Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies. Nikki is stricken with grief after giving into her animal ways and allowing the Lycan within to rampage throughout the streets. Blake shows another side of himself comforting her with the story of their species origin. Meanwhile, St. J and Sammie learn of the angel with black wings, Katrina. After an intense battle with the police, she was captured and brought to Holbrick Penitentiary. Newscasters are unsure how to cover such supernatural events. St. J begins his quest to speak to this angel who just may have the answers he seeks, but that means he must break this dangerous creature out of a maximum security prison. Only time will tell if he is to succeed, read on below to find out.



Book 1, Chapter 7

The Prison


My feet gently touched down on the sidewalk that rode alongside a big suburban house with the front wall painted green. Sammie crawled down out of my arms and watched as I paced forward in a trance staring up at my own home. This was the place where I grew up, but the way my eyes blankly stared forward, it seemed more like a haunted house my friends had dared me to go inside. I gulped blinking my eyes a few times thinking about how this would all work out. The thoughts made me shudder.

Sammie: Well, I’ll ask just like you did. Do you want me to go in with you?

Me: I’m not going in.

Sammie: What!? This was your idea! Not to mention, the only way we’re getting all of us to Holbrick.

Me: No, I meant, my parents. They’re not going to know I was ever here.

Sammie: So what, you’re just going to steal the car, you asshole!

Me: It’s my car!

Directly after, you could hear cars blaring their horns from out in the distance. A little closer, you could hear the dogs of the neighborhood barking. Then even closer, there was rustling in my neighbor’s bushes. Out from the vegetation sprouted Dip with twigs wedged in his ears and fur. He happily stampeded through the neighbor’s yard then leaped over my road clearing two SUVs as they drove by. All of this athletic coordination just to land hard in my mother’s flowerbed in the center of our yard.

Dip: Made it!

Me: Dip, what the fuck. Stealth mission! That was the whole point of all of this. (I loudly whispered.)

Sammie: Yeah, it’d be such a shame if your parents came out now before you steal their car.

Me: I’m not stealing…

Dip: Is it that red one with the window down?

Sammie: Yeah, how about you hop in and relax. We’ll be there in a second, okay.

Me: Dip, wa…

Dip: Okay!

He said running off with glee diving through the small opening to crash land inside my car. I groaned with my hands above my head splitting through my long curly hair. I sat down on the front porch to think, my head was drooped down towards the dirt. I felt a hand on my shoulder and was surprised to see Sammie sympathetically staring at me while taking a seat by my side.

Sammie: You’ve got a couple options, St. J. None of them are easy. In fact, one could be we just steal a truck and ram it into the prison. But we both know that won’t work out for long, and that the best thing you could do for yourself and for your parents would be to tell them everything.

Me: I can’t.

Sammie: Why!? It worked fine with my parents. I guarantee you, St. J, when they see your face, there won’t be anything else for them to feel but happiness. You won’t have to tell them anything or even stay, just show them you’re alive.

Me: That won’t work, I can’t just pop in and out without explanation. They don’t have much right now, but they can at least wrap their minds around what they’ve been told. I don’t know how much they actually do believe, but what would I do after telling them? What would they do? I don’t think they’d be much help to our cause, especially with the type of shit we’re dealing with.

Sammie: Ok, it’s okay, I think I get it. There’s just too much going on right now. And don’t worry (She cups my face in her hand.) I like things the way they are right now too, nothing has to change, but we do have to keep moving.

Me: Yeah, one step at a time. (I take her hand that’s extended to help me up.) Step one: sneak into my own house, somehow find my keys, don’t break down mentally. Step two: break an angel out of jail. Easy fucking peasy.

Sammie: Maybe when things begin to make sense again, you can tell them.

Me: (I sighed.) Yep, well, until then. (I floated up into the air.) I’ll be back in a flash.

I hovered towards my home dragging my fingers against the shingles just below a window. I positioned myself right where my room should be, then turned intangible to slip right through. / I stayed invisible while in my house allowing all light and matter to pass through my body. I became part of the landscape, just a shimmer of my outline was visible allowing a full visual of the room. My first reaction when entering my room was to smile. It was a nice flashback to simpler times with everything arranged just the way I left it. Even the musky basement smell was nostalgic. There was one poster, the only thing that was out of place. The middle of it had been torn off. Like someone tried to rip it off the wall quickly but the tape holding down its edges held tight keeping portions of the poster intact. I touched the wall where my poster once hung. I saw a (((Black & White))) silhouette of my mother standing exactly where I stood. I backed away with shock on my face as I could see the pain on her’s. She cried into the blank spot where my poster should be. Her hands gripped onto a ghostly shadow image of the poster and yanked down while letting out a depressing cry. It was hard to watch as I saw her drop down to her knees and cry into my wall. She slid to the right and cried into my bed, that’s when I saw that her hand opened and the crumpled piece of paper rolled free. I walked over to her and attempted to hug her, but the second my transparent body made contact, the black and white vision of her shattered. The allusion was lost, and I was alone in my room again feeling broken in that moment. I knelt where she once was and picked up the crumpled paper from under my bed and unraveled it. It was nothing more than a poster, just a stupid trippy wormhole pattern I thought was cool, but it reminded her of me, and that was enough to cause emotions. I tossed the paper on the floor, stood back up, and paced around my room opening drawers and looking through the top of my desk space.

Me: Keys, keys, keys. Where are you, keys?

