Eyes of my Enemies

Episode 5 is here! Previously in Eyes of my Enemies, St. J has finally confessed to Sammie the little information he has about what’s happened to him over the last couple day. After bringing her into the light it seems he has immediately placed her in danger as Kalexo continues to attempt to end our heroes adventures. Now, after Blake has failed to properly train Nikki in her Lycan abilities, she has run wildly through the streets. People have already died, but how much more blood will be shed until they can tame her? Read below for this weeks episode of Eyes of my Enemies. If you are unfortunately falling behind in the story, hit the Weekly Episodes button above for the full story as it comes along. Enjoy!

Book 1, Episode 5:

Through Heaven’s Gates



A handsome angel dropped down before an enormous gate filled with pearls and golden rods connecting them all together. There was one big pearl, perfect, polished, and big enough to crawl inside of, located at the center of the gate. Alongside were giant support pillars that rose several stories high at either end of the gate. These pillars were lined with spikes of diamond and continued to appear all throughout the wall that seemed to go on forever. Miles of beautiful architecture encircling the holiest of all cities, Heaven. Up above, there was no blue sky or dark space, only blank whiteness, the same as what I experienced in the white tunnel between worlds. Although the whole sky seemed to be bright, it was clear that all light was emitted from somewhere within Heaven. The holy city had this glow to it causing the sky to seem whiter than white from up above while down to the surface the light was so heavily concentrated, it had a golden hue. The being at the foot of the gate appeared to be an average human but stood where no human could ever stand in the flesh. He approached the wall and looked up at the massive angel who guarded the pearly gates. This being was taller than the towering walls he protected with its head and mighty angelic wings breaching over the wall of gold. The angel’s two powerful arms pulled down a lever to unlock not one, but all three gates, stacked in a row in front of the little being below. The doors opened in unison. First there was this swirling noise, like a marble rolling on hardwood floors, followed by a loud clang, one for each giant pearl in each gate. “CLANG, CLANG, CLANG!” Each pearl stopped spinning, the gates cracked open from the center splitting around the giant pearl allowing vast amounts of light to pour in from just the tiny opening in the gate. The angel stood at the doorway embracing the light as it consumed him. He took light steps forward seeming to hover up higher after each step. He looked to his left where the giant angel looked cramped but content in-between the two walls of solid gold. The great angel nodded to the other with a smile before he jolted out flinging each gate open as he raced forward with a bounding leap. The angel’s faith was tested as he jetted into blinding streaks of holy light. His pupils retracted adapting to the light causing his eyes filled up with their natural green color. With wind blasting at his face, the angel sprinted through the streets of Heaven at speeds faster than any car could drive. His curly blonde hair fluttered nicely in the wind. He passed by marble homes, roads of gold, and beautiful water fountains with intricate gardens. Everything in this world seemed to have rare and unseen diamonds and stones of all colors making the holy city sparkle with glimmering lights. The angel came up to this temple that resembled a massive twelve-sided pyramid. Each of its sides lead up to, not a point, but an opening in the roof where an intense beam of light rose into the sky. The blast of white light was tinted gold and shinned out its radiance for all of Heaven to see. The only entrance into the temple was a thick curtain that was hung up high taking over one of the twelve sides completely. The angel lowered his shoulder as he dashed through rippling away the heavy cloth. Inside it was dark, the marble floors were clear and trailed deeper into the temple in a perfectly straight path. Lined down the edges of this hallway were angels who guarded the sacred room at the end of the hall. These angels were not typical angels, not to anyone’s standards. They were called Seraphim and seemed to stray from human form, unlike most angels. They were very large, skinny, and had six wings. The beings were all naked. Their top two wings shrouded their faces, the next set gracefully flapped up and down somehow keeping them afloat, while the bottom two wings covered their feet. They were in a constant chant praising “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!” with deep but harmonizing voices. He paced down to the end of the hall standing before a simple wooden door that opened on its own as he came into position. The Seraphims continued to chant, the angel stepped through the opening, and the door closed itself behind him. It was silent now in this mostly empty room. Everything here was white making it almost look like we had entered a new dimension. The room was coated in blankness even the floor. The wooden door behind him seemed to float in endless space. A second being looked up after gazing into a koi pond below, one of the few things placed in this room. Besides the pool, there was a willow tree hanging over a lone desk and chair with seemingly no contents on top. The being by the pond rose with a gentle smile on his face. He had the appearance of a man with peaceful brown eyes and a well-trimmed brown beard ornamenting his face. His whole body was engulfed in flames but neither him nor his pure white clothes seemed to be affected by them. These flames were a brilliant shade of blue, very light, almost a tint of white towards the center that grew into a deeper blueish hue the further the flames got from his body. His bare feet slowly took strides across the empty floor up to the other being so he could place a hand on his shoulder.

God: Let me hear your troubles, my son.

Gabriel: You know what has been troubling me my Lord, for days now.

God: You speak with anger Gabriel, do not let the troubles of man affect you.

Gabriel: My Lord, it’s not just man that troubles me, Lucifer’s demons are entering Earth. It’s no secret that a rip has been created between our worlds. Why have we not taken action? The angels guarding Earth are in constant battle against forces of evil.

