revealing myself to the guards. One yelled out and pointed in my direction. Honestly, I didn’t believe he could see me until all their weapons were directed right at me. Terrified for Sammie, I looked behind my back and was shocked not to see her there.

Me: Shit.

Armed Guard: Fire!

Me: Shit!

I yelled out again making myself intangible just in time to flee back behind the wall followed by each bullet that pelted into the slabs of concrete. / Re-entering Katrina’s confinement, Sammie had just gotten back up to her feet and rubbed the red mark on her forehead. Sammie looked fearful hearing the bullets slam against the wall, but regained her grumpy face once seeing me reappear. Her and Katrina both greeted me with the same irritated expression as I stumbled back in and fell on top of them in a hurry.

Me: Sorry, but you wouldn’t of wanted to come anyways. It’s all the noise that’s the problem! It’s hard enough to take on one passenger, let alone two!

Katrina: So, you really don’t have control of your powers yet. (She said disappointedly.)

Sammie: It’s fine, that’s why we took the card. It’ll get us out of here in one piece. (She said and opened the door back up for us.)

Me: Outside that wall, I saw a group of guys heading this was with assault rifles.

Katrina: How many?

Me: I don’t know seven or eight, something big. I let them see me too. (Equally disappointed at myself.)

Sammie: It doesn’t matter, let’s get out of here while we can! (She said yanking my arm out the door.) //

We sprinted down the hallway leading up to the cafeteria when Sammie slowed her pace down to a halt.

Me: Sammie, what the fuck!?

I yelled out over my shoulder, but she didn’t budge. She was still as a mannequin left on pause with her eyes open and glowing blue light. Her face was stuck in a fearful expression. I ran back to her grasping her face.

Me: Sammie, Sammie! Move Sammie. For Christ’s sake, we gotta go!

Her eyes focused on me, but they were still glowing. She was stuck somewhere within her own mind, still able to see me, while a vision played out in her head. // (((Sammie’s POV))) Small balls of light whipped past her flying randomly throughout the same corridor we now stood in. You could hear my muffled voice slowly come into clarity but mostly just heard her own heavy breathing. There was a slight outline of my face drawn in the background with blue lights. The last thing she heard was me repeating her name. Then, a white dot was fired, coming for Sammie, growing larger and larger as it approached until it took up the whole screen. // Sammie returned in dismay, she gasped for her next breath, only to be suffocated as I pulled her in to embrace her tightly. She was silent. I pulled back to look at her seeing she still had that same empty look in her eyes. She quickly pushed off me just as I heard multiple voices echoing through the cafeteria. Sammie’s eyes grew wide with comprehension.

Sammie: Everybody, get down!

Sammie was so afraid she kept away from me and dived to the floor where she tucked in fear. I moved ahead of her stepping towards Katrina who slid down to her knees ducking her head while her wings flapped over her body shielding herself. My face looked stressed as the silhouettes of the ten prison guards blocked off the light from the cafeteria. They stepped into the hallway’s entrance creating shadows that streaked down the hall. I froze when I needed to act, leaving myself an open target as all the guards opened fire.

Sammie: ST. J! (She screamed up at me from on the floor.)

