Eyes of my Enemies


Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, Nikki has been found and returned to her natural state. After her first transformation into her full Lycan state, she had run amok throughout the town of LittleRock. Nikki found the bodies of those she had harmed and is suffering from guilt. She had also learned of Sammie and St. J’s relationship, not at all pleased to see her best friend and sister together. Nearby, the angel, Katrina, has made her way to Earth discovering her angelic wings had turned black as night. Could this be part of the consequences of fleeing Heaven as her father warned? Or could something more be in store? Read on to discover the story that unfolds, and stop by next week for the next thrilling episode.

Book 1, Episode 6:

Heavenly Beings



(((Black & White))) It was late and quiet out at this hour of the night. Nikki laid in her bed amongst the darkness. Her face was visible because of her phone shining brightly not even a foot away from her face. Outside, a strong wind blew against her window and whistled throughout the room. She could hear a branch snap off the tree outside her window and come down with a thud as it was tossed against their house. Nikki moped out of bed to investigate the storm raging outside her window. / It was almost too dark to see outside with the raindrops speckled across her window. The neighbor’s lights blasted through columns of swaying trees as the wind continued to howl. She looked more intensely wiping the condensation off the surface of her window as below she could see a large shadow sprinting in between trees. The figure was large but stayed low as it made its way closer to their backyard. Nikki’s breathing grew heavy, she lost sight of the beast but continued to scan the area with great focus. A set of large eyes pierced through her from a distance. / Terrified, Nikki backed away towards her bed while keeping her vision directed to the window, too afraid to look away. Behind her, an enormous Lycan crept out from another window in the back corner of her room. This Lycan was a lighter color, it’s long fur was drenched from the rain that dripped all over the floor. The beast growled deeply, but Nikki still refused to face it. Her eyes were locked shut and her lips shuddered. A wolf paw smacked against the window in front of her forcing her eyes to open with tears running out along the edges. The Lycan’s paw was big enough to take up the center of her window not counting its claws that scraped against its surface. Two howls could be heard from opposite ends of the house. Screaming echoed through the halls from other rooms. The Lycan behind Nikki barked at her to turn around. Its whining continued until she finally did, and the beast pounced out for her. Nikki closed her eyes again to avoid the terror, but as she expected blackness, all she could see were the faces of the people she killed. (((There’s a green tint around the screen as we see through her viewpoint.))) / She roamed down the backstreet behind the stores downtown. Her head dropped down to sniff the ground when she darted her head up to a woman screaming in terror. She focused in on the moving target, the girl’s neck seemed to be pulsing with blood just at the surface of her skin. She sprinted around the back of the bar from the side entrance. She was wearing a yellow Latina sundress, (((this was the only thing in color.))) Nikki rushed at her instinctively, not letting her prey escape. The woman hardly had the chance to turn around before Nikki had leaped on top of her. They both hit the ground. From her view, we can see the woman’s croaked face dead in front of her. The side entrance door swung open with a bang. Out came a man with a pistol in hand. Nikki turned unable to feast as she found more humans standing behind her. Nikki rose up on her hind legs now standing high off the ground where she looked down at the little man with his weapon shaking between two hands. Several other men came swarming out of the building. They were all in uniform, most likely employees of the bar. With confidence, the man looked back to the others around him and fired his pistol. Nikki flinched back, from the noise if anything. Her roar was deafening as it was monstrous. Then followed by the sound of rushing wind, Nikki dove in for the man’s throat. / From there Nikki blacked out, but you could still hear the screams of several different men either shouting in attack or it was their cries of pain. / Unable to take any more, Nikki awakened from the dream with a jolt forcing her head up and through her headboard. The wood cracked and Nikki moaned in more of an annoyance than pain. Her eyes look exhausted, a few bags from another sleepless night. She slowly blinked her eyes thinking about falling back asleep when she saw her alarm clock reading 12:42 PM. She sighed while lying back on a plush body pillow tempting her eyes to close and her mind to drift back to sleep. She didn’t want to do anything, she didn’t want to exist, all she could really do was sleep, despite how late in the day it was. As her eyelids became too heavy to hold, the indistinctive sounds of Sammie and I conversing kept her awake. Nikki’s face shifted from depressed to disgruntled. She flopped over freeing herself from the covers that now draped across the floor. With a dragging groan, her feet hit the ground barely lifting off the floor as she downheartedly shuffled herself out of bed and out the door. /

Me: No, no, no. I’m just saying that, hypothetically, you could be like an evil ruler of cats. (I told Sammie as we sat together on the couch in the living room by the hallway.)

Sammie: Sounds more like a crazy cat lady.

Me: But so much cooler. They’re not even pets anymore if they’ll listen to your every command.

Sammie: A slave army of cats, that isn’t that cool. Couldn’t I get something a little bigger, I don’t know, something actually useful. (Nikki enters in the background.)

Me: I would say bears, but I don’t see enough of those around.

Sammie: Wolves?

Me: That’d probably be the coolest animal you could round up, but again, there aren’t too many wolves around here. I guess coyotes would work, but why bother when Nikki is worth a hundred of them. Ain’t that right, Nikki.

Nikki stumbled into the kitchen trying her best to drown out our conversation. She had her head buried in the refrigerator for some time now before I called out her name forcing her to come out of the cold. She only glanced up at me for a second before plunging back into the fridge.

Nikki: Yeah, whatever.

Sammie: Hey Nikki, St. J stole a box of donuts if you’re interested.

Nikki: I’m fine.