God: My son, everything is right, the balance has yet to be disturbed, Lucifer knows this is not the time to make actions on Earth, so I shall keep my word and not interfere with Earth’s affairs.

Gabriel: Lucifer may be true to his word, he himself hasn’t ventured to Earth, but his demons and other forces without loyalty to any side see no reason not to invade the world of man; if they’re strong enough. It’s all about that child, we must take action before the balance is destroyed. Eliminate him, if need be.

God: This child you speak of, do you have any idea what he actually is?

Gabriel: I’ve heard some rumors, but no one seems to be sure. What is he?

God: Someone who can keep the balance. He may be the only good soul that can make a stand on Earth. I know he will come to meet my expectations and hold the peace. He is the reason why I do not take further action.

Katrina: (Her voice is muffled from behind the door.) Even if he cannot use his own strengths! (She tosses the door open and storms inside.) He is still weak, and his foes are only growing more powerful and within larger numbers.

A female angel stormed up to the two. She had long blonde hair that twirled in perfect coils, she had green eyes and large white feathery wings. She wore a wrap of blue cloth that covered her chest, wrapping around to her back, in between each wing, then swirled down around her waist where it draped between her legs.

Gabriel: Katrina, what are you doing here? This isn’t your place to speak or your decision to make.

Katrina: I came to apparently see that you can’t make any progress. How can both of you chose not to take action when it must be made?

God: Calm yourself, Katrina. You are still a young angel and not skilled with the necessary trait of patience.

Katrina: Well I’m sorry, but not everyone is an all-knowing being. Some of us can’t wait for their fate to be made for them and stand idly fully depending on the skills of a human child. I do not have the faith you have my Lord, especially not in this meer boy. But I can make your expectations a reality. Give your word, and I can save your beloved humans.

God: I have faith in all my creations. You must do what you feel is right. If you cannot hold back this feeling, then go. Flee to Earth and help the boy.

Katrina looked in the eyes of God and gave him a slight nod before exiting.

Gabriel: Katrina, no. Come back! (He reached out his arm, but it’s useless, she was gone. He then looked back to God.) I apologize for my daughter, she’s always wanted to earn the respect you’ve given our family.

God: You were given my respect for the same reason you didn’t leave with her, your undeniable loyalty.

Gabriel: Thank you my Lord, but to be honest, it takes everything in me to not go after her. Earth has already become dangerous enough, and we know what will come once she breaks out of Heaven.

God: I admire her spirit but there are consequences for all actions. She will make it through this; you know this as well as I do. (He paused) Do you know why I gave you the right to have a family, unlike all other angels?

Gabriel: No Lord. I never asked, just accepted this gracious gift.

God: I needed my most trusted soldier to know what it’s like to create life, to have a child and the ambition to protect it. Think about Katrina when you hear my decisions. I put the same amount of thought and love in those decisions with all of my children as you would with her. I trust this child, St. J. His heart is pure, motives are strong. He doesn’t need an army of angels, but maybe just one to push him in the right direction. //

Sammie was in my arms as we gently descended behind a gas station. It was the first building in a line of stores and businesses that crowded this downtown area. The stores were all lined up facing the main road, where beyond another row of buildings stood. I landed us behind the stores on an industrial one-way road that provided parking spots to the nearby businesses. The railroad tracks rode parallel to the ocean coast from the bay behind us that made a nice sight in contrast to the dumpsters and other unnecessary items kept behind these stores. The streets seemed to be empty and unreasonably quiet. One of the few working streetlights had just gone out to add to the eerie vibe.

Sammie: Where could my sister be?

Me: I have no idea, but this is where Blake told us to meet him. (We looked around for a second.) Come on, if Nikki really is in some kind of trouble, we should hurry up.

I started to look down the dark path and walked forward. Sammie stood there for a second gulping then nervously ran up to my side grabbing my hand.

Sammie: I don’t like this; I hardly trust Blake, and we have no idea what Nikki could’ve gotten herself into this time.

Me: Yeah, but this isn’t going to be like getting stranded drunk somewhere, or that time my car stalled out in the middle of the bogs. No, this could get a lot…

I stopped realizing I had stepped on something. My only clue was the squishing sound it made as my foot pressed down against it. I looked down to a severed hand under my shoe squirting out blood from the wrist as my weight pressed down. I flinched back kicking the hand off to the side as Sammie cringed grabbing onto my arm.

Me: The flashlight! You brought one in your bag, right?