Survival instincts kicked in turning me intangible the second I heard gunfire. I took in a soothing breath as the swarm of bullets rushed through me reminding me that I was alive. This rush of ecstasy soon faded as I realized the dangers of this situation. I was terrified again looking back to see my greatest fears had come true. Sammie had flopped into a puddle of her own blood that seeped into her clothes and spilt onto the floor. Katrina skidded back in a flash gracefully draped one wing over Sammie while shielding herself with the other. Sammie was lost from my sight, but I could see her crimson blood drained down the cracks in a straight path trailing under my feet. The closer her blood came, the more I was filled with agony. I was so lost in my own rage to the point that every breath I took in was grunted out. It felt like my body was swelling with energy that pulsed out with each deep breath. My eyes glowed brighter than ever before as I began to levitate. A lucid sound surrounded me, that of rushing water or gusting wind. I wasn’t clear anymore, but it seemed I had another form of defense as lights lashed about the space around me. Any time a bullet was fired my way, it would get smacked away by a wave of silver lights that moved in a purposeless fury. Without control, my hovering body tilted forward and crawled myself inches closer to the cafeteria. There was nothing the guards could do to stop me. They wasted shot after shot, reloading entire clips, as their crushed bullets were smacked away and left to cling off the floor. They poked at the beast I apparently had deep within me, and it was coming for them. / Back at the other end of the hall, Katrina had let Sammie pick her head up after the gunshots slowed down replaced by gusts of silver wind. Sammie’s face cringed as she moved, she had red eyes and glossy skin below them but managed to hold back the rest of her tears. Through all the pain in her eyes, you could see the amazement she showed watching me with a silver glow reflected off her face. / Most of the guards had taken cover behind tables and chairs, anything to make them feel safe against an enemy they’ve never seen the likes of before. There were more guards timidly waiting deeper within the cafeteria. As I passed through, all of the tables bolted to the floor were ripped away by sheer might and begun to swirl around me as light poured from my body. Anything else they used for cover was sucked up too. Even the guards themselves were caught up in the cyclone of silver lights. The remainder of the guards were clobbered away by chunks of debris trapped in my whirlwind as it reached its maximum size at the center of the room. From within my light tornado, I screamed out a ghostly howl which silenced the alarm and shattered every light inside the building. There was no need for them now, at this moment, I was emitting so much light, so brightly, that no one could even see what was happening before them. The flash of light intensified right before fading away with a pulse of energy. Darkness began to creep back inside the cafeteria until only my eyes were shining, and even that too faded away. I felt like I had just then regained consciousness, finding myself in a new landscape dark and unreasonably quiet. Slowly, I descended back to the floor at the center of the cafeteria. The dome seemed wider than normal as it was nearly empty with all of its tables tossed aside and squished to the corners. Everything from broken tables to injured guards had been backed to the edges of the cafeteria under heaps of more debris. Some tables had flung high enough to collide into the prison cells above freeing a few inmates with more gaps made in their cells. But instead of wilding out like you would expect from any newly freed animal, these prisoners were timid and afraid. It seemed like they almost wanted to stay in their confinements if that meant protection from the likes of me. Chairs were scattered all along the edge of the levels above, blood was splattered against a wall, and groans could be heard occasionally breaking the silence. All the guards were either dead, injured, or buried underneath random objects that rat-packed against the walls. I didn’t have the time to be shocked or to wonder about the powers I possessed, as my full attention was directed towards running back to Sammie’s side. / Katrina crouched over Sammie who was able to sit herself up and lean against one of Katrina’s spread wings. Sammie tried not to whimper, but it was impossible with her two bloody hands putting as much pressure on her thigh as she had the strength for. I hustled down the hallway refusing to let myself catch a breath before blurting out in a raspy tone.

Me: Oh, thank you God. Sammie, I thought you were dead. How bad is it?

Sammie: Well, I feel dead!

Katrina: She’s in shock.

Sammie: No, I’m in great amounts of fucking pain. God damn that fucking bullet.

She lifted her hand off her wound and ran it through her hair staining everything with blood.

Me: Sammie, you gotta keep pressure on that. (I got down and pressed my palm against her thigh. She yelped and began to pound on my back with hammer fists.) Ow! Sammie cut the shit. Stop fucking hitting me!

Sammie: You’re hurting me.

Me: You got fucking shot, Sammie! We, we gotta get you some kind of help or you’re gunna fucking die! No hospitals, no doctors, maybe Blake can help, shit my mom’s a nurse, maybe.

Sammie: St. J, shut up, quit being dramatic.

Me: What!?

Sammie: The bullet went through my leg, see. (She picked up my hand darkened by the blood). It skimmed through the outer part of my leg, no arteries, no vitals, I got very lucky.

Me: You know that’s not just some little bullet graze, right?

Sammie: Yeah, we’ll stop the bleeding, clean it up good, I’ll take it easy, but I’m going to be okay St. J.

I was so relieved to hear her say that, I had to kiss her. I pulled away standing up above her finally taking in the time to breath. I scratched my head and looked out to the destruction leading all the way up to the cafeteria. I tried to wrap my head around what had just happened, but it was all too much.

Sammie: You know, you were amazing just then. Terrifying to anyone on the other side, but your heart was in the right place. You were trying to protect me, and I don’t know how we would have made it out if you didn’t do something unexpected like that.

Me: I didn’t think I was protecting you, I thought I was avenging you. That’s what makes it worse.

Katrina: There are those in heaven who did not think you were capable of such abilities. They called you a hoax, even God said you wouldn’t be able to use your full abilities. But look at you now. With a bit of a push, we’ll see what you really are in no time.

Me: Yeah, probably, I don’t know though. Let’s just get out of here, we’ve wasted enough time.

Sammie: Hold up, I’m sorry, I don’t even know your name.

Katrina: Katrina.

Sammie: Katrina, are you really saying you’re from heaven. That you’ve talked to thee God.

