Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, we’ve seen Hell for what it is, a dark and terrifying place. Blake’s character was more properly introduced and turned out to be not so much of a threatening guy, he might be Nikki’s only chance of controlling her newly found Lycan abilities. Meanwhile, St. J is still struggling to find his place in all of this. He reunites with Sammie again in what would be so much more of a heartwarming experience if Nikki wasn’t about to be set free in the woodlands of LittleRock. Find out the events that unfold below.

Book 1, Episode 4:

Dogs of War

Blake has seen much in his long life as a Lycan on the run from the likes of enemies that I have yet to imagine. His speed was incredible and the movements he made were flawless. I suppose those are the type of skills you pick up after being on this Earth for centuries. The forest was his home, he could navigate through it faster than any other being. He had to move quickly, the bond between a Lycan and their bitten was strong. A sense of responsibility was established, especially in the case that neither Nikki nor Blake wanted this to happen. Nikki was now separating from her actual self. A beast within desperately craved to control her. Blake knew the dangers of true Lycan instincts better than most. He knew what Nikki was capable of, but never expected for her to adapt so quickly. As her howls became more of a distant echo, the look on Blake’s face was unmistakably fear.

Blake sprinted through the darkening forest with enough strength to tear the ground apart with each step. After a quick glance, he lept up snatching a branch with one arm tossing himself high enough to catch another branch. He swung up the tree’s trunk then kicked off its side sending him gliding over the skyline. Through the air, Blake scans his surroundings while preparing to land. He darts through the small branches and leaves of one tree to smack into the thick trunk of another. Dangling from a knot in the tree, Blake drops to slide down its base. With a swift kick, he’s launched forward back onto the forest floor where his sprint slows down to a mild jog. A light fog had set in this area. Blake moved cautiously sniffing the air as he moved. He didn’t make a sound with each footstep carefully placed as he curved around trees. He discovered a clearing in the forest, but not a natural one. The trees here had been knocked to the ground by an incredible force. The scene looked like a meteorite landing. Massive forty-foot-tall trees snapped at their base or were unrooted leaving mounds of dirt missing from the ground.

Blake: Idiot.

There was a crash zone where bushes, grass, and dirt had been moved aside in a path of destruction. Clumps of Nikki’s black fur was found at the sight either tucked in with the dirt trail she created or caught in the branches of fallen trees. Blake picks up a clump of her fur off the ground putting it up to his face to inhale the scent. His eyes pierced through the forest to a location far away beyond the darkness that lied ahead. With a jolt of movement, Blake sprung into the air flinging himself upward using a series of branches. He bounced off tree trunks and swung upon branches kicking off them with the force to take the whole tree down, if not the branch. All his skills lead up to this one last maneuver. Blake took a long jump arching over the skyline directed towards the tallest tree in the general area. He fell short but clung to a neighboring tree’s branch. Stiff unkempt nails sliced into the wood leaving claw marks as Blake ground the branch down while flinging his body up with enough momentum to sprint up this seventy-foot-high tree. With sheer footing and determination, Blake made it far up the tree on his two feet before lunging forward to climb the rest of the way up much more like a cat than a Lycan. As gracefully as ever, he swung up to the highest branch that would support him and gazed out in the same direction as when he first took in Nikki’s scent. The scenery was dark, and the fog had only begun to pass. Blake howled out tipping his head back silhouetting the moonlight off his furry face. The clouds moved out of the way of the moon and its light shined down revealing the suburban buildings of LittleRock not far in the distance. At that moment, a much deeper and more menacing howl surfaced much closer to town. The call was strictly impulsed, but Blake took it as a threat.

Blake: That quick bitch. (A roar twice as loud was heard echoing throughout the town into the woods and beyond.) Shit! Shit, shit, shit.

Blake panicked scrambling down the tree some ways before dropping off a long branch to creator into the ground below. He took off into the night continuing to curse himself under his breath. //

Sammie and I are leaned against a large tree talking as the sun drops under the forest horizon behind us.

Sammie: (laughing) Wait, wait, wait… Ether what?

Me: That’s what he called me, an Etheric Revenant.

Sammie: Well, from what you described, you sound like someone who sucks out people’s souls. Like something straight out of a horror story. I don’t know, have you done anything like that yet?

Me: What, eat someone’s soul? No, not in this life.