Sammie calms down quickly and went through the string bag she had on her back and rummaged around clinging the metal objects inside until pulling out a long black flashlight. She shined it around our area scanning for anything out of the ordinary. I saw Sammie with her hand placed over her mouth stopping her squeal short as she desperately held back the urge to cry with the most shocked expression plastered on her face. I gently took the flashlight from her before it slipped from her smooth hands and kept the beam pointed in the same direction as I walked closer to her discovery. A group of dead bodies sliced into pieces and all lumped together in this big pile stacked against a store wall. They still had the look of fear on their faces like they were petrified into stone then slashed and hacked away. It was hard to tell if they were placed like this or they had all just diced themselves up here in this spot. One of the more intact victims was a beautiful light skinned girl with a short yellow dress. I heard a rustling sound coming from this alley just feet away from the massacre. My eyes were glued to the opening between the two buildings anticipating the worst. Despite my fear telling me not to look away, I turned back to see Sammie still a little ways behind me. I slowly crept forward as Sammie quietly but swiftly moved behind me as I shined the light down the alleyway. Resting there against the same stone building, was a man coughing up blood into his hand while the other hand clutched a fatal wound across his large belly where his intestines had spilled out onto the ground between us. I basically threw Sammie the light as I zipped down to crouch by the man’s side.

Me: Hey, hey, what happened, who could have done this to you?

Dying Man: (Painfully breathing in agony.) It was the dog, a giant dark beast did me in.

Me: (Sighing with despair. I tilted his head back opening his airway giving him the chance to take one last breath.) Do you need anything, a request, anything?

Dying Man: Just take me away, angel.

He said that while he clutched my arm and stared directly into my eyes. I could feel his grip weaken as I put my hand onto his and soon it flopped to the ground dragging against the concrete. I took a deep breath and stood up to face Sammie who needed to wipe a tear from her eye. I walked up to her putting my hand on her upper arm. The man’s blood was on my hands and soaked into Sammie’s shirt from my touch.

Me: We need to keep going, find Blake, save Nikki. He’s the only one who can teach her how to control herself, also he’s our best chance of finding her.

Sammie: Nope, think we’ll be able to handle that just fine on our own.

She said timidly while her fingers pawed into her small string bag. I looked behind me, to where Sammie pointed at whom I could only guess must be Nikki standing on all fours atop the roof of a store ahead. I could hardly see the great wolf with her jet-black fur blended in with the night sky, her fluorescent green eyes were a dead giveaway. Her three-inch claws dug into the building’s shingles and you could see the steaming air she snorted out through her nostrils looking down in our direction. It was hard to see her in the dark, but as she leaped over us, only her pure white underbelly could be seen. She came down for us, but I intercepted her midair leaping up to push her back with waves of white light as I screamed and extended my arms out. Claws thrashed just a foot away from me, but I was able to repel them back. For a moment, I could look into her shining eyes seeing a strangely blank expression. A second later, those eyes flared up as she let out a mighty roar tossing me back as I flung her away with streaks of silver light. Sammie had to leap out of the way as I came down hard rolling into the dumpsters. She sprinted over to me as I started to get myself up to a crouch.

Sammie: Why is she attacking us!? Can she not see who she’s doing this to?

Me: I’m not even a hundred percent sure that’s Nikki.

Sammie: It’s her!

Me: Well if I don’t fight her she’ll kill us! Stay behind the railroad tracks.

Sammie: No, I can…

I had already kicked off the ground flying low across the pavement towards the charging Lycan racing down the road after me. I slightly edged up and bounced my foot off the ground kicking myself a few feet above the wolf. There was some distance between us, but I hadn’t climbed high enough to get out of her reach as she clawed up at me like a lion attacking a bird. Her snarl terrified me, but not nearly as much as when I saw her massive paw streaking up to claw off my face. Her bear-like arm phased through me while I flew by, cringing the whole time.  Unsatisfied, she continued to claw at the air where she had last seen me relentlessly. This gave me enough time to drop down to the ground behind her looking back with horror at such a demonstration of the beast’s strength. My intangibility wore off filling me with fear. Nikki sniffed twice then grunted looking back at me with those demented eyes. She dashed forward forcing me to sprint for my life and scramble into the air. After a few long strides, I heard gunshots from behind me that brought an even more disturbed look to my face. / Sammie held up a pistol with the flashlight in her other hand tactically supporting the weight of the gun with her arm that pointed the flashlight in Nikki’s direction. She let one last shot lose. Gunsmoke rose in front of her face blocking the serious look she wore. / I felt the rush of a bullet whistling by my side. Looking back over my shoulder, I could see Nikki had tripped up from the shots to her backside and fell to her face emitting a deep growl. She sprung back up on all four paws after quickly healing her wounds. Her eyes darted to her sister’s direction as she released an obnoxiously loud roar at her. / With a cloud of dust from barreling feet, the wolf was coming for Sammie this time. You could see the beast through the sights of her pistol, three notches and the dog’s head lined up right down the middle. The barrel of the gun was steady and did not waver. / Sammie bit her lip as she hesitated and failed to shoot her own sister, while Nikki was able to rampage forward without emotion. Sammie showed frustration holding back tears as the stress along with the weight of the gun made her arm shake. Right as Nikki approached, Sammie dipped her head down in acceptance as her gun swung down to her side. She continued to cringe but the anticipation lead to nothing. All she heard was a grunt and her eyes popped back open at the sound of rushing wind. I had come down fast from above, my arms wrapped around the wolf locking in under her armpits. The beast was incredibly heavy, but at my speed and in the heat of the moment, I could scoop her up just long enough for our combined momentum to send her flying. The wolf’s limbs flailed in a frenzy as the beast soared through the air and smashed through the building Sammie was standing under. Bricks went flying after what sounded like an explosion of force. I whipped back around to pick up Sammie as chunks of stone struck us both. Sammie was limp in my arms after the experience left her with a blank expression. I tossed her up repositioning her in the air for a better fit. I could see the color flush back into her face as she looked at me, in that instant realizing she was not dead. By now, we had risen high above Nikki and the destroyed building feeling safe at this elevated position. I had to say something to Sammie but continuously glared down expecting the wolf to recover and continue her attack at any moment. Sammie was desperately looking down trying to spot out her sister in the pile of bricks.