Katrina: Yes, my father is an archangel, so he works more closely with God than others, so I’ve always been… Oh my, they still have my bag! Can you two excuse me for a second? I know exactly where they put it, it’s down the hall here.

I nodded my head and let Katrina race on ahead to get her things as I crouched down next to Sammie.

Me: Come on, you.

I went to go pick her up, but she leaned towards me suspiciously making herself look busy by ripping off the bottom lining of my shirt where there was already a tear.

Me: What are you…

Sammie: Did you hear that? (She whispered obnoxiously then wrapped the scraped cloth like a bandage around her thigh.)

Me: What exactly, my head’s still processing?

Sammie: She said she talked to God, the God. Mr. Creator of the world.

Me: Well, she is an angel, so…

She tethered her bandage to her wound and wrapped one arm around my shoulder as a signal for me to lift her. I wedged my arm in between her knees carefully avoiding the wound on her thigh, but the pain was inevitable as she was lifted off the ground. Her nails dug into my shoulder as she cringed.

Me: Sorry. (I said looking down at her as she bit her lip trying not to show the pain on her face.)

Sammie: Does it not bother you? (My eyebrow jumped at the question. Sammie’s nails dug deeper into my shoulder with every step I took down the hall.) I know your parents are religious, but you never were. Doesn’t it hurt a little? We were wrong this whole time, we thought we could explain things we had no business in. We thought we were better for not believing in something that we couldn’t prove.

Me: I never really knew what I believed. But hey, why is this hitting you now? Three days after I came back to life I told you that I met a magic man from Hell and that I could see heaven’s light at the end of a white tunnel. Was that not enough to get you to reconsider the whole religion thing?

Sammie: I don’t know, it wasn’t enough. (I scoffed.) Well not enough to make some serious life changes.

We reached the cafeteria entrance lined with piles of broken metal and food scraps that I hovered over and continued to float across the opening and into the next corridor.

Sammie: If Hell’s real, and there’s bad people out to get us, that makes sense. But you start saying that God’s real and anybody can have eternal happiness, I don’t know. It sounds too good to be true, right?

Me: I don’t know what to tell ya. Last week I thought werewolves were only in cheap sci-fi movies, and people couldn’t come back from the dead. But lately, I’ve realized that the world’s hell of a lot more confusing than I previously thought, so I’m just going to hear the angel girl out and hope it’s all good news.  

I was hovering down the next hallway when Katrina came soaring in from behind with a dark purple bag in her hand. The cloth of this bag looked silky, like your hand would glide right across it. The bag was lined with golden threads framing its edges all the way up to where they made a delicate bow at the opening of the bag.

Sammie: Not your average carry-on, huh?

Katrina: What? This was a gift from my father.

She pulled the golden thread to open the bag and pulled out two thick, chrome, cuff bracelets and slid one through her wrist. This fine jewelry sparkled even in the dim emergency lights that appeared along the edges of the floor and ceiling. The silver cuff bracelet expanded once Katrina slipped it on, nearly taking up Katrina’s entire forearm.

Katrina: It’s something he gave me a long time ago. I don’t know when I’ll see him again, but this helps.

Sammie: You’re dad, the angel?

Katrina: Archangel.

Me: Ok, everybody! We’ve been down here long enough. Katrina, can we leave now?

Katrina: Wait. (She stealthfully walked in our direction.)

Sammie: Katrina, we’ve…

Katrina hushed Sammie and tip-toed to the corner of the hall leaning against it for a second before springing into action. She leapt out in front of two armed men and screeched in their faces as she flapped her wings. With just one fierce blow, they were both knocked back several feet by a rush of gusting wind. I swiftly brought Sammie around the corner only to see that the action was over as I found the two men groaning on the floor.

Katrina: Would you two mind taking care of them, I can’t get this last cuff on for the life of me. (She said struggling to slip on the bracelet while pacing away down the hall. It looked too small for her to fit it through her wrist, a large blade popped out from one side of the jewelry as she messed around with it. The blade nearly cut her then was quickly recoiled.)

Me: Hold up, what exactly do you mean by that?

Sammie: Katrina! How’s he supposed to do…

Sammie started to mouth her off but was silenced with pain as I rushed over to kick one of the guns out of the guard’s hand as he lifted it our way. Sammie flicked out her pistol with her free hand waving it back and forth between the two guards while still clinging onto me.

Me: Whoa, yo, let’s chill out here guys. Alright, keep it cool! (I turned to whisper loudly to Sammie.) The fuck do we do with ‘em!?

Sammie: I don’t know, did Katrina want us to… (She nudges her pistol towards their two captives.)