She shoved a second handful of deli meat into her mouth and then onto random smoked sausages hidden under heaps of pasta. Sammie and I looked at each other with concern but quickly snapped out of it when Nikki walked through the hallway. / We continued to talk but Nikki chose not to make out our words as she stowed herself away in her room. She flopped onto her bed in the fetal position and watched as her arms turned into those of a Lycan’s then back to a human’s, over and over again. Her arms beefed up with thick black fur and razor-sharp claws only to shink back down to her regular petite form. As Nikki closely inspecting her talon-like fingers, her cell phone rang with an obnoxious tone. She flung forward trying to crawl across her bed poking holes in her mattress and sheets. She strained to reach the bedside desk where her phone laid, then struggled to hold her phone with dagger fingers. Her phone became scratched up as she cradled it up to her face delicately placing each jagged finger in a supporting position.

Nikki: Hello… oh hey what’s up… yep, yes I’m doing fine, everything’s going alright… I, I don’t know Rebecca, not today… Well, I’ve got some training to do today… Yeah, something like that… Ight, will do, I’ll talk to you soon, ok… Alright, later.

The phone slipped out of her hands as her conversation ended. It hit the floor with a loud smack, but Nikki hardly seemed to care. She had ambition in her eyes with a heavy task ahead of her. She stepped over the phone and paced out the door. The sunlight that blasted into the living room gave Nikki an extra second of blissful ignorance before catching Sammie on my lap. Her hands were hidden somewhere in-between us while mine had a firm grip on her body.

Nikki: Aw for fuck’s sake, I wasn’t even gone for two minutes.

Me: Shit. (I said under my breath zipping up my fly as Sammie blocked me off from Nikki’s view while getting up with haste.)

Sammie: I guess we thought you weren’t coming out for a little bit longer.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I did. I’m heading out to Blake’s again. I’ve got some questions for him.

Me: Do you want a ride there, we’re not doing much. Nothing productive at least.

Nikki: You can’t use your car St. J, you’re dead. I’ll drive myself.

Me: I could fly us there in half the time, and then you won’t have to troop through the woods for an extra hour looking for Blake’s treehouse.

Nikki: Don’t you two have your own weird shits going on, I’m just trying to figure out my thing.

Sammie: Not without us. We’re here for you Nikki, Blake too. The last time you saw Blake, you left him in shreds…

Nikki: I know what happened Sammie, that’s why I’m going back.

Sammie: Yeah, but if we’re not there with you, then there won’t be any difference from last time. It would really put me at ease if we could help you with this.

Me: Nah. I don’t think anything bad is going to happen, either way. The thing is, I’m feeling like a lost cause right about now. I’ve hit nothing but dead ends trying to figure out what’s been going on with me. But Nikki, you actually have someone with you that’s a Lycan too, and he’s willing to teach you! It would be cool if we could help at least one of us feel comfortable with what’s happening to them.

Sammie: We can do this Nikki, we’ll bust you into the best Lycan Blake’s ever seen.

Nikki: (She sighed) Alright, you can help, but please, don’t make me regret this.

Me: Of course.

Sammie: Yeah, yeah, come on.

Sammie said jumping onto my back making me stumble through the kitchen. Nikki hesitated while watching us wobble through the room. She shook her head but followed us out. //

At Blake’s tree house, some distance away, in the center of the field. Sammie and I were messing around laughing in the long grass. I would disappear as Sammie ran up to me leaving her puzzled as I revealed myself standing right behind her. Then, as she turned around to face me, she may have got just a glimpse of my body before I disappeared again only to reappear seated atop a tree branch. / My voice and Sammie’s were drowned out in the distance from atop the balcony high up in Blake’s treehouse. It hung off from an entire structure formed high up within the branches. There were no stairs to get down or any sort of exit, this opening appeared to be the only way of getting into the strange home. Nikki was seated on its wooden planks dangling her little legs off the edge pouting down towards the field. She glared down at us obviously irritated with her hand tucked under her chin to support her head. Blake walked out from inside the tree house with a glass of liquor in his hand.

Blake: So what, are you just going to stay pissed at them forever? They look a lot happier than most couples I’ve seen over the years.

Nikki: It’s not that I’m angry… (One of Blake’s eyebrows bounced up as he shot down a look of disbelief at her.) OK, I know I am angry, but I also know I shouldn’t be. Like screw it, they’re just two people that happen to like each other, it happens with a lot worse combinations than those two will end up. But still, why should I be alright with that shit.  Like come on, isn’t your best friend’s little sister supposed to be off limits.

Blake: (He sipped his drink and shrugged his shoulders.) I don’t know man. Shit, I can’t blame him, she’s pretty cute.

Nikki: Ahg! You’re useless. (She got up and took a few steps into the house. Blake spins around to face her again.)

Blake: Hey you know this useless guy still needs to show you how to control those powers of yours.

Nikki: Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be trying that again anytime soon. I don’t even know if I want control of that type of animal… (Blake was about to speak but Nikki kept going.) What the fuck are we!? The whole time I was a wolf I was just wild and very, very angry. I killed just for the fun of it! What kind of creature does that?

Blake: One that is misunderstood and extremely misguided… Do you know why we exist, our kind I mean?

Nikki looked at him blankly for a bit before she shrugged her shoulders and softly shook her head.

Blake: It started with a famous pack a thousand years ago, // they were called the White Wolves. Their bodies were long and thin, and they wore pure white coats. All twelve of them had bright blue eyes and these tails, longer than their own bodies that could lash out right at you. God made these Earth-bound warriors as something to keep the balance so his armies of Angel’s wouldn’t have to get involved in Earth’s problems. Shit was hell of a lot worse back then, even compared to now. The wolves roamed Earth, ridding our world of demons, ghouls, and dark spirits alike. They were a rare, but beloved sight to everyone struggling to survive in this fucked up world. This was all until one day, this group of crazy ladies attempted to perform a ritual that involved sacrificing newborn babies to one of the most ancient of dark spirits. They basically wanted to open the babies so that they were empty vessels to be taken over. The wolves were able to kill the witches, but the last one escaped to finish the ritual. She stabbed all ten of the babies. When the pack found her, it was already too late. The dark spirit had entered Earth, but before it could take its offerings, ten of the White Wolves intercepted it taking the infants as hosts of their own. Without a vessel to enter, the spirit withered and died and the remaining two White Wolves carried the babies back to their homes to grow up amongst humans. So, as these babies grew up, they soon found out that they were not like the other children of the village. These human babies became the first Lycans. They could transform, but not into their former wolf bodies. In this new form, the wolves were larger and more beast-like after mixing with mankind. Their fur was now pitch black and only one of ‘em got to keep their blue eyes. Fucking purebloods. /

Nikki: Purebloods?