I was in the process of looking under my bed when I heard a creek in the floor behind me. I remembered that creek specifically, the one that went off anytime someone stood in my doorway. My head flinched back as my mother looked my way. She looked beyond me and through my room, then rested her body against the doorframe. I was speechless like I was the one seeing a ghost when really, it was the opposite. My lip quivered wanting to find the words to say, but there was none, and she walked away without hearing my voice. I raced out to the doorway that creaked as I stood under it. I looked down the hall to where my mother walked, further and further away from my presence.

Me: Mum.

She gasped turning around, this time without a doubt, she was looking right at me. Or at least, she should be, if I wasn’t such a coward. She put a hand over her mouth and closed her eyes trying to keep the promises she made to herself not cry so much anymore. I ran my hands through my hair tilting my head back, breaking the promise I had not to get them involved with me. At the same time, our heads dipped back to rest against the wall behind us. Then simultaneously, we stomped about in this small hallway disappointed in ourselves. My tantrum finished first and I was able to turn around and watch my mother grieve over her very much alive son. Unable to continue, I sighed out while fading through the floorboards and swooped down into our living room. I had one last place to check, there was a spare key in the drawer by the back door. But to my surprise, I found my original keys with the bullet case keychain along with my parent’s keys in the little black box where they kept them all. Not only was I abandoning them, but I was stealing the little momentums they had to remember me. I reached out for the keys, they instantly became invisible as I made contact with them, I then shoved them in my jacket pocket. Satisfied, I looked over to my father, on the couch like usual. I smiled at the feeling of things being normal, despite the fact my mother had probably freaked herself out with no one but me to blame. Still, I managed to stroll out the house waving goodbye to my dad as my body faded through the door. //

I was relieved to be out of that house and back behind the wheel of my own car. I slapped two hands down on the steering wheel and looked over to Sammie seated next to me as I dangled the keys in my hand.

Sammie: Did you talk to your parents?

Me: One word, accidentally.

Sammie: You’d be feeling better around this time if you had talked to them.

Me: Please, Sammie. My conscious is already doing enough to me, it doesn’t need your reinforcements.

Sammie: If you say so.

Me: Alright well, uh, you two ready. We’re gunna be whipping out of here for obvious reasons.

Sammie: I got the GPS up and ready.

Me: Nice, Nice. Ok, let’s do this.

I said firing up the engine, the music started blasting immediately and to make matters worse, my car in idle was never exactly a quiet thing. I rushed to get the gear into reverse and quickly backed the car up angling myself to peel out.

Sammie: Can you roll my window down?

Me: What, why now!?

Sammie: Nevermind.

She said leaning back in her seat to slip a piece of paper out Dip’s already rolled down window. I looked at her disgustedly shocked, but before I could speak the sound of the house’s back door slamming shut had me slamming on the gas pedal. I swerved out into the road cutting off a car that was speeding by.

Me: What was that!

Sammie: What was what?

Me: The fucking paper you tossed out, what did you put on it!?

Sammie: Relax. It was just an apology.

The car barreled away leaving a gust of wind that tossed the paper into a puddle of mud where my car was parked. Through the murkiness, you could read in Sammie’s well-crafted handwriting: Sorry, your son loved you very much, I’m sorry he was too much of a pussy to tell you that. ///

My little Volvo rocked as we hit some harsh winds while driving down the highway. Dip was in the middle of the backseat, he sat up tall taking up all the space in my rearview mirror. Sammie looked up from her phone disappointed.

Me: Any luck yet?

Sammie: No, neither of them are picking up. I don’t know what’s up with that. //

Nikki’s phone laid on the railing of the balcony attached to Blake’s treehouse. Her phone vibrated so hard that it shuffled off the balcony falling three stories to the base of the tree’s trunk. It hit the ground with a thud but bounced back up to show the screen was still intact and displayed Sammie’s name on the caller ID. / Over in the field, you could see the two Lycans training in their wolf form. Nikki pounced for Blake, but he was quick to jump high up above her needing only to snap his legs out to kick her right back down into the dirt. //

Sammie put away her phone and tilted her head back.

Me: It’s alright, I’ve got no doubt they’re just at the treehouse training.

Sammie: That’s not all I’m worried about.

Me: What, you’re worried about this!? (I said laughing putting both hands on the wheel again.) You’ve fought through werewolves and flaming pit bulls, but you’re worried about a few fat prison guards. We’ve already been through worse, and we’ll probably see worse too. So, let’s just get through this one obstacle, and I might actually get some answers from this girl.

Sammie: Yeah, you’re right you know wha…

Dip: Guys, it’s hot back here.

Me: Dip, you’re from Hell, and it’s not even eighty degrees in here.

Dip: You people say you have this Air Conditioning technology. I don’t know how you manufacture cold air, but this clearly doesn’t work.

Sammie: Do you want to stick your head out the window?

Dip: Why would I want to jump out the car?

Sammie: No, you just roll down your window and let the wind hit your face. (She showed Dip how it’s done then pulled her head back into the car smiling as her hair continued to lash about uncontrollably.) See, like that. I don’t know, it’s a dog thing.