Me: No! (I said in a doubtful tone.)

Sammie: Ok, I know, do your thing. Just do it quick and get us out of here.

I nodded then took a step towering over one of the guards below. Sammie had her gun pointed right at them, but they didn’t show any signs of intimidation as I stepped forward. My eyes lit up as wind rushed all around me. One guard rustled beside his comrade, the two bodies hide his arm from my view. I didn’t notice the gun pointing my direction until it was cocked back. Without a flinch, a current of silver light whiplashed in front of me with a loud buzzing sound from concentrated energy. The energy beam crossed over one guard and struck the other with an explosive force. I hadn’t moved a muscle, the only actual reaction from me was my eyes dimming down revealing my flabbergasted face. Below me, the pistol flopped down to my feet, it was busted, smashed in, and crooked. One of the guards coughed out a mouthful of dust and looked to the other finding him dead to the right of him with a hole the size of a grapefruit in his chest. Shards of concrete from underneath were smashed up inserting themselves in the guard’s gaping wound and were scattered throughout the hall. I backed away from the scene, my hands shook rocking Sammie only increasing her pain, but she didn’t make a sound. The guard was freaking out even worse than either of us.

Guard: Clyde!

He screamed out the guard’s name over and over shaking the corpse, but there was no coming back. Devastated, he crawled forward to pick up the broken pistol limply pointing it my way. I stepped away from him, deciding our conflict was over, but Sammie held her weapon right back at him. Before I could stop either of them, Katrina came striding through. She full on punted the dude’s face without remorse then continued down the hall.

Katrina: Nevermind, I got it! Quickly, let us escape before more come! (She took off and I was forced to fly after her.)

Me: What the fuck was that! I have no control over this thing!

Sammie: It was an accident, he forced you to.

Me: Why can’t I just flick my finger and the gun flies out of his hand!? Why’s it got to be a light show, smashing, and destruction!? What kind of power is that, why do I have this!?

Sammie: St. J! Wall! Wall, wall, wall, wall, wall!

We raced towards a check-in station where inmate’s folded jumpsuits were flying off the rack. Katrina’s powerful wings sent every loose item surrounding her into the air as she passed through. She swooped under the turnstile gate rolling through the small walkway behind it. Her wings shot her right back up to her feet as she uncoiled and pounced forward with a quick rush of motion. She gained enough speed to successfully break through what she must have assumed was a locked door up ahead. / Sammie and I were not far behind. I paused my rant just in time to turn us intangible before colliding into the walled off area.

Me: And how come I can fly and do this ghost shit so easily, but everything else is such a goddamn mystery?

Sammie: St. J, don’t you think we should help out Katrina? /

Katrina barreled through the doors falling into some kind of office space. The room was cleared out in a hurry with papers left everywhere and chairs knocked over. Armed men from both the prison and police departments flooded into the room after hearing the door break down. The door ground against the floor sliding her a few feet into the room. Just as the men opened fire. Katrina tossed the door as if it were a frisbee knocking through a few guards, but more men took their place. She coiled her wings around her, at opposing angles then fluffed them out until there was only a narrow gap of vulnerability where the tip of her wings met. She ran straight past a large group of officers each taking their shots as they moved into the room from a narrow opening. She leaped up lashing her wings open to fling crushed bullets that flew out her wings like a spread shot. The pelted guards paused as Katrina pivoted her body towards a heavily armored guard wielding a riot shield who stood his ground in front of her. She drop-kicked the man cramming him between the wall and his protective gear. She then picked up his riot shield, holding it up high while looking through the scuffed glass. With a flick of her wing, her feathered appendage smacked the few guards ahead of her back through the open windows of the hallway from which they came. Katrina stepped into the hallway jolting forward with bounding steps fueled by her flapping wings. She plowed through the line of cops congested in the hallway until they were packed into the corner in a big pile. She strutted away from the mess chucking the riot shield further down the other end of the hall where more men tried to enter.

Me: I think she’s got it. Hey Katrina, over here. (I said reappearing behind her.)

Katrina: I cleared out the area. You kept up well.

Me: Yeah, it’s sorta cheating compared to… (I started before shots started flying towards us. Katrina’s wing shielded Sammie and I before I turned to move down another doorway. Katrina followed us closely.) Down this way!

I glided forward towards a set of double doors that Katrina raced up to open for us. The doors flung open and in came the bullets. We yanked Katrina back behind the door as this single machine gunner kept us at bay. We were unable to make it through the next hallway where large windows curved down the corridor each blocked off with metal bars. There was only a moment for Katrina to catch her breath before the cops behind us caught up, and again, we flooded back into the office space. Katrina’s wings held back the bullets for the moment, but I had already turned Sammie and myself clear. Without any visual indication of where I was, Katrina heard my voice in front of her.