Blake: That’s another story. Anyways, the legend goes on to say that the last two White Wolves still roam the Earth killing evil spirits and shit.

(((During Blake’s story you can see the events described in Black & White. The Wolves are the only thing in color.))) All twelve of the white wolves sprinted through the dark forest, their bodies gave off just enough light to see. They looked just as Blake described, long slender bodies with white fur and a long tail that was ghostly clear and constantly waved majestically. They each rushed past the screen, one by one, turning into more of a blur as they all moved together. / A rock was seen plummeting down towards one of the white wolves who stayed in his position completely motionless. The rock looked like it made a direct hit as it struck the ground, but you could see a streak of white light at the last second. The streak of racing white light zipped right up to this rock golem as it destroyed a 13th-century village made of stone and wooden houses. The light came to a stop forming back together into a White Wolf, it’s tail still seemed to be made of the streaking white energy. It leaped up for the golem as the monster whipped down another rock. The wolf cried out with a screeching voice so powerful that the boulder shattered into shards. The wolf continued on barreling through the center of the golem emitting out a great warm light. The rock monster stumbled back with a massive hole in its body. It grumbled down to a knee but was not defeated. Slowly, it reached out and tore off the roof from a stone crafted house searching inside for an easier victim to strike. Before the monster could take a step up, two white wolves sprinted in from behind. They rushed in from either side of the golem with their tails stretched out wide almost touching each other. As they raced by, their tails crumbled the golem’s legs and the stone turned into pebbles as his entire body fell cratering into the dirt. The three wolves met up in a circle as some of the villagers reappeared from the woods nearby. The wolves seemed not to notice the humans as they had their eyes deep off in the distance. They all howled up into the air as the sky darkened. / The darkness swept through and you could see all these burnt trees within the woods until another tree scrolled past filling the screen with darkness. / In this new area, witches had gathered together chanting up into the sky beginning their ritual. It was dark out, but the moonlight shined down from above creating shadows from the skinny arching trees that surrounded these witches. The leader of the coven stepped to the center of a pentagram formed from ash. She held up a timeworn book with one arm. Her eyes were wild and her dark hair was braided into diverse patterns. The woman began to recite what was scripted on the old pages of her leather bond book that started to flip through its own pages automatically. Suddenly the scene darkened as if the moon had vanished. The six arched trees that surrounded them suddenly caught flame bringing an eerie light to the dark world. Weaving around each tree, illuminated by the fire, were evil spirits. They appeared as gaseous clouds but had a face and some type of structure while the rest of their dark entity just trailed behind them. Some of these spirits heads were skulls while others had more fleshed out human features such as eyes and a nose. / Back at the village, where the golem’s remains formed a massive stone hill, you could see women running around frantically. Some talked to others desperately, others rummaged through their destroyed homes. A young woman with long navy-blue rags balled her eyes out into another woman’s gut. This elder woman sympathetically stroked the grieving girl’s hair. She stopped stroking her and fell silent. The young woman wiped her eyes dry then looked up to where the other woman’s eyes were glued towards and shared her look of excitement. Leaping down from that same direction were the pure white paws of the White Wolves. The rushed by the village as the people within shouted out with happy cries of joy towards their saviors. / The pack moved cautiously through the dead woods where the witches lied dead or beaten. Their blood soaked into the soot from the trees nearby that had been burned down to a powder. Another wolf with his white fur tinted red from the blood that dripped down its neck and rippled into the red puddles below. He leapt through the air leading the rest of his pack to the ritual site. A ring of ten dead babies was placed over the pentagram written in ashes. The babies were wrapped in white cloth that had been tainted with grey stains. At the tip of the circle the first infant still had a curvy dagger pinned through it. The evil spirits zipped around like bats in the night swooping down attempting enter the infant’s bodies. The two White Wolves already there defended each of the babies. One stood tall with her tail extended out breaking off into fragments. Separate whip-like ghostly appendages that lashed out at any spirit who drew close to babies. The other wolf leaped through the mess of spirits roaring at them. He then pounced down on the last remaining witch and tore her throat to shreds. The spirits flooded back down all at once swarming around the infants. One wolf looked back to his pack then jumped up again parting the mess of rampaging spirits with a heartfelt roar. Their window of opportunity was closing. The rest of the pack raced into the circle of sacrificed babies. The White Wolf outside the circle whipped her tail knocking away a few of the spirits then snatched the dagger out from the babe with her fox mouth. With grace, the dagger was removed and spit out from her jaw. The second it was gone from the child’s gut, a blinding white light was created that shined out from the baby’s wound. The light emitted only grew brighter. With waves of illumination, each wave brighter than the last until the screen is clogged and the pure white fur of the wolves were no longer visible. / Close up to the face of one of the baby boys, he gasps out, as if this were his first breath. His radiant blue eyes open and the child begins to cry. (((These blue eyes are also in color.))) He’s not the only child showing signs of life. There were four of them fitted comfortably within a woven basket tucked into the inner cloth lining. Holding the baskets, were the two remaining White Wolves trotting back into the village with the baskets in their mouths and one last baby held in each of their telekinetic tails. / A door was flung open to make way for a curious woman poking her head out the doorway. Other villagers seemed to be gathering around this one area. Kids ran down the streets, and people peered out their windows, but only the brave stepped outside. The two White Wolves strolled down the streets bringing joy to everyone they passed by. The two of them placed the baskets down on top of a sealed well as a small crowd formed around them. A large woman broke through the middle splitting apart the crowd until she came stumbling into the open space. She paused, a bit nervous to approach the world’s most powerful protectors, but the thought of getting her child back gave her confidence. She quit hesitating and moved forward with her arms up in the air reaching out for her baby completely overwhelmed with joy. The wolves quickly dropped the babies down into their mother’s awaiting arms then sneaked away as the crowd broke into celebration. They had to walk past two small children, a brother and sister. The two of them didn’t look afraid but in awe of their heroes standing before their eyes. One of the white wolves walked past the children with their arms extended out to pet the wolves white fur, but the other embraced the children. She ducked her head down allowing the kids to stroke the soft fur on her head and ears. There was a light smile on the wolf’s face as the children were tickled by her whiskers and giggled. She looked up with a more serious expression seeing the other wolf glaring out at her from beyond of the village. Without making a sound, she bounded through the air to land next to the other white wolf. She stayed grounded for only a second, long enough for her to stare out at the lingering two children before the two wolves blasted into the air disappearing into the night sky. The children looked up into the stars as their mother stepped in-between them with their infant brother in her arms. They all looked up to where the wolves disappeared off to with a grin plastered across each of their faces. / Focusing in on the infant’s piercing blue eyes, the scene dissolved transitioning to an older version of this mixed family. The two older siblings were no longer kids and now in their early twenties. They stood before their teenage brother looking at him with curiosity as he signaled for them to step back. The teen’s eyes shined bright blue like they did when he was just a baby, but now they seemed to have rage deep inside him. He was in pain, briefly, as he was able to transform quickly into a pitch-black dog larger than Blake or Nikki’s Lycan form. This beastly wolf swayed its long shaggy tail and remained calm, which was a big relief for his human siblings who tried to not seem afraid, although they clearly were. The older brother tried to take a step forward but froze after the Lycan howled up to the moon tinted red and low in the sky. //