I shrugged my shoulders back at him, but still hit the button to scroll down his window allowing a lot of wind to pour into the car pushing Dip’s ears back. The pounding sound of wind rushing through the one open window freaked him out. He looked over to Sammie, unsure of the purpose of this, but she nudged for him to continue. Dip stuck his whole head out the window, his lips flapped around from the high-speed winds making trails of his slobber streak across the side of the car. He had this huge smile on his face as we drive off to the sound of his laughter. //

Katrina found herself strapped down against a hard metal table glimmering under a fluorescent light hung from above. The room looked trashed with papers all over the place and broken glass on the floor mixed in with spilled puddles of coffee. Her wrists and ankles were locked in with cuffs bolted to the table. Her wings were no less free uncomfortably strapped down to the table with long leather belts. She lifted her head up as far as it would go and strained herself to hear the conversation two people had in the hallway outside. //

Doctor: We cannot keep her here, she puts everyone in this facility in danger.

Cop: What do you mean? She’s tied down tight, we’ve taken every precaution, there’s no way she’s getting out. The girl’s a human with weird bird wings, not Superman.

Doctor: It’s not just that, we have a supernatural being in our building. What if others like her try to get her back, what if it’s like that marketplace all over again, but with fifty of those, things? That can’t happen in a prison.

Cop: Well, at least we know that we can stop, maybe even kill these things. I can admit, she put up a good fight. But like everything else, her kind will go down.

Doctor: Well let me hear this genius idea of yours on how you’d like to proceed with her? A court date, release her to the inmates, I don’t even know what we’re supposed to feed her?

Cop: She’s not human, none of those rules we have with the other inmates comply with her. Just keep her strapped down and alive and everyone’s happy. She’ll be out of our hair in no time. Actually, I think they want a team to come in tomorrow to check her out. (The Cop looked through the tinted window, he wasn’t really able to see her, but he checked anyway. The Cop gently elbowed his buddy’s side surprising him a little.) Hey, talking about checking things out, wings or not, she’s a hottie. Let me get another look.

Doctor: Fine, just remember this time; look don’t touch.

Guard: Eh, whatever you wuss. I don’t see what’s the problem with having a little fun though. Like, why you think we strapped her wings down so damn tight, and then rushed out to buy those titanium cuffs to cement to the table, and for what!?

Doctor: I’m going to take a wild guess saying it’s not for you can get all handsy with another inmate. (He pointed out while swinging the door open.)

Katrina’s left eye quickly shut as the two men approached her on either side of the table. She remained perfectly still and calm as if she were unconscious. The Cop seemed giddy as a schoolgirl rubbing his hands together, while his accomplice admired her strapped down curves from a distance. Katrina, laid there holding in her frustration until she felt the cop’s hand stroking down her face. Her eyes snapped open and glared his direction. The Cop flinched backward recoiling his hand as he feared she would try to bite it off. She did indeed open her mouth, but this was to inhale a deep breath filling up her lungs until her chest pushed up against the belts strapping her down. With everything she had, Katrina let out an ear-shattering screech that rattled her whole face and shook the structure of her enclosure. The two men scrambled to get out the room. They slipped on spilt liquid and cut their hands on the scattered shards of glass as they caught themselves from falling. The Doctor had his hand up cupping his ears when he bumped into a desk knocking over more equipment as both men fled the room as fast as they could.

Cop: AHHH! Somebody, kill that bitch.

He said as the Doctor slammed the door shut behind him. Katrina continued to screech but it wasn’t nearly as bad now behind the walls. The Doctor pinned one arm up against the wall picking at the blood that dripped from his ear. He looked over to the cop resting with his back against the door as he slid down to the floor. His ears were bleeding too. The Doctor heard another strange noise, like a knock on the window. He looked to where the tinted glass on the door begun to crack, right in the center.

Doctor: Oh shit.

Cop: What now?

The crack spread to all corners of the window, then finally shattered giving a perfect view of Katrina’s head lifted up from her table, still screeching. With nothing blocking off the sound waves, her screech turned just as loud as before. The two men both dropped down to fettle positions cringing in unbearable pain. //

We drove past a fence fifteen-feet-high with the words “No Trespassing” posted on signs at least every sixty feet. Once the trees along the side of the road began to clear out we could see fields that stretched out for acres where the prison was located. Gridding off sections of the field were more fences lined with rows of barbed wire that coiled down until hitting one of the four towers strategically placed at every corner. Sammie pointed out all the people gathered outside the prison entrance as we rolled past the front gates. There was clearly a protest was going on, even while driving by we could hear the angry shouts and hundreds of arguments coming from this massive crowd. Signs held up high bobbing up and down over the swarm of heads. I could make out a few signs that read “Kill the Angel of Death”, but then you could see others with a completely opposite message reading “Free the Angel.” The whole crowd was in an uproar, but it was hard to tell if they were angrier at the prison and its guards, or the other protesters and their opposing opinions.

Sammie: Wow! Did you expect to see anything like this?

Me: No, I’ve never even seen anything like this, well at least…

I was hardly paying attention to the road in front of me when I saw the red flash from brake lights shining in my face. l almost wasn’t able to stop in time, but I slammed on my breaks until they screeched, and my car came to a stop with only inches to spare. Dip was flung forward into both mine and Sammie’s laps. We all groaned but everyone was okay.

Me: Shit. My bad.

I said to Sammie who didn’t seem to care very much, she just let an eyebrow bounce up with a slant in her lips. / I followed that same car as it turned into a gas station across the street allowing Sammie and I to get out of my car.

Me: I don’t think I could get any closer to the prison without being recognized. My face has been up on the news for three different occasions in a week. I’m basically a celebrity to crazy people like this.