Me: Sammie, is that your dad’s…

Sammie: Yes… I should’ve shot her. I just can’t help but to see her as my sister.

Me: She’s more like a mad dog than your sister right now. (We both looked down.) Look, about earlier, I didn’t know you had that.

Sammie: I wasn’t sure if I should use it.

Me: I don’t think a gunshot will kill her. All I know is she’s alive right now and very angry. (You hear bricks rolling down piles of debris and something rummaging through the stones.) If she can live crashing through a brick wall, I don’t think a shot to her head will kill her, maybe just put her out. (Sammie shows doubt as she rolled her eyes.) If you can’t shoot Nikki, you should give me the gun.

Sammie: You don’t even know how to reload a pistol.

Sammie said sliding out the chamber to check her bullets then slammed the cartridge back into the gun as she pulled the hammer back. I stayed silent while nodding. / Below us, Nikki had emerged from the rubble knocking over a load of stray bricks as she shook the dust out from her shaggy fur. The dog then jumped up on top of the next building down the line rising to our altitude. Sammie snatched another clip of ammo from her bag as Nikki crept closer to us leaping from one rooftop to the next.

Sammie: I have to do this. (Nikki roars out hurdling over the next gap between buildings.) She’s my sister, I won’t let her become a monster. (I slowly made us trail backwards moving along the rooftops.)

Me: She won’t die, I know it. (Nikki leaped closer.)

Sammie: I’m not as sure as you are, but regardless, it needs to be done.

Me: She’ll kill us if you don’t. (My eyes are glued to Nikki as she gained speed.)

Sammie: I can do this, alright!

Me: So do it!

Sammie yelled in frustration as Nikki lunged across another gap. She held her weapon tightly as the trigger was pulled. The bullet when out with a bang, I could feel the recoil myself as Sammie’s shoulder was shot back. The first round hit Nikki directly in the head, which luckily was enough to slow her down and send her into a quick roll flipping across the building’s roof. We kept on flying away as Sammie watched her wolf sister tumble about.  She was incredibly relieved to see that she hadn’t killed Nikki, but neither of us looked too thrilled seeing how fast she sprung back to her feet unaffected by the gunshot. Blood streamed down her snout and past her eyes flaming with rage. With a monstrous bark, she charged forward and was back on our tail fueled by this intense ferocity that only a beast could bear. Over the wind, I could hear the determination in each panting breath growing louder as she drew closer.

Sammie: She’s getting closer St. J!

Me: I know! Lemme just… wait what’s that?

There was a man out ahead of us standing on a roof in the center of downtown. Even more confusing, the man started to wave at us. I thought he might have been drunk until we were right over him and I could see that it was Blake who was not waving hello to us but waving us away.

Blake: Get the fuck outta the way!

We swooped down next to him where he had been waiting for Nikki while partially in wolf form. His clothes were still torn and soaked with blood and the smell of his own sweat. The slash marks coating his body and arms had only slightly healed, enough to stop bleeding, but still very deep. The look in his eyes was sinister clearly ready for some payback on this young pup. He waited until she was midair forced to jump to this building from the next. Blake’s eyes flashed gold as he stomped his foot down forward and roared off the edge of the building. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but his call affected Nikki. Her eyes grew wide and lost their shine as she fell short sinking down into the alleyway below. She dropped fast and broke through yet another wall, although this one was much thinner. She evaded our sight, landing a few floors beneath us as the building shook from the impact.

Sammie: Guys, this way.

There was a door Sammie found leading to the store below us. We all hurried over and sprinted down the steps. /

Me: Damn, what’d you do to her?

I stood in the doorway of the now destroyed phone store. Posters glided through the air, stands were demolished, and phones, cases, and chargers were scattered everywhere. Below the massive hole in the wall, clumps of fur were piled up along streak marks leading up to Nikki at the opposite side of the room. She was under heaps of plaster and pieces of the stands used to present the phones. She was naked in her human form in a completely absurd body position as her unconscious body was tossed across the room. Her arms still had fur all over them and a jagged claw where each finger should be, but Sammie didn’t show a drop of judgment. She shoved me and Blake out of the way as she ran across the cracked floors and quickly stripped off her jacket to throw on Nikki’s naked body.

Blake: Who the fuck is that?

Me: Her sister. You wanna tell me what just happened back there?

Blake: It’s called the alpha’s call. I’m the one who turned her meaning she has to listen to me. If one of your own is rampaging out of control, it’s up to the alpha to show their dominance. By roaring in her face, she subconsciously backed down and reverted to her human form.