Me: Can you hold up long enough for me to take out the gunner!?

Katrina: Go!

We jetted out through the double doors to the hall, a simple passageway between two wings of the prison. Taking position behind the gunner was no trouble within this state. We landed beside the SWAT member, he was on one knee lining up his shot with the assault rifle rested upon sandbags anticipating the angel to break through those doors at any second. Switching us out of our clear state was the signal. Sammie instantly fired a shot through the back of the man’s thigh cutting through his kneecap. He screamed out in both surprise and pain.

Sammie: Yeah, it fucking hurts doesn’t it!

The man flopped down to the floor, but his gun magically moved up into the air and into my arms like someone was there handing it to me.

Me: Katrina!

I shouted kicking the SWAT agent pushing him away from me. Katrina didn’t hesitate to escape. The door cracked open and Katrina slipped through slamming the door behind her before running towards us. Seconds after window to the door was shot out I returned fire giving Katrina some cover. The recoil flung me off my balance, it was nearly impossible to aim and shoot with Sammie still clinging on to my side. Before the both of us could fall, I floated up and continued to fire.

Sammie: Behind us.

Sammie called out. She took her hand off her wound and gripped her pistol with bloody fingers. Her arm swung out behind me as she fired shots down the other opening. We were getting sandwiched in as officers, guards, and SWAT teams alike came hustling in. I could see exit signs down that direction, but it couldn’t be worth the risk. I took a few steps away from the opening and back into the hall. Katrina was barricading the double doors with her wings alone braced against to door as she flexed her legs back. Sammie looked at me as I blocked off her line of fire and continued to walk towards Katrina into the narrowing hall.

Me: Katrina, get ready. We’re going out the window. (I said pointing the assault rifle towards the steel bars fortifying the nearest window.)

Sammie: That won’t work…

I sprayed my shots hitting the window, the wall, and the bars. Shots ricocheted off the metal bouncing all throughout the room along with shards of glass and plaster. My eyes looked wild while behind the hunk of machinery firing round after round.

Me: Come on! Break, damn it!

I screamed out as a wind whipped around me. The bullets kept flying as streaks of light lashed out towards the wall pounding against it so hard the hits sounded like explosions. The door at the end of the hall opened and the officers watched the chaos as energy streamed from my body. The wall before me was torn apart in pieces, bricks exploded out of place as the gunfire continued. White streams of light slithered around the barrel of my gun as energy beams whiplashed through the air blasting holes through the wall. They struck just as randomly as my machine gun, but sure enough, the window space was opened, along with chunks of the wall surrounding it. The gunfire halted and the assault rifle slipped from my hand. I limply floated into the air carrying Sammie with both arms. I breathed in heavy pants while furiously looking through the massive hole in the wall I had created. Katrina instantly leapt through the opening spreading her wings out wide to almost stop herself in space. I let out a ghostly war cry as I made myself intangible and passed through the guard’s last attempt of pegging me down. The guards panicked out to the location they saw me last, but I was gone with streaks of energy still trailing through the hole. Sammie hollered out too as we made dips and loop the loops through the open space in the sky. We bolted away from the prison but could hear them shouting out to us with the occasional shot fired. I moved up to Katrina reappearing in her presence.

Katrina: I’ll fly on ahead and distract the men blocking you. It’s the least I can do. But can you promise me that we’ll meet again, somewhere safe?

Sammie: Of course, we didn’t go through all that trouble just to lose you now.

Me: I’ll go to that store where you were first taken by the police. Do you know how to get there?

Katrina: I’ll be able to find it.

Me: Great, we’ll see you there.

Katrina: Wish me luck.

She said swooping in towards the field outside the prison. Katrina cut through the air spinning as she accelerated down over what looked like the entire police department parked outside of the prison. The men below readied their weapons and kept their eyes sharp to the sky until one finally pointed out the angel flying above. She opened her dark wings, blocking out the sun, becoming nothing more than a silhouette gliding down from above. She wrapped her wings around herself and begun to plummet as the army below opened fire all at once. The bullets made their mark more and more the closer she got to Earth. Just as the gunfire became unbearable, she reached the surface and was forced to spread her wings out stopping herself abruptly in midair. The force of this maneuver was so strong that every man within a thirty-foot radius was knocked down to the ground and blown away pelted by their own bullets. / Sammie and I were clear moving through the disorderly madness. Officers struggled to stay on their feet through Katrina’s gust. With Sammie in my arms, I faded through the men cautiously watching the event unfold around us. / A few feet ahead, Katrina took two steps forward before stomping off the ground and leaped above us. The shocked officers in the mix had no idea what do against her as she soared low in their direction. With a flap of her wings,  Katrina shot into the air at the same time as a helicopter curved around the side of the prison. The helicopter’s speaker crackled as it dipped in Katrina’s direction. /

Helicopter: Land now and come quietly or you will be shot down.