Sammie: Well, I was expecting that’d we’d just stroll right through the field, walls, and security, easy as that.

Me: Yeah, I want to, but I might need a security card to get all of us out without raising the alarms. Basically, it’d give us total access to the prison and get us out of any trouble should it come our way.

Sammie: Mmh, I like the idea, but they keep those on their side at all times.

Me: True, true, but luckily, you are going to be the sneaky little girl that you are and snag one for us.

Sammie: Me, why me!?

Me: Well like I said, everyone in there knows me, and I can’t grab the tag when I’m intangible which I’d need to be to get through that crowd unseen.

Sammie: Uhg, fine. I think I have an idea anyway.

She walked backwards for a few steps and quickly flashed me a sinister grin. I grinned at her and leaned up against the side of my car where I had a good view of the prison’s entrance gates. Sammie slipped on a jacket to better conceal her weapons while crossing the street. The closer she got, the more engulfed in the sounds of angry chatter and fights she became. Sammie casually entered the center of the crowd where everyone was full of energy and emotion. They were angry at the prison, angry at Katrina, and a lot of them were just pissed off at each other. Sammie was quiet as she flowed through the crowd listening to each of their conversations. A wicked grin sprouted across her face as she stepped up behind this greasy fat guy in a green shirt that was too tight. This guy was pretty tall, all it took was for Sammie to move behind the big fella to completely avoid his sight. From there, all she had to do was jump up and smack the sign out the man’s chubby fingers. As he slowly bent over to retrieve his sign, Sammie snapped over to the dude standing behind him. She was eager to leap up and kick out the back of this man’s knees. With her toes dug into the man’s flesh, and heels imprinting the man’s calves, Sammie hopped off discreetly walking away as she pulled out her phone.

Sammie: Where the fuck are you, Trent? You do this to me every time!

The man Sammie knocked down to the ground had gotten up. He was bald, stocky, but most importantly, he held a furious grudge against an unknown subject. His eyes flared across the crowd barely giving a second glance to the innocent little blonde girl busy arguing with her boyfriend. The fat man turned around with squinted suspicious eyes that instantly locked on to the angry looking muscle head who stormed up to him wiping the dirt off his shoulders. The two locked eyes with mean mugs already exchanged. They didn’t hesitate to get in each other’s faces and start flapping lips.

Fat Man: Did you smack my sign!?

Angry Man: How could I after you kicked out my fucking knees!?

Fat Man: Hey man, I didn’t do anything. But I’ve seen you lose your shit on every single person here with one of my signs! Who else would do it but you!?

Angry Man: I don’t know and I don’t care, just watch your fucking step, tubby.

Fat Man: ‘Fuck!? Like I’d really go around kicking people. I’m not some ‘roid addicted brute that wants to kill everything I don’t like.

Angry Man: If you’re trying to get at something then just say it. If not, then step the fuck down! (He said drawing close until he was just inches away from the man’s chubby face spraying out spit with each word.)

Fat Man: Aw, you Ass!

He said shoving the man back into other protesters who each shoved him back into the fight.

Sammie: Ooo.

Sammie had snuck back into their little battleground just to make that last comment followed by an innocent giggle. After glancing over to hear that, the stocky little angry man turned an even brighter shade of red. Sammie, broke into full-on laughter as the stocky dude punched the fat man straight in the face making his cheeks jiggle and blood spit out from his lips while other spectators cringed at his pain. The bystander, who the angry man had just bumped into, decided to step into the ring. He was a tall man with long arms holding up his sign with both hands tightly gripped. He smacked the sign down breaking it off the angry man’s face causing the whole crowd to go wild. Before you knew it, there was a full out brawl going on within the crowded area. Sammie was surrounded by masses of sweaty arms all swinging out for each other. Hair was pulled, people were getting punched, stomped, and bitten, but Sammie was small enough to crouch down and swiftly move through the swarm. This one kid, nearly Sammie’s age, wound his fist back and accidentally whacking Sammie from behind with his elbow. He looked sorry after getting a glimpse of Sammie’s small figure staggering back for a second.

Teen: Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry.

Sammie: What are you sorry for? (The boy looked confused briefly before Sammie side-kicked him into swarms of more people.) It’s a riot, isn’t it! (She said then slipped away.)   

A buzzing alarm went off along the outer gates of the prison as the guards who had prepared for this scenario came flooding out. Armed with riot shields, police batons, and thick vests, the guards created a barrier with their bodies separating the crowds from the prison gates. There was no possible way to calm this crowd down or attempt to reason things out. Instead, they just tried to shove the whole lot of angry protesters off the prison’s grounds. While most of the guards held the line and pushed forwards, a new group arrived to infiltrate the crowd on their own and try to break up the mob that has formed. But with this hot-headed population, those guards were the first to succumb to violence. Back along the line between guards and protesters, the guards were getting too violent treating protesters more like inmates than civilians. Some of the men and women within the mob ended their differences and teamed up against the dominating prison guards who they all had reasons to hate. Others were completely ignorant too deep within the crowd to notice the approaching guards as they continued to fight amongst each other. The brawl had escalated into a full-blown riot with conflict breaking out at all ends. Sammie heard pain filled screams coming from the center of the mob and decided to stick to the outskirts. She crawled over men grappling with each other and squeezed through a group of protesters attempting to escape after being blinded by pepper spray. Finding a little space away from the madness, Sammie paused to focus and look around. After just a second of searching, another scream caught her attention, this one was much closer. A guard dragged out a woman by her hair. Her feet scampered to keep up with the guard’s and her arms waved about but they could not get a hold of the guard’s arms. Sammie was furious, even other protesters had stopped fighting to witness this injustice, but none of them did anything. Their faces seemed very surprised to see this one small girl step towards the guard with ambition in her eyes. Bystanders nudged one another to get each other’s attention as Sammie sprinted up to the guard. She launched off the ground with surprising height to tackle into the guard with all the force she could muster. The woman he dragged was immediately released as Sammie hugged the man’s head with each of her limbs clinging tightly. Her legs thrashed around kneeing and kicking him constantly as the guard circled out of control unable to see or free himself. More guards came in to assess the situation but were shocked at what they saw.