Me: Why didn’t you do this sooner? She must have been tearing up the streets for hours.

Blake: I was supposed to teach her how to control herself while being a wolf myself, which would have made my life a whole lot easier. But for some reason, she could turn much faster than I expected; even on her first try. The animal in her took over and she ran off into the woods. After an hour of tracking, I eventually had her cornered downtown against the water, but she obviously overpowered me.

I looked down at his wounds, his pants were covered in blood and ripped all over. His upper body had four claw trails going down one side of his torso, and his left arm was cut up badly as well.

Me: What about those bodies? (Blake looked at me with a serious expression.)

Sammie: Guys, come over here. She’s waking up.

Sammie called us over after making her sister decent. Nikki was shuffling around like a child having a bad dream. Despite mine and Sammie’s attempts to shake her awake, she would not open her eyes.


He said in almost a roar but more of a commanding tone. Her eyes were the first thing to move opening with a flash of glowing green light. Her body sprung to life, she took heavy breaths and was instantly overwhelmed by Sammie and me on both sides of her. With too much going on at once, she couldn’t make out our voices as we said, “It’s ok” “You’re fine” and “It’s just us.” She just looked forward in a daze. Blake stood in front of her bending over until they were face to face.

Blake: (His eyes shined yellow.) Nikki, relax.

Nikki’s eyes stopped glowing and dimmed down slowly to their natural green state, the fur across her arms vanished, and her claws receded. She calmed herself down releasing the beast out to actually be human again. It slipped out of her with a sigh and she almost seemed normal again.

Nikki: Shit. What happened? What are all of you doing here?

Sammie: You don’t remember, you’ve been running around town all night.

Blake: Her mind was in a different state, a full animal state. If we weren’t able to get her out of it, she would have lost all her humanity and been stuck a wolf forever.

Nikki: Wait, Sammie what are you doing here. She shouldn’t see me like this… wait, IS THAT DAD’S GUN!?

Sammie: Yeah. I know everything now, about Lycans, Wargs, and what happened to St. J. I already knew everything about you too Nikki. I even got to shoot you just a few times. I gotchu good too. Right in the face like BLAOW. (She said smiling waving her gun around.)

Nikki: Whatever Sammie, just get that gun out of my face. Damn, the sun is really is coming up now. How long have you been looking for me?

Blake: Well, I was looking around for you myself and got my ass kicked for most of the night. So, I called this guy about an hour ago and the next thing I know, I see two idiots flying towards me with you chomping at their tails.

Me Your lucky I even showed up, you probably would be dead if…

Nikki: Hold up a second… St. J, what the hell were you doing with my sister at three in the fucking morning!?

Me: Uhm, uh, yeah you see there’s a funny story behind that that I was planning on telling you later, or, maybe never.

I said nervously laughing while I scratched the back of my head. Nikki growled my direction barring her teeth at me while giving the death stare.

Sammie: Oh calm down, we slept together stop pulling this big sister shit acting like you’re the Virgin Mary.

My eyes widened in complete surprise of how open and forward Sammie was being in this situation. I had planned on telling Nikki, she would have found out eventually, but I would’ve handled all that so much more delicately. Nikki glared me down rising up off her feet with fire in her eyes and claws retracted.

Nikki: I’m going to fucking kill the both of you. Really St. J, my little sister.

She growled and snarled while chasing me out the building. You could hear claws scraping against metal and things outside breaking as I flew about zooming around the area. Blake stood up tall looking down to Sammie chuckling.

Blake: Smooth, real Smooth.

Me: (From outside.) Ow, you bitch, you cut me! //

Nikki and I were outside on the main street were brick sidewalks were placed nicely and the stores looked welcoming. A streetlight flickered at my level where I’m hovering looking down to Nikki. Blood leaked out from my shoulder soaking into my sleeve.

Me: Come on you’ve already tried to kill me enough tonight, could ya just let this go!

Nikki: Not a chance St. J! I’ve beat your ass pretty bad before, but just wait and see what I’ll do to you when I have a reason!

She said hunching over as fur sprouted across her body.

Blake: Aw, for fuck’s sake, here we go again.

Me: (Nikki roars.) Oh no you don’t!

Sammie: St. J, stop! No, Nikki. Don’t!

I shot down to her level colliding into Nikki with incredible speed. I slammed her to the ground but she clung on to me making us both scrape against the concrete for a few feet. She seemed to be focusing her transformation all towards one arm so that it rapidly morphed first. The sleeve of Sammie’s jacket erupted into shreds of fabric as Nikki’s arm expanded into a Lycan’s. As we wrestled on the ground, I made full effort to keep that arm away from my face. Her pointed claws reached out for me as the transformation caused her skinny arm to expand. She moved her face closer to mine. Nikki’s transformation spread as her eyes slanted. The whole left side of her body was shifting faster than the right, like a spreading virus. One eye was larger and more wolf-like than the other, fur patched around that same side of her face, and veins pulsed up her neck. A ripple shot under her skin, her shoulders broadened, and muscles implanted. She had me on my back now as the tip of her nail dug into my collarbone. I yelled out with both frustration and pain. My whole body seemed to vibrate as I became engulfed by a silver aura. A light from within seeped out my skin and was emitted all throughout my body. Like a natural barrier, Nikki was drawn away from me as the light from my aura pushed against her. Nikki’s body continued to shift as the silver lights surrounded her. I looked at her with glowing eyes as she growled down at me opening her fang filled mouth as more hair sprouted across her face. She snarled in a deep breath and was about to roar when I screamed back out to her with a ghostly cry.