The helicopter was filled with men wielding large guns each equipped with scopes of varying degrees. They spun the helicopter around to line up the soldier’s shots, but by the time the copter steadied, Katrina was nowhere in sight, leaving the men puzzled. Suddenly, the helicopter rocked to one side. The men were forced to hold onto the latches or risk being flung out the vehicle. / Katrina was below them swinging on one of the helicopter’s landing beams. She rocked it good until it almost tilted over to its left side. One of their large gunners dropped falling past Katrina and to the ground below. She swung off the bar kicking the base of the chopper, which tilted it even further to one side. The helicopter was now swirling out of control, but the pilot was able to stabilize it to some degree slamming it down hard on the prison’s roof to avoid a full-on crash. The helicopter skidded against concrete destroying its landing gear until it finally smacked into a ledge to come to a stop. / The pilot inside slammed his fist against the reading dials in the cockpit as he watched Katrina fly away across the field. / Lower to the ground where yellow tape and police blockades blocked off parts of the field from the prison stood Agent Sullivan. He wore a stern yet composed look upon his face. His ear piece buzzed an indistinguishable voice from the other end of his call. Agent Sullivan pulled his sleeve up to speak into the hidden mic.

Agent Sullivan: That’s a negative, I do not have visual. (More buzzing in his ear.) No call it off, I doubt this will be the last we hear from them.

He said confidently with his chest puffed out even in defeat. He looked off to the side as if he could feel someone watching him. His eyes showed curiosity, but that soon faded as he had other business to return to. / In the background, a clear version of Sammie and I hovered past Agent Sullivan keeping an eye on him as we continued further through the field phasing through the fence and all the surrounding police cars. There was barking coming from behind us, in the outskirts of the field.

Sammie: Do you see that over there?

Me: I wish I didn’t.

Sammie: Go help him!

Me: I’d rather get you to a doctor. (Her stern expression didn’t alter.) Alright, alright.

We hovered over to where Dip was backed into the wall by four riot control guards. Two of them used their riot shields to slam Dip back while the other two would spray cans of mace down into his face. Tinted orange, Dip lunged up at the man spraying mace and chomped down on his arm. But not before long, another guard had slammed him back down while the rest approached. Dip stopped growling from the ground and looked over to our direction as Sammie and I dropped in close. My eyes flashed silver with rage as I threw out my fist towards one of the men, but nothing happened.

Me: There’s not much I can do while I’m like this.

Sammie: Then fight him face to face, you’ve done this before! (The guards below looked around confused hearing our voices not seeing another civilian around in sight.)

Dip: Master!?

Me: Alright! Dip, put in a little effort, we’re getting out of here!

Dip’s black shaggy fur ignited with red flames that scorched the men’s shields driving them away. I switched out of my intangible state and immediately was surrounded by rushes of wind. The guards who witnessed my sudden appearance idled in fear as I hovered above and slapped them away lightly. Dip broke through the mess and continued to blast heat. As the crowd scattered, I held on tight and dropped to the ground still rushing about with Sammie in my arms.

Sammie: See, you’ve got this down. You didn’t even kill anybody this time.

Me: I never…

I grunted out before being interrupted. An officer seemed to pop up out nowhere very close by. He only had a pistol, but it was quickly pointed my way. The silver wind moved so fast it cracked through the air. The cop’s body folded as he was spontaneously struck in the side by some force. His body spun through the air before coming down grinding his face into the dirt. I cringed watching what I had done, the man’s body came to a halt flopping face first into the grass. More guards in the distance took notice and ran over to him. He laid in the dirt sobbing, but it was relieving to hear that he lived despite his condition. It would have looked a lot better if the situation hadn’t forced me into an awkward smile. /

Distant Guard: Hey, those are the two from inside the prison! /

Dip: If you’re not going to be stealthy Master, then you better have the legs to run.