Guard 1: Is that Tom over there?

Guard 2: Yeah. Think we should help him out, that chick’s wild?

Guard 3: What a fucking pussy! Fuck Tom, let that chick beat his ass, he’d probably like it.

Guard 2: Yo, guys.

The second guard pointed out that the group of bystanding protesters had now stepped up after Sammie’s performance and were ready to protect her from the next wave of guards. While their actions were commendable, this now left Sammie alone with the man she was attacking right as he begun to pry her off his face. The guard tossed Sammie off him along with his helmet both striking the ground hard. Something shined underneath Sammie, she took the time to conceal the object away. Sammie then crawled backwards staring up at the guard who crept closer pulling a baton out from his side. The guard’s hair was untamed without his helmet, his eyes were strained with anger, and his cheeks rippled with rage. He took one more step forward before feeling a hand on his shoulder. The wild look in his eyes vanished and turned blank as I mysteriously appeared behind the guard with a cocky smile that spread down to Sammie below. I winked at her and just as suddenly as I appeared, both the guard and I were gone. Sammie blinked in disbelief then started to dart her head around looking for signs of me to no avail. I appeared just a few moments later with a big smile like nothing had happened.

Sammie: Nice timing, but what’d you do with him?

Me: Oh, nothing. (I mumbled as in the distance you could hear the crying screams of that same guard streaking down across the skyline.) We just talked it out.

Sammie: You know, a simple punch to the face would have been just as impressive.

Me: (I wrapped one arm around Sammie and walked us away from the crowd.) Yeah, well, that creep got what was coming to him. Honestly, he’s lucky I didn’t go higher. (I was laughing but then paused looking over to this woman who was staring right at us.) The fu- Can, can I help you?

Crazy Protester: Oh my, dear, your eyes. It all makes sense now. (The woman rushed up to me pushing Sammie out of the way as she got up close to my face.) You’re Zachary St. Julien! (I made a dramatically unpleasant face.) Yes, you and that angel must be connected. You’re not one of them, are you? Or no, wait, don’t tell me. You’re Jesus.

With that last bit of nonsense, Sammie whipped out her pistol pointed right to the side of the woman’s head.

Sammie: Yeah, and I’m Gandi. (She cocked the pistol starting to bring fear into the woman.) Now get out of here! (The woman ran off as Sammie made her flinch pretending to pistol-whip her.) Crazy bitch.

I looked to Sammie both amused and shocked at the same time. I instantly reached out with one arm to pull her close to me as we both turned invisible, although the sounds of my laughter had to be a dead giveaway.

Me: I told you these people go crazy over the news. (I said as the brawl continued right below where we hovered.)

Sammie: Aren’t you freaking out!? What are we going to do when she tells someone?

Me: You kidding me? Did you not see how scary you were, I almost pissed myself. She’s a crazy bitch anyways, nobody will think anything of it.

I said as we floated back over to the gas station across the street. Nobody was around, just one car full of people stopped to watch the riot from afar. To be safe, we reappeared behind the bathrooms out back and began to walk back towards the car. I was still chuckling to myself.

Sammie: Are you still laughing about that?

Me: Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry. How are you? No one got you too good out there, did they?

Sammie: Nope, I’m fine.

Me: You started that riot, didn’t you?

Sammie: Well how else was I supposed to get this? (She said waving the security card that hung from a lanyard swaying towards my face.) I think I like prison breaks, we should break out my uncle sometime, I always liked him.

Me: Yeah-No. That’s not going to happen. And we haven’t broke anyone out of jail yet. I’m guessing you two are still up for the task. We have everything we need now.

Sammie: Yes, Sir.

Me: Alright. Dip, those crowds will be calming down soon. I need you to run around inside the prison, go as fast as you can, and be the slippery little devil-dog you are and don’t get caught.

Dip: Gotchya.

He said a moment before speeding off down the road. He broke through the crowd and dashed up to the gates right as they opened letting in more guards. They were too occupied by the riot going on that they hardly cared to notice the dog set loose into the prison. One guard, however, was taken off his feet as Dip sprinted through. The guard looked around unsure of what happened then was yanked back up to his feet by the surrounding guards. Dip continued to slip by everyone, the dog reached the next row of fences barricading the prison off from its fields. His eyes lit up and the hellhound burst into flames as he powered his way through the metal wiring. His body pressed against the fence with all his might until the hot metal gave out and he was through. Next, all he had to do was break through glass doors and he was free to roam the prison to his delight.

Sammie: Well, Dip’s in.

Me: Yeah. Now for the rescuing part of this mission.