Sammie: Then I don’t think that you’re this dark spirit you’ve been describing. Sure, you’ve got these paranormal abilities, but I wouldn’t be so quick to call them evil. And I definitely wouldn’t just go on Kalexo’s word, why would you trust anything he has to say? I bet he’d like you to believe you’re this evil spirit that belongs in a place like Hell with him and all his other lizard-bird demons. But you must have this other side, like you said, with potential in Heaven. And I want to help you find it.

Me: I’ll take your word on that, but for now let’s just work on staying alive and all these other little factors, like how every cop in LittleRock is out looking for me. I haven’t even told my parents I’m alive, I don’t know how to explain this to anyone because who could understand what’s going on. I’m not sure if I’d even want them to.

Sammie: If you don’t want to get the police involved, I can understand that. We don’t need the whole public’s attention. But we need somebody’s help, I don’t really care who it is right now, even if it’s from our parents. They don’t need to know about the danger we’re in, but they should know what’s really going on with us.

Me: I don’t know about you but I still have a lot to figure out about myself before I can get my folks involved, that is if I even get the nerve to. (Sammie appears to be disappointed.) Look, I know that you’re right and shit. They deserve the truth, but I just can’t do this to them, or to myself.

Sammie: Well, my situation is a bit easier to understand, don’t you think? So, let’s start there. Think you could give me a lift home. (She stood up pushing off my shoulder, then extended her hand out to help me up.)

Me: A lift?

Sammie: You do fly, don’t you? You said it was the most thrilling thing you’ve ever done.

Me: Yes, I know I fly, but you don’t. I haven’t had a passenger yet-

Sammie: How hard could it be?

Me: Shit, I guess we’ll find out.

Sammie: Yes!

I took her hand and floated up off the ground to her eye level. I scooped her up resting her body and legs in my arms as I slowly elevated to test my strength. Everything went by smoothly as we rose over the trees and her entire neighborhood came into sight. In the distance, you see the red clouds grow dark as the last bit of the sun passed down under the horizon. We hovered in the air for a second looking at the all the tinted clouds that filled the sky.

Sammie: Beautiful.

Sammie was awestruck, but the moment was soon ruined. A high pitch eerie howl echoed throughout the whole neighborhood. On edge, I spun us around in circles, probably a little too fast for Sammie’s liking as I scanned the area. Sammie tilted her head back with fearful eyes. I didn’t look at her, my eyes were locked on to the section of the woods where you could see red lights cracking through the trees. The lights expanded into crimson pillars of light beaming high up into the sky. Thunder crackled as the sky darkened. The beams of light faded away. The once beautiful red-tinted clouds now clustered together forming a storm cloud with red flashes from within like heat lightning.

Sammie: What’s going on? (She said looking around anxiously.)

Me: Nothing good, that’s for sure.

I descended back to hover just above the woods. As I did, this immensely terrible smell filled the air that was nearly unbearable. I coughed and gaged until finding a piece of cloth to cover my mouth and nose with.

Me: Uhg, I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before.

Sammie: You definitely wouldn’t forget the smell if you did, it’s brimstone. But we’re not in a volcano or anything, I guess it could be something that was spewed out of one, but…

Me: What if it was spit out of Hell?

Sammie: Huh?

Me: Check it out.

Sammie grabbed on to my shoulder allowing me to extend my arm out towards Kalexo who stood in the clearing where the red beams of light had emitted. He gave a strange gesture rotating an open hand as he slowly clenched it into a fist. Then he turned around flapping his cloak shrouding himself in darkness as black smoke seeped out from the cloak and begun to spread. The smoke advanced around him until Kalexo was out of sight. A gust blew away the smoke revealing that Kalexo too had disappeared. We hovered over to the clearing. I looked confused, Sammie was on edge. A flash of lightning shot down nearby from the terrifying storm cloud above. Sammie began to squirm in the panic and I quickly brought us down to the same spot Kalexo once stood.

Sammie: Was that the man, Kalexo, you told me about?

Me: Yes, I’m not sure what he’s up to, but it’s got to be something. I can still smell brimstone, so whatever it is he’s planning, it isn’t over yet.