Nikki: And you believe all that?

Blake: What, the part about two magical White Wolves who still walk the Earth, or all the Godly mumbo jumbo with evil spirits, witches, and monsters?

Nikki: Any of it.

Blake: I don’t know. No Lycan denies the White Wolves existence, keep that in mind. Some of us really hold onto their beliefs… I’ve heard of people seeing them.

Nikki: Really!?

Blake: Yep, but those people ain’t me, so you never know really.

Nikki: Huh. Before St. J, kind of, opened up the world to all sorts of supernatural shit, I never would have been able to consider any of this as being the truth. But now, you really do never know.

Blake: Sucks, don’t it. (He finishes off his drink.) Hey, do you want something, I’ve got a whole cabinet full of this stuff.

Nikki: I’m fine. But Blake, what were you trying to get at with that story. Like, I guess I’m a Lycan now too, and I’m always down for a history lesson, but this doesn’t exactly help me or our situation.

Blake: Alright, you probably didn’t know this, but when you go full wolf you aren’t fully coated with black fur like every other Lycan. I’ve seen some brown ones, some grey ones, but never have I seen a Lycan with a white coat on their stomach like you do.

Nikki: What, really!? What does this mean?

Blake: I’m not sure, but you sure are something else with that white underbelly of yours. You have this ability to turn quickly and you can have wolf limbs while still in your human form. All I can say is, you have something special, and I can’t let you give up on your potential just because you gave into your instincts.

Nikki: Blake, I don’t know.

Blake: Just be like your ancestors, you have some part of them inside you. I can see, one day, you being like them; dominant and respected. Lycans weren’t always seen as beasts, only because of overpowered pups and foolish tyrants did this rumor come to be. You stick with me, and I’ll make sure you never become like that ever again.

Nikki: You know, you can be sort of sweet when you’re not a complete asshole.

Blake: Yeah, (He laughed) it’s a damn shame being a dick is just too much fun. ‘Sides, we all gotta be good at something, right. (He said with a chuckle.) Ah, so are we going to sit here getting all deep and whatnot, or are you going to have a drink with me.

Nikki: Fine, I’ll drink. Something strong.

Blake: What’s the point of a weak drink? (He said as they both laughed and walked off into another room.) ///

Police sirens echoed throughout a parking lot as five cruisers painted the lot with skid marks. They each slammed on their breaks just before this seemingly peaceful supermarket. An officer stepped out from the car leaning against the open door to talk through his radio.

Officer Steele: Laurence, Laurence, where the hell are you!? Officer not in sight. Neither is suspect. We’re going in.

A mess of police officers raid the supermarket moving in military formation. //

Inside the business, Katrina rampaged about. Her long dark wings knocked over items as she flew down the store’s aisles in search for answers. She fluttered her wings hovering down to the ground where her thin sandals landed in a puddle of grape soda.

Katrina: Uhg, this planet is disgusting.

With a few light flaps of her new black wings, she was back to hovering through in the air. A man hidden in the adjacent aisle knocked over a container of peanuts that loudly rolled across the floor. Wide-eyed, Katrina swoops for him and tackled the fat man to the floor only to guide him back up by his collar.

Katrina: Hey, listen to me. Where is Zack St. Julien!? Do you know him, the boy they call St. J.

She said yelling at the man who was sweating out of control. In such fear, he tried to speak but was only able to mumble out a few unintelligible words.

Katrina: Ah, useless. (She released the fat man allowing him to scamper across the floor to another aisle faster than you’d expect a man of his size.) Who here knows where I can find him! (She shouted into the air. A little boy with his baseball cap on backwards timidly strolled up to her.)