I held on to Sammie’s hand until she became as clear as I was. We then flew up and swooped down, disappearing behind the walls of the prison. ///

Katrina stretched her head up high enough to see through the gap in the window frame. She seemed to be puzzled by the sounds of barking that echoed throughout the halls followed by the distant platoons of stomping feet. The marching grew louder as a group of guards armed with shotguns marched past her cell block. Katrina quickly ducked her head back down as they passed but kept one eye cracked open. Once the area quieted down, she continued to chomp on her gag already quite worn down with bite marks. After a gnawing and tugging on the cloth long enough, she was able to wiggle it down to her neck. She then took a deep breath filling her lungs until she could no longer bear to keep her eyes open. Her whole body arched as her wings pushed against their straps still taking in this massive breath. Katrina’s head flicked forward as she screeched out a sound so highly amplified the whole building shook. //

Outside the gates, where the riot took place, Katrina’s screech had brought the whole brawl to a halt. Everyone looked confused and scared, guards and protesters alike. / The crazy protester woman was surrounded by prison officials. She was on her knees pleading to them when the screech sounded, and they were all down to at least one knee now. The insane woman crawled up to the nearest guard a young good-looking man and pulled him close by his uniform beginning to spit out her absurd conclusions.

Crazy Protester: The angel is calling her people! God’s army is coming to Earth!

The guard looked uncomfortable, he tried to back away but the woman clung on and continued to speak.

Crazy Protestor: This is the punishment for our sins! Every event has lead up to this, it’s the end of days!

Bystanding protestors heard her words and begun to panic. They were already afraid and hyped up with energy, all they needed were some freighting words to have them all scatter in different directions. The guards were unsure of what to do, even some of them fled along with nearly every last protester. As swarms of people ran away by the masses, cop cars began to roll in followed by the media and their camera crews ready to capture the next big story in this crazy fucked up world. //

Sammie and I were somewhere within the hallways flying by offices when Katrina’s screech hit us. Something within her powerful soundwaves shot right through me and warped my body. My abilities were affected directly and suddenly the two of us snapped into the scene becoming visible once again. I dropped out of the air and we both came crashing down with our hands covering our ears instead of buffering the fall. Sammie’s head was glued to the floor where she curled up into a ball with a cringed face. I was on all fours hollering at the ground. I then flung up with both hands squeezing each side of my head while I roared in pain. As blood dripped from my ears, I saw the glass from windows lined along both sides of the hallway crack and shatter as Katrina’s screech continued. I dove over Sammie putting my body over hers so the glass could fade through us both. She watched with one eye lifted off the floor to see the glass bounce and shatter off the hard floor. She looked up and saw the glass raining down and fade through her open eyes. Sammie was amazed and terrified at the same time until she saw my arms wrapped around her and became calm knowing nothing could touch her. The screech eased to a stop creating a deathly silent environment. I floated us up to our feet and only then did we snap back to tangibility. I took a step to look around the area, the glass beneath my feet crackled with every step.

Sammie: At least we know she’s here.

Me: Yeah, but where? That sounded like it came from every direction.

I looked back to Sammie as her eyebrow fidgeted trying to reach a higher focus. She blinked her eyes a few times until they shined blue. I rushed over to her, but she looked calm and remained standing very still with a focused face. / (((A haze of blue frames the screen while we see through Dip’s eyes.))) Dip was moving at high speeds through a hallway. His little paws came into frame brightening the path ahead of him with his flames. Sammie felt what Dip felt, she heard the hastening of his breath and felt the rush before a kill. She saw the guard in front of Dip, right as he pounced into the air. She could feel his jaw opening and this grumble building up within the dog’s gut as he made this horrible growling sound. / Sammie snapped out of the state in a flash. The switching between states of mind seemed to take a lot out of her. As her eyes dimmed down their natural color, she collapsed into my arms where I held her until she caught her breath.

Me: What did you see?

Sammie: Nothing really. Dips fine, I just didn’t want to see what he was about to do to that guard.

Me: No doubt there. (Footsteps approached us from around the corner.)

Sammie: Quick, get us out of here. (She said taking a hold of my arm.)

We submerged through the glass riddled floor ending up in a holding cell with a large black woman and her dreaded blonde cellmate relaxing in her cot. There were cells all over this level that circled around a cafeteria the next floor below.

Inmate: Da Hell! Boy, how’d you do that? Nevermind, just get me out of this damn shit hole.

Me: If you tell me where they’d keep a dangerous prisoner, one that couldn’t be kept with the rest of the inmates, I’d let you out.

Inmate: Oh, like solitary. Yeah, my girl Shawnda got put there last month. They just dragged her by her hair down those steps and gone! She disappeared through that hallway and nobody seent her for weeks.  (Her finger pointed to the hallway down one level on the opposite end of the cafeteria.)

Me: Alright, thanks. Come on, let’s go. (I said taking Sammie’s hand.)

Inmate: Hol’ up

She said snapping up to her feet to grab Sammie’s arm. Before I had realized what happened, a chain reaction occurred as I turned clear followed by Sammie and the inmate. I continued to walk out the cell, oblivious to what was going on, while the convict still had a hand on Sammie’s arm and yanked her deeper into the cell. I spun around feeling Sammie’s hand slip through my fingers and found her on the opposite side of the steel bars. Sammie smacked the inmate’s hand off her but she continued to claw at Sammie and drape herself all over her.

Inmate: Y’all know you two aren’t getting outta here together without me, right!?