We stood there in silence for a bit looking around for anything, flipping logs and rummaging around the forest, until the Earth started to shake like a vicious earthquake was centralized to our location. We cupped our hands over our faces as the rancid smell became unbelievably potent. A light grumble trembled below us as pockets under the grass rose like the whole ground was bubbling. I dove into Sammie pushing us both to the edge of the clearing while a single jet of steam ejected behind me. Lava followed erupting from the Earth with such force that a dark red pit was created. The burning liquid consumed the grass in the once peaceful clearing and set a nearby tree ablaze. Sammie yanked on my arm trying to get me to back away from the pit before it ruptured again sending steaming hot rocks into the air. In amazement, I refused to look away, but with another tug, I retreated with Sammie. The pit bellowed out pitch black smoke with little flakes of red hot ember. From there, emerged five black dogs. Hellhounds, one more of Kalexo’s pets from Hell. They each combusted into flames after rising from the Earth’s crust. Their flames were crafted from their energy making them glow all types of powerful colors from yellow to orange and red. With panic, I stared the creatures down while noticing Sammie still scanned the area. The dogs had long shaggy fur and were all jet black, like a Lycan, but much smaller. Their glowing eyes matched their coat of fiery fur. One of the dogs stepped forward, its face was mutilated missing half of its skull. The dog chomped its teeth dripping saliva from the gaps in its skull while staring at me with its one orange eye. It then looked back to the other dogs as the flames that coated its body rose up high. The other Hellhounds of the pack followed his lead.

Me: Sammie, run. Get out of here.

Sammie: Why, what’s going on, what’s coming for us?

Me: What do you think!? The fucking dogs from Hell, they’re right there in front of us!

I yelled thinking she must be insane until one charged towards us but completely ignored her swerving out of her way to directly pounce on me. Luckily, I was able to dive off to the side collapsing into the dirt, just in time. Sammie rushed over to help me up.

Sammie: St. J, are you alright, what was with that?

Me: The dogs, they’re not after you so you can’t see them. Uh ah (I said frantically as I’m slowly surrounded by Hellhounds.) Just get out of here, get help, do something. I’ll survive, but I’m not sure if I can take them all.

Sammie nods trustingly, she took a few strides away from me but looked back biting her lip nervously. (((Sammie’s POV))) I looked strange, intensely staring out at nothing. My feet were spaced out and the look in my eyes was so serious, there was no doubting the severity of this situation. She ran off to the side within more thickly placed trees thinking of some way to help. / I spun around while staying low, staring each dog down, waiting for them to make a move. I concentrated on my abilities and suddenly, my eyes shined a brighter silver color than they ever have before. The half-faced Hellhound jumped high for my throat. My reflexes made me shoot down to avoid the attack, but I quickly shot back up to check the beast from underneath making the dog slam onto its back. I ran up to kick the dog while it was down, but before I could wind my leg back, another one came up from behind and bit down on my elbow. With screams of pain, I flung the mutt at a tree that crackled and swung after being struck the Hellhound’s full body. That dog skimmed down the tree’s length and laid at its base stunned. I looked back at the rest of them all teamed up on one side of me barking and growling at me as I slammed them back with my energy. (((Sammie’s POV))) She saw me flexing my arms forward at targets she cannot see. After I moved my arms you could see waves from the silver wind thrashing out violently. Her only proof that I wasn’t insane, was that she could also hear the dogs barking and whining after I slammed them into the ground. She became really focused on this one area behind me where she could see burn marks in the grass and a small flame for each pawprint. Her eyes widened as she begun to get a grasp of what is happening here. The strange fire formation rippled like a wave, as sparks and ash trailed behind this phantom as it rapidly moved closer to me. / I heard Sammie screaming out for me. I had time to glance back, but it was too late for me to get out of the way. The half-faced Hellhound I first checked into the dirt had gotten up, leaped through the air again, and this time managed to take me down. With one wave of energy, I’m able to fling the other dogs away so that I could place all my attention on holding back this burning head full of teeth before it could gut out my throat. My fingers mashed into his open wounds dripping boiling hot blood down where it splattered and steamed onto my face blinding me. Unable to open my eyes, I had no idea what was going on as Sammie ran to my aid kicking the blank space directly above me. The little beast rolled across the grass burning everything it touched. A fire was now spreading throughout the woods making an intense entrance as that Hellhound rose again now growling at Sammie. She cautiously looked back in its direction and focused hard on that area. For a split second, the Hellhound became visible to her, just long enough for them to lock eyes. I couldn’t really see what was going on still injured laying on the ground. Slowly, I sat up willing to fight but was relieved and amazed to see Sammie taking the situation into her own hands. The orange-eyed Hellhound’s eyes flashed blue then faded into their natural dark color. From that point on, he was no longer able to hide his appearance from her. The creature looked at me then to her and calmly paced forward. I was shocked to see his flames die down to more gentile levels as this Hellhound stood there like a puppy at Sammie’s side. Sammie looked down at her new menacing friend without the slightest clue of what was going on, but she seemed very happy with herself. As I was distracted by Sammie and what she did to that dog, the others had started to creep up on me. To my surprise, the Hellhound who was just trying to kill me, was now on my side. He stepped over me and barked at all the other dogs, but they would not listen to him anymore and growled to all three of their foes ahead. The Hellhound’s crawled closer, I had to get up now and look defensive as everyone else in our party. I nudged Sammie urging her to try something.