Me: No!

Nikki was shot into the air ten feet above me as my energy expanded. A bright glow of silver light blinded the scene, but you could see wiggling beams of light, like tentacles, hoisting the half-shifted Lycan over my head. I yelled out again while waving my arms down. Like a composer of light, the silver waves followed my motion in a whiplashing ripple effect tossing Nikki up high above the line of stores and off towards the bay. As she arched high you could hear a light howl before dropping out of sight.

Blake: There you go! That’s one way to stop a Lycan from going on a murderous rampage.

Blake yelled up to me as I stayed hovered in the air whiplashing silver beams that circled around me with a rush of wind. I looked possessed with my eyes glowing and unexplainable abilities at the tips of my fingers just waiting for me to comprehend. Suddenly after, it seemed all of my abilities had failed me, and I dropped down collapsing the second I hit the ground. I landed hard but stayed on one knee, fully conscious, but extremely winded. Sammie rushed up to me.

Sammie: What was that, St. J!? She’s already been through hell, you didn’t need to kill her!

Me: I don’t know what that was, I’m sorry. Is she alright?

Sammie ignored and looked over me with squinted eyes unable to see wherever Nikki could have landed. This street was lit with several streetlights lined along the sidewalk. There was only one alley close by to get to the back street a little bit closer to where Nikki fell. Sammie sighed with discontent, then left me as I struggled to catch my breath. I was watching her jog away when I felt this painful slap on my back. I cringed and instinctively my eyes pulsed with silver light. I looked behind me to see Blake with an arm stretched down to help me up.

Blake: Come on freak show, let’s get this little family back together. You can all try to kill each other back in your own house like traditional domestic abusers.

Sammie: (Out in the distance.) Nikki, Nikki! Are you alright? //

Sammie passed this Mexican bar and restaurant. She followed the porch up and around to the side of the building where a narrow alley led to the back.

Sammie: Nikki, where are you?

The alley was dark with a thick musk where shadows shifted with the rising sun. There were steps down and a lot of trash on the poorly tiled floor that her shoes stuck to as she stepped across them. Sammie kept a hand on the wall to keep her balance as she walked through the tight space. She froze after feeling a strange wet texture along the wall. She brought her fingers up to her face seeing that it was blood plastered all over the wall dripping down to the ground where it drained along the edge and all throughout the cracks. Her hands fumbled the flashlight as she slowly directed it in front of her and clicked it on. She knew what she would see, but hadn’t prepared herself enough to not be scared at the sight of a pile of dead bodies.

Sammie: Aw shit. I really shouldn’t’ve come alone.

She said under her breath as she took a second but managed to tiptoe herself over the first body. A girl not too much older than she was in a once bright yellow dress now mixed with dirt and blood. A whimper blurted out from her lips as she found herself surround by bodies all hacked and mutilated in different ways. She remembered how afraid they looked the first time she witnessed them and it wasn’t any less traumatizing the second. She skips a little faster through the alley trying her best not to touch anything but it’s impossible and the look of disgust on her face was overwhelming. Now taking heavy panting breaths, she was almost to the end of the alley of death with only one more body to cross. She blocked out what she had just seen and worked her legs to move forward but stopped short with one leg still in the air. There was a loud footstep just outside the alleyway followed by the sound of something big, like an angry bull exhaling. Sammie went from gasping out whimpers to dead silent. She backed up a step and waited for her lurking sibling.

Sammie: Nikki?

She said weakly. It was silent for a moment before Sammie gasped out for another breath after holding her last one for so long. A black paw stepped into the puddle of blood at the end of the alleyway. Sammie backed away nudging a body with her shoe before finding her footing. The wolf paced into the opening. It didn’t look like she would fit but her long fur pulled back along the walls as she squeezed through. As Nikki’s head passed through the shadows, her eyes seemed to shine twice as bright. It was basically all you could see of her. A shadow with green eyes paced towards her. She opened her mouth and terrifying white teeth came into view. Sammie kept moving back as her sister growled out at her. She looked back quickly staring directly into a dead man’s eyes. She slipped and scrambled back to her feet then flicked her head back to see that Nikki had crept closer.

Sammie: Nikki stop, you can’t do this to me, we’re family.

The wolf lunged out one foot creating cracks on either side of the walls before wedging herself between them. She viciously shook her body attempting to move closer while continuing to snap her teeth.

Sammie: Wait, Nikki, wait!