Sammie: Fuck off. (She said shoving the inmate off her and stepped back to the opposite end of the cell.)

Inmate: Gemme outta dis damn cell!

Me: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s be easy, okay. (I said stepping into the cell before things escalated between the two. The girls continued to glare nasty looks to each other.) Now, look! Clearly, I’m not a cop or nothing, I have no problem letting you out of here, but I’m just curious. What’d you do to get yourself locked up in here anyways?

Inmate: Skinny white bitch like ya girl here thought she could take my man. He thought I would sit around let him sleep around with whoever the hell he wants. FUCK NAH! I cracked that lil hoe’s spine with the forty-fours I just put on my truck. Now all that lil slut’s good for is sleepin’ ‘round. HA! You know what, (She said taking a step towards Sammie.) that little bitch looked just like you.

Sammie: Skinny white bitch have one of these?

She flicked her pistol out from the holster, popped off the safety, slid the hammer back, and looked at her enemy intensely.

Me: Ok, no, no, no. (I said dragging Sammie out of the cell. She waved her gun around but we soon turned intangible.)

Sammie: St. J, no, stop. (She whined lightly.)

Second Inmate: (Still sitting on her cot.) What the fuck?

Sammie and I reappeared. She reluctantly holstered her pistol glaring at the first inmate as I lead us away.

Inmate: You look out for this one brotha! (She laughed like a crazy woman.) White girl’s even crazier than me.

Me: Don’t worry, I know. (The inmate continued to crack herself up as we left the scene down the steps.) //

Two guards walked down a corridor of the prison.

Damien: Carl, you’ve got to take it easy. Quit walking around like a soldier, you’re freaking me out.

Damien had his shotgun resting on his shoulder while Carl, on the other hand, looked unnaturally stiff. He practically marched down the hall holding his weapon tight in his hands.

Carl: I’m acting exactly as I should be. Do have any idea what’s happening inside these walls.

Damien: Yeah, we finally picked up a babe that doesn’t look one of those alley girls down by Brooksburg.

Carl: The THING has wings!

Damien: Carl, bro. We both know whatever it is we have locked up in there is twenty times hotter than that thing you call a wife.

Carl paused for a second steaming with anger, but he wasn’t the type to let rage take over, so he swallowed his pride and continued with his duties.

Carl: All I’m saying is that this isn’t exactly any ordinary day. It wouldn’t kill you to…

Damien: Shut up for a second, would-ja. The hell is that up ahead?

Down the hall at the opening to the cafeteria, light poured into this corridor only blocked out by two figures walking closer towards the two guards. The taller one on the left with big hair looked like he took on a fighting stance as the other started to reach for her gun.

Damien: God damnit. They’re armed!

Carl: WHAT!?

Damien: Yeah, sucks to be right, huh?

Carl was so anxious that he scanned the whole area fearing the worst, as if there could be some kind of invasion going on within their walls. Only making things worse, I decided to leap up into the air with my arms out wide as I stayed in a hovering position.

Damien: Holy shit!

Carl: It’s flying! It’s another one of them, the angels! They’ll take over the prison and kill us all!

Damien: Now hold up, Carl before you…

It was far too late now. Before the guard could get out another word, pellets scattered through the air from Carl’s gun, as he repeatedly pumped more shells into the weapon and fired them down the hall like a mad man. His face showed fear, his only way of conquering it was with a big weapon in his hands, and the barrel pointed towards those fears. He felt safe with a hail storm of shotgun shells separating him from whatever it was he thought was at the end of this hall. The gunfire ceased leaving nothing but the sound of empty shells rolling across the floor. The gunsmoke lingered in the air and plaster was left in pieces on the floor from many scattered shots.

Damien: Are you satisfied yet!? Jesus, Carl. They just looked like a couple of teens and you, you… hold up, where’d they go?

He looked over to Carl, but he was just as clueless as Damien was. The guard sighed then looked back down the hall hoping to see anything but two dead bodies once the dust settled. But instead, what he saw was a dart flying through the cloud of debris blowing it all away revealing myself as I sped through the hall. I stayed low and moved so fast that it was impossible to recognize me until I was right up in their two panicked faces. I collided into one guard tackling him through a wall where our clear bodies disappeared. Carl was left alone in a hysterical state cradling onto his shot gun.

Carl: Damien! Oh God, no. What’s going on!? (His voice echoed throughout the hall.) //

Sammie stood outside the cafeteria entrance with her back pressed against the wall. She looked nervous, the inmates above her all had their eyes on her from within their cells. Some rattled on their cages and others whistled down to Sammie, but she remained silent. She caught her breath and peeked her head down the hall, just long enough to see the only guard remaining pacing about in a panic. Carl inevitably had to move in. His eyes were open wide not missing a second of action as he slowed his pace for the last half of the corridor. His trigger-happy fingers swayed the gun left and right as drops of sweat traced past his face. //

Damien and I passed through walls of concrete and darkness as I swooped up through the holding cells. Damien shouted out like a child on a roller coaster, his arms flailed wildly, but as long as I could make his body intangible, he was light as a feather. I held him down long enough to pop back up in the same cell with the large black woman and the dreaded blonde who laid in her cot. I flung Damien onto the cell’s floor. He crawled to one corner of the cube and pasted his back up against the wall shivering with fear having no idea how he appeared in this new location. He breathed heavily and gripped onto his beating heart never able to shake the urge to dart his eyes back and forth. The dreadlocked blonde opened her eyes that immediately widened with terrible ideas entering her mind.