Boy: Hey. I think I know who you’re talking about angel lady.

Katrina: Really, you do?

She landed by his side and spoke nicely in a much gentler tone than what she gave the fat man. A woman in the background raced down the hall looking through every aisle jerking her head left and right in a desperate search for her son. After nearly slipping on a cereal box, she came to a sudden halt spotting Katrina with her boy peacefully engaging each other. Her face froze for a moment, unable to imagine what to do next. Her face is frantic the perfect mixture of fear and rage.


His mom shouted out from down the aisle. The boy looked over at his mother without showing her any expression. He just stayed as he was, completely entranced by this beautiful and mysterious creature in front of him.

Katrina: Aw come on, you can tell me. Just real quick. Where did you see him?

Boy: I saw him on the TV like every day, he’s famous or something. The TV says he lives in LittleStone, which is where my daddy works, and he says they’re looking for him too.

Katrina: Who’s looking for him?

Boy: Hmm, I don’t know. Everybody, I guess.

The mother came from behind with a large lamp held high over herself and smashed it against the back of Katrina’s head. She flinched forward if only from the noise, and seemed to be unaffected by the shards of glass that smacked against her and scattered across the area. Katrina turned to face the woman with a fire blazing in her eyes. The woman’s jaw dropped, as even she herself had no words to explain what she’s done or whom she did it to. She dropped what remained of the lamp out of her hands and nervously took steps back.

Katrina: You really shouldn’t have done that.

The woman’s mouth was still wide open, but she was unable to produce a scream, just little gasps. Katrina jumped into the air screeching in a painfully high pitch while hovering over the petrified mother. She hung in the air with her black feathers puffed out shaggily making her wings look twice their size. By the time Katrina landed back down, the mother was already halfway out the store running off towards the back screaming out her son’s name. Little Mikey was fine though, he stood beside Katrina with a contagious laughter that made Katrina crack a smile.

Boy: You’re funny.

Katrina: I thought your mother was funny when she ran away like a coward. (The boy laughed.) Well, I must say, you are the only one who would help me, I’m grateful. (The boy hugs Katrina’s leg. He’s so small that Katrina awkwardly does not know how to respond, so she pats his head.)

Megaphone Voice: (From outside) For those of you inside. Release the boy and come out quietly with your weapons on the ground. As long as you do that, I can guarantee each of your safety.

Katrina: Who said that! (She searched the room, but was left confused.)

Boy: It’s the police. My mom told on you. You’ve gotta hide.

The boy tugged on her dress, but she wasn’t budging.

Katrina: No, you’ve helped me enough for today, I…

As she spoke, cans of tear gas were flung through the windows clinging against the hard-tiled floors. The gas within sprayed out in spurts, and with enough canisters to hit every aisle, the whole building soon filled up with toxic gas.

Katrina: What is this?

She asked the boy, but he had already hunched over and was unable to speak or breath as he coughed nonstop. It was getting hard to see like there was a mist this the room that caused Katrina’s eyes to burn and tear up at the same time. With a cringed squinted face, she fought through the pain, scooped up the boy, and begun to fly blindly towards the exit. Bursting through the clouds of toxic smoke, she could only make out a handful of black figures that was the SWAT team charging for her with their weapons ready. Katrina hugged the child tightly in her breast as she flapped her wings violently. A powerful gust whipped through the hall sweeping all of the gas out towards the armed men as they flailed backwards. Canned food and boxes went flying off the shelves shattering windows and pelting the police force. The armed men grew terrified as they tried to fight hurricane caliber winds and screamed out instructions to each other. The SWAT team fanned out to flank her but, due to her wing power, every aisle around her collapsed into the next one causing a domino effect throughout the supermarket. One by one, shelves of snacks, baking goods, and grains toppled over the soldiers in the aisles. The remaining soldiers who were lined all throughout the store, especially condensed near the exit, all opened fire at their target now completely without cover. Without hesitation, she dropped to the floor wrapping her wings around herself and the child in her arms shielding them both from the onslaught of bullets. Her thick wings were strong enough to take the impact of several bullets at once, but if she moved the wrong way she would risk her life and that of the child’s. Without adjusting her wings, she used all the muscles in her legs to launch herself upwards. The soldiers reacted and shot up at her, but her wings folded in concealing the two in an indestructible ball of feathers. They landed hard without a clue to their location. She rolled them somewhere near the edge of the supermarket stopping right in front of one very confused swat agent. The man in uniform looked to be out of the action placing himself so far back in the store, his gun wasn’t even ready. While his shaking hands struggled to find the safety, Katrina poked her head out through the crease in her wings. She rubbed her face against her feathers finally able to clear her eyes and see the harmless looking man before her. He had an unsure half-smile on his face as his weapon pointed down but still in her direction. There was a rustling to Katrina’s right as another SWAT agent popped up from behind a fallen shelf, his weapon started to rise up but paused seeing the child in Katrina’s arms. The man opened his mouth, but Katrina didn’t let him speak, she lunged forward, and a gun was fired at the other side. All three shots were deflected as Katrina’s wing lashed out to smack the weapon out from his hand. The man was defenseless and in a panic. A team of SWAT agents came sprinting towards their direction firing shots as they ran spraying lead throughout the hall. Katrina looked at the innocent man to her left with rage, but with more bullets flying their way, she shielded them all as she dropped to the floor coating the boy, soldier, and herself with her wings like a blanket. The soldier looked in awe saved by this beautiful fallen angel. As they made eye contact in the darkness under her wings, he giggled. Katrina’s wings flapped up and the soldier was launched back like a sack of potatoes by the hands of a quarterback as Katrina flung him into the mess of cops behind them. The other SWAT member was astounded at her show of strength. He lost his rifle but had grabbed the pistol from his side, but couldn’t bring himself to attack her after seeing something like that. Katrina rushed by with the child in her arms and used one wing to drape over them both like a dark cloak. As she ran by, she used her other wing to smack the pistol out of that SWAT member’s hands, then continued to wrap the wing around herself as she ran on. She and the boy fled down a nearby aisle to avoid the gunfire as the gunshots kept flying and the SWAT team scattered all throughout the store. Her wings swung back and forth like how her arms would had they not been cradling the small boy. Some type of little grenade was flung in front of their path tapping against the hard tiles by her feet. Katrina instantly spiraled up and shot back down into the next aisle down and wrapped her mighty black wings around her party. There was a deafening explosion instantly followed by a flash of light that had them both shook. The shelves rocked as lightly colored smoke drifted in-between the cracks. She looked down at the boy, he looked scared but safe at the same time with his head tucked in between soft wings and a plush breast. With the boy curled up in her arms, Katrina was going to make a sprint for the exit. The aisle was clear, and the exit was only a little ways after the end of the this hall. She dashed forward letting her wings trail behind her for maximum speed. The SWAT team breached the aisle Katrina had just escaped. She could her gunfire and confused shouts from the next row. After a flick of her wings, this aisle too came tumbling down with cries of pain heard from the squished men in that row. Two men escaped stumbling out in front of her path right at the end of the aisle. Katrina placed a hand over the boy’s eyes. He struggled to see, but Katrina didn’t wish for him to. She ruffled her wings angling each feather to form a saw-like edge along the bottom of her wing. With a twisting motion she hopped in the air rotating her shoulders to slash through each of the unsuspecting cop’s throats with the tips of her wings. Blood scattered as her wings opened and she made gusts of wind behind her rocketing herself forward. Cops behind were blown away as the exit was coming within reach. Finally, the gunfire ceased, and movement was at a minimum. Katrina took bounding steps towards the exit. She knelt down to the floor allowing the boy to free himself from her embrace and take a single step towards the exit. He seemed unwilling to leave her behind at first and turned back half way through crossing the automatic sliding doors. He opened his mouth about to say something with big sappy eyes before Katrina cut him off.