In desperation, her eyes flashed blue and Nikki actually began to settle. After some much needed deep breaths, Sammie attempts to return to that state of mind. Her eyes glow blue as Nikki’s eyes darken. She’s invisible now, lost within the shadows as her mind is under siege. Sammie’s brow quivers as she focuses deeply on her sister. She thinks about what she wants, who Nikki is, and what she looks like.

Sammie: Please Nikki, come back. I need my sister.

A teardrop fell from her face. Illuminated by her glowing eyes, the tear was a pure blue color. Sammie reached out to rub the snout of the Lycan’s face. Her fingers slide through her fur and through the longer patches under her jaw. At that moment, Nikki’s eyes flashed blue then slowly faded to black. //

I groaned out as I hovered into an upright position ignoring Blake’s hand for assistance. The two of us made our way over to the two girls.

Me: Ahg, my head feels like it just got hit by a ton of bricks.

Blake: I’ve lost more blood in the past hour than you have in your entire body, I don’t want to hear it.

Me: Yeah, but you must be able to heal or something right? You’d be dead if you couldn’t.

Blake: I would be dead centuries ago if I didn’t.

I kept walking not noticing that Blake had frozen in his steps behind me. His eyes were wide like he could sense something that I couldn’t.

Me: If your wounds will be gone by tomorrow morning, then you deserve to listen to me bitch.

Blake: Shut up.

Me: Aw come on, don’t be a dick, that’s fair.

Blake: No, shut up. Something is going on with those two.

Me: What is it?

Blake: It feels like… No, it couldn’t be him. I could smell the devil on Kalexo a mile away.

Me: Then what is it!?

A woman’s screech could be heard echoing all throughout the neighborhood.

Blake & Me: Nikki! //

Nikki was in a panic kicking away the bodies that surrounded her. She wanted to get away from them all because she could remember their faces now and the horrible things she had done to them. She wailed out screaming in horror as grief filled tears poured out from her eyes. Sammie tried to catch her but Nikki’s arms thrashed about. She had to take a punch from her older Lycan sister, but inevitably, Sammie wrapped her arms around her sister and held her tight. Nikki stopped fighting and begun to accept what she had done. Her cries were muffled against Sammie’s body as she didn’t allow her sister to look back at the pile of corpses at the end of the alley. Nikki begun to drop down to her knees and Sammie went along with her.

Nikki: I’m a monster, fucking murderer. I killed them, Sammie. I remember now, I remember everything. I could have killed you too.

Sammie: You didn’t hurt me, it’s ok, we can get past this.

Nikki: I can’t! I hate this thing inside me. It’s evil.

Sammie: You’re not evil, you just need help. Blake can help you.

Nikki: I want this to all go away. I want to forget, but I know I never will. What should I do, Sammie? (She returned to crying uncontrollably.)

Two figures appeared behind them at the top of the porch. Blake and I slowly approached seeing that things were alright, for the most part. At least everyone was safe, although each of us had wounds, none seemed to compare to the emotional trauma Nikki was going through. The two of them kneeled in a stream of blood flowing from the alleyway, across the street, and into the bay behind us. The concrete was riddled with slash marks and torn clothes. Nikki looked up over Sammie’s shoulder at the pile of bodies. Her fingers dug into the back of Sammie’s shirt damp with her tears. It was probably hard for her to see with tears draining from her eyes, but she still didn’t look away. Blake approached with a Mexican flag ripped off from the pole up front. He draped it over them both like a blanket covering Nikki’s small body. She sniffled and turned to face everyone.

Nikki: I know why you two gave me those looks when you first saw me. St. J, I know why you had to stop me from turning again. I’m a horrible beast, a fucking monster with no self-control.

Nikki slammed her fist into the already cracked floor. She envisioned herself mutilating the innocent humans and again slammed her knuckles into the street spilling her own blood into its red laced cracks. Sammie clung on to her sister’s arms preventing her from hurting herself further. More tears were shed as Sammie wished she had words to comfort her sister, but there were none. I placed a hand on Sammie’s shoulder. She rested her check on it feeling my warmth in this dark situation.

Blake: You gain control through daily practice, not from dwelling on your past mistakes. Trust me, there will be more mistakes, just be happy this one can be taken care of.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Blake: I mean, I’ll take care of this. The three of you get out of here, there’s no point in you watching.

He said walking in front of our group. He took one of the bodies by the heel and dragged the corpse out behind the railroad tracks.

Me: Blake, what are you doing? (I asked as Blake continued his work.)

Blake: Stomping out the breadcrumbs. This is one paranormal incident the world doesn’t need to know about. Things like this are why people hunt my kind down.

Nikki: I don’t blame them. (She said to Blake as he returned for the next body. His face looked grim, but he continued on now with the girl in the yellow dress.)

Blake: Your self-pity is honorable but pointless. Go home, rest, and get ready for tomorrow. Unless you would really rather be digging graves?

The three of us were silent, Sammie gulped down her fear and spoke.

Sammie: Fine, Nikki, you should come along.

Nikki held her silence and stared at Blake while he simply turned his back to her dragging out two bodies at once.