Me: So, I know you can’t see, but there’s about six…

Sammie: I know!

She took a step in front of me and her dog ready to defend us both. I could see the hounds coming, but Sammie couldn’t, making it all that more courageous when she stomped her foot down screaming.

Sammie: STOP!

Her yell was loud enough to gain the whole pack’s attention causing each of their eyes to flash blue. For a moment, they all just stopped, stopped moving, stopped growling, they were perfectly calm. Sammie, unsure of what she had just accomplished, stood confused and looked to me in hopes for some kind of reassurance. Unfortunately, I wore nothing but a blank expression, completely taken back. I had no type of explanation for her, just a smile as I laughed at our unexplainable success then hugged her.

Me: You did it!

Sammie was smiling at my excitement, she looked over my shoulder seeing embers trailing across the opening.

Sammie: What are they doing now?

Me: (I watched for a moment) They’re leaving.

The dogs followed the first Hellhound back to the pit from which they emerged. The others dug their way down the pit, on their way to Hell, as the half-faced Hellhound was to be the last one to approach the hole. This one, however, didn’t seem to want to go back to Hell. He stared into the pit then back over to us, unsure of what to do next. I looked over at Sammie, catching her staring right back into the dog’s one eye. They both just froze there for a bit lost in some kind of deep connection. Whimpering from the other Hellhounds could be heard as they all cried out for their leader. The dog looked down to his comrades and stomped his paw over the pit causing it to crust up with a puff of smoke. A strong gust magically swept through the air as the pit to Hell was sealed. The wind blew away all the hellish flames that had spread throughout the forest. There was another small rupture but this time it caused the pit to crust up and collapse in on itself leaving the landscape dry and coated with burns and ash. The Hellhound looked down at the pit as it disappeared then strutted over towards Sammie sitting down by her legs and started to wag his tail. The dog glanced over at me, slyly, seeing my slack-jawed face of disbelief.

Me: Really?

Sammie: What do you mean, he’s nice. And look, he doesn’t even really smell like brimstone anymore.

Me: No! I know you’re going to be having these connections with animals and I guess even devil dogs, but he bit my fucking arm. Just look at this. (I said waving my bloody arm all in her face.)

Sammie: Oh, quit bitching and help me think of a name for him.

Dip: They call me Dip.

Sammie jumped back and grabbed my wounded arm making me cringe so bad that I had to bite my lip to stop myself from yelling.

Sammie: You, you can talk?

Me: And your name is Dip? (I say unimpressed.)

Dip: Yes, it’s Dip, and yes, some of us can talk. We are a very useful race designed to keep the balance between our worlds. Usually, we’ll only act unless under strict orders, but our freedom was stripped away by that demonic man. That is until you freed me from that Warg’s spell. The way I see it, right now, I’m without a master, and you, woman, you gave me freedom, so that makes you my new master.

Sammie: Alright Dip, you’ll be the perfect guard dog. And you can talk too, you’re hardly even an animal now are you.

Dip: Trust me, I can be a beast when needed.

Me: No kidding.

Dip: If it doesn’t bother you, would you let me see your arm. (I looked down at him doubtfully) Please, I think it will help our relationship, and it will only be for a second.

I shot a distrustful look down at the dog but didn’t seem the harm in it. I crouched down to his level extending out my torn arm. He walked up to my elbow where you could see an array of deep cuts from each tooth that dug into my arm. Dip sniffed the wound then started to lick the blood up and off my elbow. It didn’t hurt, just felt weird, forcing me to make this uncomfortable cringing face. He cleans up all the blood, even what was drenched on my shirt. It doesn’t make my arm feel any better or have any effect on really anything. Dip paused with his one eye wide open looking out into nothing.

Dip: Oh?

He started to twitch his head a little while making this strange noise, like what some dog’s make when they talk in their sleep. His whole body combusted into blue flames that rose up high, higher than what his normal flames would. I had to leap out of the way or risk being burnt.