Katrina: Get out, child! It’s not safe here!

A bullet whizzed by them and shattered the glass window behind the boy. Glass shards flew through the air as the child screamed, but Katrina spread her wings out wide to prevent any more shots from flying past her.

Katrina: Go!

This time the boy didn’t need to think about it, he fled right through the blinding sunlight and back to his mother. Katrina smiled watching him pass through the light outside. His safety may have distracted her from the approaching threats from behind. Her smile vanished as a Taser was fired at her back. Time slowed down, and her body vibrated, as all she could hear was the crackling of electric volts traveling throughout her body. Her wings stiffened in a crooked position as all her muscles contracted at once. Her body shook but she stayed on her knees with pure determination keeping her legs from giving out. This was all up until an officer tackled her from behind. He was able to slam her to the floor but was instantly tossed off by some kind of instinctual spasm her wings made. Another officer wielding a baton tased her. The prongs dug into her bare flesh right in-between her two wings. Her body pulsed up then dropped hard leaving her nearly motionless, her wings laid out flat. One of her fists slammed to the floor cracking a tile. She slammed down again with other fist a little bit beyond her last strike. She ground her teeth and tried to crawl away as an officer stood over her sillouetted from the light pouring in from outside. This cop pinned his knee into her thigh stopping her short as Katrina reached out towards the light with the exit just a few feet away. A tear fell as the boy outside could be heard screaming at the police to stop. The officer on top of Katrina snatched one of her hands flinging the cuffs off his belt with an arrogant grin. But right as he went to apply the cuff to her wrist her hand flicked around and twisted the cop’s arm until he screamed out in pain. The other officers were stupefied at the relentlessness that this slender tall woman had, wings or not, they’ve never seen anything like this before. That pause of shock gave Katrina enough time to rise weakly, swing behind the man, and twist his arm so far back that he whimpered. She forced the cop to take a step back as she yanked on his arm keeping him close to her as a human shield.

Katrina: I’m leaving now, all I wanted was to find Zachary St. Julien. That’s it! I’ll leave your friend’s arm intact if you refrain from shooting me as I leave.

Katrina’s tone sounded threatening, but not a single one of them lowered their weapons. In fact, they moved in closer.

Katrina: Stand back, or else I’ll…

Katrina’s prisoner gave a smirk look before dipping his head down as each of his comrades opened fire without the slightest regard for his life. Katrina was shocked by the cruelty of humans as she ducked her head down behind the human corpse shield. Bullets pelted through the officer’s chest even with his bulletproof jacket on. His body shook as the surrounding officers would not let up. A cop came up with a shotgun in hand and blew away the upper portion of Katrina’s shield, or in other words, he blew the head off that guy. Completely terrified, Katrina dropped down spiraling her wings around herself for a full cocoon coverage. The officer’s dead body flopped on top of Katrina soon siding off and landing besides her on the floor. / You could see her face from within the darkness of her own wings as Katrina caught her breath to shrug off the shock.

Katrina: What’s wrong with these humans, I didn’t hurt anyone.