Me: Come on, now. (I said lightly as I led them away. Sammie clasped one arm around Nikki guiding her down the empty street along the bay as the three of us wandered away from the scene.) ///

Katrina turned back to see the pearly gates afar in the distance. Rays of light shot out from that direction until vanishing somewhere in the all-white tunnel between dimensions. Katrina was free to walk about this blank plain where no walls were visible nor was there any structure. Just an empty light tunnel. She fluttered her wings and floated down the tunnel seeing nothing ahead of her but blankness. She heard shouts and hisses from different creatures in the distance seeming to echo around her from all directions. She overcame a brief moment of panic and quickly sped forward still confident in her decisions. There were two giant angels with four arms and mighty angelic wings knocking these shadow-like figures back away from the dimensional tear that they protected. These angels had such power and size that any opponent that breached Hell’s wall of fire was instantly outclassed. The massive beings fought on but the shadow figures of Hell had seemingly endless numbers and moved relentlessly without fear of their own demise. The shadows had a dark outer rim and a ghastly grey inner body with four glowing eyes all red-orange colors. They were random figures with no fixed shape. Some came long, fat, small, or skinny, but they all had a set of black shadow arms with long sharp claws. Katrina started to glide past the two angels trying her best to avoid detection with her head hunched and sly evasive moves. She swooped down for the black dimensional tear that sucked in everything in sight, when the massive angel sprung to action. He effortlessly slammed his three-foot-thick spear down in front of her path while continuing to fight the shadow monsters with a second spear.

Massive Angel: Whom so ever flees from the Temple of God will have death and misfortune haunt their days.

The voice came from the angel, but he didn’t move his lips. The booming commandment echoed through the tunnel surrounding Katrina with sound waves.

Katrina: Does this mean that it’s my choice? I must go to Earth, there are people there that need me so, so STAND DOWN!

The angel drew his spear away from her and begun using it to fight off the dark spirits trying to enter Earth. Both spears spun around rhythmically hacking away any demons with the point of his spears. Katrina smiled as she dashed underneath the giant’s legs. The dimensional tear that had caused so many troubles for everyone of Earth was just within Katrina’s reach. She kicked off the white floors to glide through when one of those spirits wrapped its claws around Katrina’s ankle. She screamed while hacking at the ghost-like creature with her fists, but it wasn’t affected. Katrina looked in pain as her ankle started to burn from the demon’s touch. Its claw sizzled into Katrina’s skin as she crawled for the dimensional tear, just a few feet ahead. Her cry was loud and amplified from pain to freight as she saw one of the giant angels happen to stumble backwards and crush the creature under his heavy foot. The demon’s quiet hiss slowly faded away along with its thin arms that edged out from the angel’s boot as the shadow disintegrated into a vapor. Shocked by the lucky turn of events, Katrina crawled backwards scampering away from the massive ten-foot shoe in front of her. She backed away until her wings got caught up in the pull of the dimensional tear sucking her away. Her wings flapped open like sails as she was dragged into the darkness by an unstoppable force. After entering the dark void, trails of lights streaked past her at an accelerated rate as she seemed to be falling faster and faster. She screamed in confusion with her wings spread out wide, but she found herself unable to fly. The control this dimensional tear had over her was overpowering as Katrina sunk further and faster through the dark tunnel. The streaks of light turned to trailing flashes that were brighter and more rapid coming up from all sides of her until her world turned to static. Finally, she blacked out. //

Katrina awoke in a forest alone sleeping on top of a rock. She appeared as if nothing had just happened to her, her clothes were intact and hair was well groomed. She looked around in awe seeming to be so interested by every little thing she saw. The sun was too bright for her to stare at directly, reminding her of God’s flames. A warm gust blew through the woods swaying Katrina’s dress. The sensation was all new to her, there was so much in this world that she was unaware of. But she hardly seemed to care, too indulged looking at the thousands of swaying leaves to let the mystery of what lies ahead affect her. Growing up in heaven her entire life, Katrina had never actually viewed Earth, just heard stories. Seeing this land of nature, sin, and glory was a whole new experience for her. She was curious of every living thing from the fleeing rodents to the chirping birds as they fluttered about zipping across the sky. Katrina rose up and stretched her wings taking a few steps to explore her new environment. She was about to leap up and fly alongside with the birds when she caught a glimpse of her now jet-black wings in the corner of her eye. She was struck with wonder curling the feathered appendage right in front of her face in complete disbelief that her once pure white angelic wings had now shifted to an intensely dark shade of black. She skeptically blinked her eyes and pet one of her wings, but nothing happened. Still not convinced, she plucked a feather out to analyzes it. Its pitch-black complexion was very new to her. The feather was about nine inches long, thick, and had a beautiful shine to it. As she slowly rotated the feather, holding it close to her face by the quill, it suddenly started to shed its strains and flaked away until disintegrating into a cloud of black smoke. Astonished, Katrina tried to catch the smoke her hand but it all just slipped through her fingers.

Katrina: No. My wings. What’s happening here?

She shook the shock off her face then looked back at her black wings as they stretched out ready for takeoff. Different or not, they still worked the same. With one flap she was already several feet in the air and after another, she was soaring high up curving around the trees in search for answers. ///

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