Me: What the…

I investigated the fire that consumed his entire face seeing two orange glowing eyes within the blue combustion. The fire soon simmered down to nothing but simple red flames that barely edged over his shaggy fur. When the flames cleared, his face looked like the other Hellhounds with two eyes and everything else in its place.

Sammie: Oh good, now look how cute you are. (She said rubbing his head.)

Me: This isn’t going to do anything for the cuts on my elbow will it.

Dip: Forget about that, what are you, Master? Where do you come from?

Me: What? I guess, I, I don’t know what I am. I was born in New Hampshire then moved here, but that’s probably not what you were looking for.

Dip: Not at all, this is very peculiar.

Sammie: Why’s that, Dip?

Dip: Well, to be honest. I only wanted to see Master’s arm because I love the taste of blood, but his is different. Not sweet like human’s and had quite the unexpected effect.

Me: You sucked up my blood, just to get a taste! What the fuck’s wrong with you, you little monster!?

Dip: I live in Hell! What I did is plenty acceptable in our culture, compared to what those other cretins would have done to the scent of blood, especially yours.

Me: I don’t wanna hear it from you! You know what…

Sammie: St. J!

Me: What, do you really see nothing wrong here!?

Sammie: That doesn’t matter, are you hearing what he’s saying. You’re not human, St. J, but you’re not a demon either because I’m guessing demon blood doesn’t heal your wounds, right Dip?

Dip: Correct.

Sammie: Then Kalexo was lying! You can’t be some kind of evil spirit or anything like that.

Me: Well, what’s this prove? That I’m not human. I sort of knew that, but this isn’t exactly good news either.

Sammie: It just leaves us with infinite potential, if werewolves exist…

Me: Lycans.

Sammie: If they exist, then there may be more to this world than we know. You have a power that no one can explain, blood that isn’t identifiable, and you came back from the dead! You’re the greatest mystery this world has to offer.

Me: I wish I could see this as positively as you do, but I can’t. I don’t want to be a mystery, I don’t want people hunting me down because I’m different. What happens if Kalexo hurts you because of me.

Sammie: We won’t let that happen, I know you won’t at least. And in exchange, I’ll figure out what you are.

Me: What I am. (I scoff) What a life, I can’t even answer that simple question. I just can’t  believe that I’m not human. (I turned away from them gripping onto all the hair at the edge of my forehead. Sammie came up to me from behind taking my hands and placing them back to my side.

Sammie: Does it matter? (At first, I could only look at her with shock and distrust.) I think I’m a Warg, Nikki’s a Lycan, and you’re still you. We’ve all known each other for as long as I care to remember, and back then, we all saw each other as human. There was no difference between us and that will never change. You can be human if you want, but I say fuck that. Fuck humanity, we’re something else and you deserve to know what you are. If you want, of course.

I couldn’t think of words to say. The aggravation and unrest I had been feeling for some time now swept away by the kindness of her much-needed words. I wrapped Sammie in my arms hugging her tightly. I might have caught her off guard at first, but she sunk into my embrace and began to knot the curls on the back of my neck. I leaned back and kissed her under the trees with stars shimmering up above.

Me: Whatever I am, this is how we say thank you. I won’t give up again, we’ll figure out all the answers of this world and in the next, one way or another. And we’ll do it together. (Sammie smiled and nodded.) Come on, your parents must have been looking for you for hours now, I should probably get you back home now.

Sammie: Right, this should be good. I want to see my mom faint when she sees you.

Me: She probably will, I am her favorite after all.

Sammie: Shut up.

Sammie said knocking me on the head as she crawled onto my back. I looked down at Dip as I started to levitate higher into the trees. He seemed eager to get moving huffing up at us with his anxious feet chopping up and down. I took off without hesitation curving above the tallest branches with Dip swiftly tailing behind me. I rose up high above the neighborhood riddled with trees that clogged up my view. But even with the unfamiliar viewpoint, I was able to spot out their little house with the large boat in the back. With my target in sight, I gently glided down and skimmed my shoes against the concrete driveway for a smooth landing. I let Sammie slide off my back and watched as she took steps up to her porch then turned to face me.

Me: You want me to come in with you?

Sammie: Well, yeah. Of course I do. Just give me a second to figure all this out, alright. I don’t even know what to say or how this’s going to go. I’m guessing they’re not going to just let me off the hook after acting so strangely this week.

Me: You think they’ll be mad at you?

Sammie: I haven’t spoken a word to anyone this whole time. I don’t know if they’ll be mad but they’ll want some answers. And today after all that, I disappeared for hours! How do I explain anything?