Dip said racing past us. I leapt up into the air after him and whizzed out ahead of the dog. There was a fence coming up that blocked off the little stretch of woods followed by multiple rows of highway. I started to curve up above the fence as gunshots were fired from behind us. With a pulse of energy and the wave of my hand, the top section of the fence was split open wide enough for me and Dip to hurdle over and escape into the woodland. /

Agent Sullivan was in utter disbelief as he looked to the split fence across the field from him. An attendant dressed in no more than a shirt and tie raced out to the agent once the gunfire had ceased. The short jog from the police van seemed to have him winded.

Attendant: Agent Sullivan, do you want your car. There’s still time to track them down.

Agent Sullivan: Track them, possibly. Catch them, no. I want you to go over footage, we’re not making any more moves until I know exactly what all their cards in hand are.

There was a slight pause after, but the serious look in Sullivan’s eyes screamed, “Now!” The attendant shuffled away towards the prison leaving Sullivan to stare back out into the short patch of woods ahead. //

My small car curved around the exit ramp of the highway. Any faster, and we would have been sure to flip. I took the next right and sharply turned into an empty parking lot of the familiar looking store where Katrina was told to meet us. Sammie groaned in pain as the car rocked forward and I put the car in park.

Me: Sorry about that.

Sammie: I’d rather you not drive like a maniac, than be sorry about it.

Me: Had to do something to get us out of there. And look, we made it just fine.

Sammie: I’m fine for now, but I still lost a lot blood and am fugitive to add, so goodbye hospital care.

Me: I know, I’m working on it. (I searched the sky for black wings.) I’ll be right back.

Sammie: Uhg, I don’t care. Just make this pain go away. (I nodded knowing nothing in this small supermarket would do the trick.) But be quick, Katrina shouldn’t be much longer now. (She said in a slight groan.)

Dip started to crawl across the backseat and through the window to follow me out.

Me: No Dip, stay in the car with Sammie. I’m just getting some medicine while no one’s in the store.

Dip: Come on, let me tag along. I’m still amped up from all the excitement.

Me: A hyped up flaming Pitbull is the last thing I need right now. Just stay in the car, ok, stay, stay.

Dip: I know eight different languages, you ass. I’m not some braindead mutt you found off the streets that can’t tell the difference between their own feces and a bowl of Kibbles and Bits.

I sighed out of patience and floated off into the store that was lined top to bottom with yellow tape and boarded up in other sections. Sammie watched me glide off then disappear suddenly midway through the lot. She tried to get comfortable, cautiously shuffling around in her seat until she allowed herself to close her eyes. But in the background, police sirens blared from half a mile away before soon fading out. Dip kept sniffing loudly up in the air. He then moved from the left side of the backseat to the right whimpering with his head looking straight up out the window. / Sammie looked irritated but didn’t say a thing until Dip started to bark up at the sky.

Sammie: Dip! What the fuck.

She yelled at him as she looked out the window to see Katrina circling the building where I had trekked inside.

Dip: You didn’t tell me we were saving an angel! (Katrina spiked down to the ground fast pounding a hole in the concrete with her fist.)

Katrina: Where is Zack St. Julien?

Sammie: He’s in the store, but you can just call him St. J, though. You sound so official and strange calling him that.

Katrina: Why, that’s his name?

Sammie: Yeah, but nobody, and I mean nobody calls him that. It’s been St. J his whole life. His boss, teachers, practically the whole school called him St. J, he’ll barely look up if you say Zack.

Katrina: You humans have such strange customs. /

I was seen flying back across the lot to the car with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a few rolls of gauze curled up in my arm like a football. I touched down waving to Katrina as I landed.

Me: Alright Katrina, do you want to ride with us, see how us humans live?

Katrina: Oh, very much, yes.

Sammie: Yup, my werewolf sister, boyfriend back from the dead, and redneck father. You know, your typical nuclear family.

Unaffected, Katrina eagerly slid into the backseat of my car practically forcing Dip out the window as her wings crammed up the backseat. I shut the door behind her once her wings were clear and moved up to the front seating myself down comfortably. I glanced over to Sammie as a black feather flew past her face, she was staring right at me with an obnoxiously depressing grumpy face. She struggled to keep her leg locked straight while her seat was being pushed forward by Katrina’s wings braced against the back of her chair. Her feathers jabbed through openings into the front seats poking Sammie in the cheek. I ignored her indifferent face and flashed her a big stupid smile as I started my engine and drove out the lot. ///

Agent Sullivan parked his all-black state regulated car outside of a motel room. He killed the engine and rummaged through his pocket for his cellphone but hesitated before dialing a number. An elegant man’s voice responded first, only allowing the phone to ring once.

Phone: Sullivan, sounds like you’ve had a rough day. How about you tell me what in God’s name happened back at the prison.