Inmate: This guy again? Where’s sugar biscuit!?

I ignored the large black woman and walked over towards the guard. I stepped on his shotgun where it laid inches away from his feet and slid it behind me, out from everyone’s reach.

Damien: What… What are you?

Me: I’ll be sure to let you know when I find out.

With that, I gave him a two fingers salute and flicked my fingers out fading through the cell door. Damien gave me a weirded out and confused look as I stepped back

Inmate: Oh-wee! Come on, girl. Get outta bed, we gotta man in the house!

I shook my head not looking back as I hurdled over the rails behind me. //

Carl tip-toed down the hall sticking his gun out in front of him practically checking every step before he took it. The light at the end of the hall was creeping closer. As he swayed his weapon side to side, you could see the extent of damage a full round of shotgun shells could cause to this narrow hallway. A few papers posted to a bulletin board were torn to pieces, the wall and floor were both riddled with holes, but no trace of me or Sammie remained. Carl’s feet crunched down on the little metal beads left under his feet along with layers of plaster, dust, and torn sheets of paper. / Sammie kept low sneaking away from the opening to the hallway just as the guard reached its end. She moved deeper into the cafeteria, over to where tables and chairs crammed this open space. Crouching behind a chair didn’t do much for cover, but this was a massive room and it’d take more than a quick scan to spot her out. / Back at the cafeteria’s entrance, the barrel to Carl’s shotgun slightly edged out into the open as he psyched himself up before taking the risk of stepping outside. After one last deep breath, he walked into the arena setup more like the Colosseum than a simple cafeteria. With its upper level full of caged-in spectators circling above the dining hall all enclosed in this gigantic dome structure. The girls here wanted a show as they looked on from above. They shouted down to Sammie and the guard screaming out nonsense as they wildly shook their cell doors and banged their bars making an uproar.

Carl: Hey, quiet down, would ya!

He screamed up at the inmates waving one arm at them as the other still tightly grasped his weapon. Suddenly, he heard the sound of metal clanging against the floor to his side. Carl jumped swinging himself to the direction of the noise and let off two shells before he even had the chance to see what was there. Luckily, it was nothing. From his perspective looking around the room, the whole cafeteria was empty. But things weren’t adding up, Carl looked down to where he shattered the floors tiles with his gun. Laid there was a single clip of ammo belonging to a pistol nonstandard for prison guards. Carl bent over to pick the clip up. The mass of inmates suddenly became twice as wild cheering and screaming out. Through their calls you could hear Damien’s distinctive male voice from within the cells.

Damien: Turn around, Carl! You idiot!

Carl’s head was up, but he couldn’t make out Damien’s words. It was too late, Sammie was right behind him. She smacked the back of his head with the blunt end of her pistol knocking Carl unconscious. The entire prison block turned electric. The inmate’s applause and cheers all directed for Sammie boomed throughout this empty dome. Sammie was hyped up by all the attention, she was all smiles as she fist-pumped her pistol up into the air feeling the love from the crowd.

Me: Come on, superstar. This is still a rescue mission. (I said floating down from above.)

Sammie still had that cocky smile as she locked her arms in with mine. I carried her out the cafeteria and down the hall up to this room with broken glass all along the floor. There was a door with a broken window deep along this hallway. Posted on the door was a warning sign with the words DANGERIOUS PRISONER inscribed. Sammie slid her security card through a slot on the side of the door. Green lights flashed and the lock unhinged cracking the door open.

Sammie: First good sign all day.

Filled with excitement, I hardly even responded to her, I just flung the door open so we could both trek inside. The first bit of astonishment was seeing how beautiful the angel was before us. Her wings were unsettlingly dark, but they were strapped down to such an extent that you couldn’t help but to pity her. Sammie and I approached from opposite sides of the table leaning in with interest. Katrina awakens from her false sleep poking one eye open at a time. Our eyes met, I was still frozen in shock while she shifted from peacefully asleep to in a rage. She gasped in a breath leaving me confused. Sammie began to stealth towards me when Katrina screeched out a quick blast shooting sound waves my way. I was flung upwards breaking a hole through the ceiling. As I dropped down limply my body naturally caught itself and hovered just inches above the ground.

Sammie: Wait, you don’t understand.

Katrina didn’t wait. She arched her body up pulsing against her straps. Sammie tried to prevent her from hurting herself and held Katrina’s shoulder’s down. The second Sammie touched her, Katrina began to screech out again, like she did against the guards. A loud ongoing screech that put everyone surrounding her in agony. I flopped down to the floor unable to use my powers. My face was laid down in the puddle of spilt coffee and ripped textbooks. Sammie slowly fought through the pain and crawled towards me. She was so determined she didn’t notice the broken glass between us that sliced her arms as she dragged across the floor.

Sammie: St. J (She moaned.) Do something. Wake up!

She reached out and grabbed my wrist. My fingers twitched as a light emitted shinning against the floor’s tiles where my head laid. I lifted my head up, my eyes shinned violently. I released a ghostly cry that ended Katrina’s screech and left the room quiet as my howl faded into silence.

Katrina: What was that? You two, you’re different from the others. Who are you?

I returned to my natural state. My eyes dimmed to their silver color as Sammie and I managed to get each other onto our feet.

Me: I was hoping you could tell me. My name’s Zachary St. Julien, I think you were looking for me. ////

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