She said over the constant gunfire in the background. Her cocooned-self rocked after taking a big hit from that shotgun. She could feel every pellet that went into her wings from that shot making her cringe with agony. / With those hundreds of pellets indented in her wings, Katrina uncoiled herself spinning and jumping up into the air stunning the policemen as each pellet rolled off her wings and was flung into the circle of cops around her. While mid-air she flicked her wings out and across her body sweeping the surrounding officers away giving Katrina some much-needed space. She bolted out grabbing two policemen by their collars as she soared overhead. She flew up as high as the ceiling would allow while the SWAT team below looked up at two of their men dangling in the air screaming for help. Katrina silenced them with a heavy swing cracking the two heads together making them limp in her grasp. She swooped back down using the two officers like battering rams knocking down the rest of the police unit below before tossing her two weapons aside. Somehow, she found a way to smile after thwarting every attempt of restraining her this police department had to offer. Katrina spiraled through the air with glee as she fluttered down making way for the exit. The light was ahead of her, the sliding doors already wide open, everything seemed right until she heard a whistle off to her left. Uneased, she flew faster. With the exit so close, it seemed nothing would get in her way now. There was no way she could have seen or guessed that there would be another cop waiting for her hiding behind the shopping carts by the exit. He had a wooden baseball bat in hand, still partially in the box from this very store. The timing was perfect, right after the whistle he stepped out and swung down like a club making direct contact with the back of Katrina’s head as she flew through the narrow opening. She laid right there, stiff with her face to the floor and only a few more feet to the next open door and the open sky beyond it. Blood leaked out from her head as she managed to look up at the champion police officer taking a step out from his hiding spot. He took heavy breaths in disbelief that he could actually take down something that could fight back against an entire police unit. He kicked her dark wing as it hung over his foot. Katrina didn’t move at all, which helped settle the man’s stomach. Just to be sure, another two officers jogged up to the dark angel and fired their Tasers at her, not wanting to take any chances this time. From Katrina’s view, the floor took up half the screen. She could see out through the exit doors just ahead of her, the light, chirping birds, and parked police vans all within her grasp. But things had already begun to blur out for Katrina as the blood traveling between cracks in the floor drifted against her cheek. Above her, every officer in the building had fully surrounded her by now. Each of them with a weapon in hand directed right at her. //

She awoke in the back of a prisoner transportation van. Her arms were cuffed twice, once around her wrists and again at her forearms. A chain rode down from her wrists and was linked to each of her legs also within bounds. To make things even more uncomfortable, her wings were folded against her back and wrapped up in chains that coiled around her entire body. She struggled to move finding nothing but more discomfort and the rattling of metal on metal. With the overdone amount of restraints, escape seemed like a pretty far-fetched idea at this point. After a few moments of attempting to break free, it was clear with her bonds so tight that the only thing she’d be able to accomplish would be worsening the chafing that’s already formed around her wrists. She startled to settle down as footsteps could be heard coming down her direction. A man in a suit walked up to the van and opened the back doors blinding Katrina with the light outside. The man’s name tag clipped to his tie read Agent Sullivan. Katrina tried to speak, and by the look on her face, it was going to be some nasty things. But her words were muffled out by the rope tied tightly around her mouth.

Agent Sullivan: Jesus Christ! Oh, I’m sorry, that’s probably frowned on where you come from. I never was that big into the whole religion thing. That is, until now I guess, shit. Look here, gorgeous. I don’t know what you are, or why you did this, but I can tell you this, Hun. You are no angel.

Katrina started to shake violently as the agent extended his hand over to her swan neck with a syringe in his hand with hell of a big needle. She stared at him with a powerful anger through her nearly vibrating green eyes. Air snorted out of her nose like a bull and her breathing became even heavier and more frantic than angry as the needle dug into her throat. For a second, she was calm, just angrily glaring into the Agent’s speck eyes. The drugs started to kick in and she could barely recognize the man’s face as the blurry blob backed away. The medicine worked so quickly that before the engine could start up, Katrina’s head had already drooped against the cold metal wall. There was bumps as the van went over a curb and pulled away from the scene, but Katrina was completely uncontious by then. ///

The next morning, I was with Sammie in her room. The morning had dragged out but things were just now starting to get interesting. We were kissing and moving around feeling each other under the covers while soft music played. You could hear her giggle when I moved the right way, or the sound of us taking in each other’s breaths. This went on until the door upstairs, leading to her basement room, was flung open and her dad hollered down at us from above.

Dan: You two, come upstairs, Now!

We both freaked out as he yelled down at us. We practically jumped off each other bouncing to opposite ends of the mattress. My legs got all wrapped up in her blankets making me topple over and slam my face against the floor. Sammie had nearly gotten fully dressed by the time I recovered. She shuffled her hips into jeans then scrambled about to snag a few clothes tossed randomly throughout her room. After much searching, I finally found my shorts that somehow found their way under Sammie’s bed. When I stood back up, Sammie was ready even with socks and shoes on her feet. She threw my shirt at my face blinding me while I held my shorts in one hand and fastened her blanket that was still wrapped around my waist.

Sammie: Really. Come on, hurry up. The longer we take the more awkward and painfully obvious this will be. You’re lucky my parents are even letting you stay here.

Me: It’s all good, see.

I said confidently while letting my body fade through the sheets then hover up above her bed. My eyes lit up as a few things that had been tossed across her floor suddenly hovered up on their own. I dove into my shirt and snatched my shoes out of the air while landing in my shorts. Her bed sheets slowly drifted down on their own perfectly aligning themselves on her bed while I quickly slipped into my shoes. I jumped up and shook my hair about, then attempted to slick back my untamable curls with nothing but a bare hand as I directed a big smile Sammie’s way. She rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but to crack a smile as she led me up the stairway that we both dashed up its steps awaiting whatever her father had to tell us. Her parents were both sitting at the edge of their seats watching the news with some shots of thedestroyed supermarket displayed along with cop cars and crowds all throughout the scene.

Dan: Oh, good, you’re here. I’ll go back.

He hit the rewind button on the remote to scroll back to earlier moments in program.

Reporter: As you can see, she caused untold amounts of damage to the interior of the store. What people are calling the Angel of Death, stormed through the building shouting, pushing, and frightening everyone in sight. We have an eye witness report with us now.