Me: The truth would be the easiest out, but I fully get why you wouldn’t want to do that.

Sammie: How is anything I say going to be easy.

Me: I know. Just tell them what you can, make them listen to you. If anything, I’m sure they’ll only want to help.

Sammie: That’s what I’m worried about. (She said quietly.) I guess they do deserve the truth though, but in pieces, for now at least. Uh, can you wait out here with Dip for a minute, while I go deal with this shit?

Me: Yeah, do what you gotta do.

As she walked up to her porch steps, she gave one long last look to us before placing a hand on the doorknob. She paused to take in a deep breath before entering her house. I sat down on the first step with Dip at my feet. I pet his head feeling the stiffness of his ears as they perked up once we started to hear yelling just moments after Sammie walked through the door. I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but from how loud her parents were talking, it was impossible not to. I could only make out who was screaming loudest at the moment, so I only heard muffled out bits of the conversation from “Where were you?” to “What were you thinking?” and “Do you understand what’s been going on outside?” Then you could hear Sammie retaliation as she spoke quickly and with anger making it hard to understand from outside. I stood up looking down to Dip.

Me: Well, I guess that’s my sign, right?

I said before nervously laughing. Dip cocked his head at me without an answer and sighed after I disappeared through the doorway. /

I stepped through the doorway as the argument continued before me, everyone was too distracted to turn around. I saw that Sammie hadn’t even made it out of the kitchen before being surrounded by her parents and Becky as they all yelled at her in unison getting nowhere with the conversation. I closed the door behind me loudly causing everyone in the house to look right at me. Sammie smiled while everyone else’s face was puzzled or frightened. Even their dad, a strong hardy man, needed to take a step back to process all of this.

Becky: (In almost a whisper.) What the fuck is this?

Sammie: Who do you think it is? It’s St. J! (She rushed and hugged my side acting as if everything was normal to ease her parents into this.) He’s ok, I’ve been with him all this time. Well, today at least. Like I said, it’s hard to explain, but still, I’m sorry.

The rest of her family basically ignoring her words. Slowly and curiously they approached me, jaws dropped, hands trembling, as no one could believe their eyes. As they got close, I could see the strange reactions after noticing my silver eyes. Overall, they were in awe of the chance of my existence until one by one they processed the fact that I actually had come back from the dead.

Dan: What in Hell happened to you?

Jo: Dan!? (Sammie’s mom snapped at him for that question.)

Me: It’s alright, I get it. With what the news said about me, and my eyes being the color that they are, it all must seem really fucking weird and impossible that I’m here right now. (I laughed nervously) But it’s me! The same kid you’d have over for dinner like I was part of the family. I’m not a monster or a zombie, I just want one thing to be the same as before.

Their dad was the first to move. He had a big smile on his face and snatched me up for a bear hug that the rest of the family couldn’t help but to join in on. I smiled looking over them to see Sammie grinning in the background. //

Blake’s body was torn with slashes spread all across his skin. The blood and dirt mixed in with his hair had darkened it deeply. He took heavy breaths while the sweat and blood that crawled down his face cooled him on this dark summer night. He slid down the wall he rested against in an alleyway between two old buildings. As his body dragged to the ground, you could see the side of the wall behind him covered with blood that streaking down to his position. He looked up at the moon shining brightly. You could tell it was late out from how bright it glimmered, but only for a few seconds until more clouds covered the position. Blake tried to catch his breath and wipe the grime off his face as he pulled out his phone weakly, and dialed a number. //

I was lying in a bed with Sammie next to me rolling about attempting to get comfy. The room lights up as my phone goes off vibrating harshly against the top of Sammie’s wooden desk. Sammie groaned loudly as she flipped over burring her head in my chest. My eyes slowly blinked open. My groan was in unison with Sammie’s as I reluctantly reached over to answer the phone.

Me: Blake, what do you want? (I said tired and irritated.) /

Blake: (He panted for a second needing one more deep breath before speaking. Blake braced his body against the wall .) Hey… you gotta meet me up downtown, now. It’s important.

Me: What, no. It’s like two a.m. What’s so damn important you need to see me right now?

Blake: Have you seen Nikki yet, no, she’s gone tearing up the neighborhood. So meet me up downtown behind the barber shop. Before someone else dies.

Blake hung up the phone as he turned to face the several dead bodies that have stacked up just outside the alley with trails of blood spilling out into the streets.

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