Agent Sullivan: Nothing you couldn’t decipher from the news. The angel got away, we failed.

Phone: Never should have trusted those commoners with something like this we should have brought her directly to our facilities.

Agent Sullivan: We should have, but the public would never let up on us, we’d still be hearing about it and would continue to for weeks.

Phone: True, but never-the-less, we are now facing a serious predicament. There is a dangerous creature in our world and I suspect she will not be the last we see.

Agent Sullivan: My thoughts exactly, sir. I have reason to believe that the allegedly deceased Zachary St. Julien had a part to play in this woman’s escape.

Phone: I’d call you insane if I hadn’t heard she was already looking for the boy. Do you suppose the two are working together?

Agent Sullivan: What I know is that these two are both powerful, they are different than me and you, different than humans…

Phone: Obviously.

Agent Sullivan: As obvious as the two are working together.

Phone: I see. (There was a moment of silence. / We view the elegant man on the other end of the phone call. He wore a tailored suit that he was constantly adjusting while looking out to the skyline view of an animated city.) Agent, I’m sending you the information of a contact, a man I wish for you to get along with as he will be helping you on your mission following this case.

Agent Sullivan: A contact, sir? You’re talking about someone outside the agency?

Phone: Sullivan, it’s time we look for people of qualification to this new world. /

Agent Sullivan: (Switching back to Sullivan, he angrily stepped out his car, slammed the door, and leaned against its side.) New World? Qualifications? Who exactly are you looking into!?

Phone: John McHall, he has over a decade of experience in…

Agent Sullivan: He’s a maniac, a savage, criminal.

Phone: He’s a hunter, Sullivan. Just like you. Except his prey is much more ferocious and bizarre than any terrorist case or biological threat I’ve ever given you.

Agent Sullivan: I cannot believe you are trusting a mad man with our equipment, our intelligence! There’s no shortage of risks if you fall through with this.

Phone: None of that will happen, not with you working closely with Mr. McHall.

Agent Sullivan: He’s going to get me killed, if he doesn’t kill me myself. I pursued him for months, sir. /

Phone: So, you know better than others the type of creatures this man hunted. Beasts that most men couldn’t dream of in their worst nightmares. Like it or not, you know nothing of this line of work. I found someone who does. Let him do his job, and yours is to keep him out of trouble and keep him alive. Do you understand, Agent Sullivan? /

Agent Sullivan: Oh, I understand, sir. Your will shall be done.

With that, he slammed his flip phone shut pounding the device against the top of his car denting it.

Agent Sullivan: Fucking John McHall! They hired a bounty hunter for monsters, the fucking CIA! I’ve heard a million things, but I’d never seen them so desperate, God! Those cowardly pricks are ruining the organization. (An elderly woman had stepped out her building and started dialing away on her phone. The look she gave the agent a disgusted look.) Piss-off lady, don’t bother calling the cops. I’m above them.

He said lightly before he stormed into his motel room with an aggressive slam of the door leaving the old woman horrified and alone. Appearing to be shocked, she continued on with her phone conversation. //

A rugged man walked up to a set of steps allowing himself to enter an expensive looking private jet. He had a grizzly beard and a thick leather jacket that almost concealed the long machete he kept on his right hip. His shotgun, however, was not at all hidden. The weapon swayed freely from the strap slung to his shoulder. He had a beastly smile on his face as he took off his sunglasses and tossed them aside to the ground below. A man dressed like a butler stopped John McHall halfway into his ascension through the stairwell.

Flight Attendant: Excuse me, Mr. McHall, but weapons of any kind are not permitted on this or any airline.

John: Well, I’m sorry… (He picked up the attendant’s name tag, giving it little attention as he ripped it off the man’s chest.) Pal. But I don’t have and weapons on me. No, what you see here are tools. Tools used for a very important job, a job your employer trusted to me. So, I am going to try my fuckin’ best not to test these tools out on your little decrepit body. I really want to, but I’m going to hold back these urges. So, could you help me out here buddy, and step off, so I don’t have to cave in your stubbly little face. (John McHall stepped in close to the attendant whispering the last few lines. The attendant turned quickly masking his fear and walked up the rest of the steps. John followed closely behind. As he reached the top and entered the plane, he saw the attendant speed walking away.) Oi, where you going, mate. I’m still going to need my drink and peanuts!

He yelled out to the assistant before he escaped out of ear range. The cocky smile had not faded from his face as he strolled down the aisle tossing one of his bags onto an empty seat and sat himself down nowhere near his luggage. His instantly became relaxed kicking his shoes off and pulled a cigarette out from within his jacket pocket. ////

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