The Reporter signals for her guest to step into view of the camera. Mikey’s mother took a few awkward steps towards the reporter while pulling on her son’s hand to get him to follow her. Mikey looked angry at this whole situation and at everyone here, so he flashed dirty looks at the camera every once and a while.

The Mother: That winged creature kept asking about Zack St. Julien for some reason. She would toss people around, scream in your face, do anything to figure out who this man was. She even tried to kill my little boy here. (She said craddling her son’s head as he closed the eye pressed against her stomach and his face grew even more irritated.) Luckily, I was able to protect him until the police captured that monster.

Reporter: Yes, I’m getting word now that the person the Angel of Death was looking for is indeed the same young man who mysteriously died and then even more mysteriously disappeared three days later. As if people haven’t heard enough of this teenager, his story keeps getting bigger and more supernatural. All we can ask now is; where is Zack St. Julien?…

Dan muted the TV and looked back at us as other images flashed onto the TV screen. Sammie was looking at me, curious of my reaction to all of this, but I was still trying to take it all in.

Me: We need to find her, we need to go, now.

Sammie: You don’t know what she wants with you, for all we know she could just be someone else trying to find you only to kill you. She doesn’t exactly seem like your regular kindly angel.

Dan: Ah, that’s just going of the media. They’ll play this shit off as hard as they can. They’re labeling her a villain saying that the angel killed a cop, yet on the police report it shows he died of gun shots. You know that angel isn’t flying around with a Mini Uzi, even though that would be just great.

Dan said laughing to himself. I hadn’t paid much attention to him, or any at all. My eyes were glued to the screen where it showed a clip of Katrina flying up to a man picking him up and screaming in his face only to drop him and fly away.

Me: Those wings… What’s something like that doing here.

Jo: Looking for you.

Me: What the fuck did I get myself into. This better not be someone trying to kill me again.

Sammie: We won’t know until we talk to her.

Me: You seriously down for this? I have no idea where this lady is from what or what she could be capable of.

Dan: I’m sure it’s nothing you two can’t handle, how badass could an angel be.

Jo: She’s got black wings.

Dan: I don’t give a damn if they’re bloody red, these two took on a pack of flaming wolves by themselves and Nikki’s a damn dog herself. (He chuckled) I don’t think anybody’s messing with this family now.

Me: Then there’s always the chance that she’s not looking to kill me, maybe like a messenger from God that will explain every crazy thing that’s going on.

Sammie: What kind of message are you expecting?

Me: I don’t know, you gotta hope it’s a happy one though.

Sammie: Alright, but we still don’t even know where to find this angel. (Her mother Jo, walked up to us laughing.)

Jo: Actually, that was a lot easier to find than it should have been.

She held up her tablet viewing a newspaper app with a headline that titled: Can Holbrick Penitentiary Hold the Angel of Death.

Sammie: That’s just a half an hour away from LittleStone!

Me: Starting to think it’s not such a bad idea huh, come on, we’ll have to actually use my car this time.

Sammie: You don’t have a car, St. J. You’re not supposed to be alive.

Me: Details. (Sammie gave me a disapproving look.) Can we just get to that bridge once we cross it?

I said starting to walk to the kitchen with Sammie trailing behind when her dad stopped us.

Dan: Sammie, wait. (Her father stepped into the kitchen too.) If you’re going to take my gun, that’s one thing, but don’t use it like some gangster idiot and shove it down your ass. Here, take my holsters.

Sammie: (She looked up to him shocked.) You knew, this whole time and didn’t say anything?

Dan: Of course I knew, they’re my guns, I take them everywhere. But I’d rather have you be protected, than me make the mistake of being overprotective. You’re almost an adult now, I don’t want you to go out and do these dangerous things, although I can’t say I raised you any better. You’ve always had better judgment than me. That, and you’ve got a boyfriend who can walk through walls, so there’s not much I can do to stop you, now is there.

Sammie: Thanks dad. (She laughed while hugging him with a big smile stretched across her face.)

Dan: Hey, you’ve got a better shot than any son I could have asked for. We’ll be going down to the range more often now when you have the chance.

Sammie: Ha, I can’t wait. Thanks again. (She looked distressed not finding a place to put her new equipment. She then turned to me.) I’ll just be a sec, okay.

I nodded to Sammie as she ran back down to her room with her new holsters in hand leaving her father waiting in the kitchen with me. He took a step closer to me wanting to say something in private.

Dan: I trust her with guns only to help you with the job that I trust you with.

Me: I know. I’ll protect her, with everything I’ve got.

His arm snatched out taking hold of my forearm as I did his

Dan: I knew you would, it’s just something I need to hear as a father.

Sammie came bouncing up the steps and out of the basement with a black tank top on, her hair was in a tight pony tail, and two pistols holstered on each hip. She even remembered to supply herself with extra clips poking out from her pockets, and was smart enough to sport combat boots looking ready for our mission.

Me: Sammie, wow.

She had my eyebrows rising to the ceiling as I couldn’t stop the grin from forming on my face. Something about her badass Tomb Raider vibe had me more attracted to her than I have been in a while.

Sammie: Oh yeah, I’m ready now.

Me: Fucks yeah, I’d say so. Alright, no worries, Dan. We’ll be back before you know it. (I stepped outside.)

Sammie: Later guys, and really thanks so much for everything.

Me: Dip! (His head poked out from the cabin space on Dan’s boat docked in the backyard.) Let’s go! I hope you know what you signed up for, because we’re breaking somebody outta jail. (I said putting my arm around Sammie as she stepped out the door.)

Dip: Who?

Me: No idea, hopefully she won’t try to kill us though. Come on! (Sammie and I began to elevate into the sky. Dip cocked his head sideways but still followed us without a question as we hovered through the air.)  ///

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