Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, we’ve seen St. J struggle to find his way back into his body. We’ve learned that his death occurred three days prior and in that time in-between, the world has not been the same for Nikki and Sammie’s family. Nikki faces changes, Sammie’s vision has left her in distraught. St. J does his best to solve this mystery but Kalexo continues to delay there efforts. Luckily it seems he has more than just one enemy on Earth. Continue on below to see how this new character will change the tides.

Book 1, Episode 3:

The Beast Within

Down into the darkness traveling deeper and deeper through rocks, dirt, and grime. Time passes, until finally, we reach a large empty cave with cracks edged along the rock ceiling. Kalexo emerged from the shadows appearing out of a cloud of low floating smoke. He walked up to the brim of this cliff allowing the tips of his feet to slip off the edge along with a collection of stones coming from the peak of this summit. He glided down to the center of Hell, a vast wasteland dark and filled with the sounds of suffering. It’s a painfully crimson domain, even the rocks that made up every wall, roof, and floor of this evil place have a dark crimson tint. You see a large lake of lava and fire in the center of this massive dome, it seems to be the only light emitted in Hell. It’s just bright enough to give the underground cave a dark red glow. Through the dim light, you cannot see where the walls end they just go on and out into the distance. Stalagmites and stalactites pierced into the growing space between the ceiling and the floor until plunging into the lake of fire. In the distance, beyond the light the lake emitted, are dark red mountains, some volcanic, with magma bubbling up from the inside and shots of lava flying out. Beyond and surrounding these mountains it seemed like the rest of this hellish landscape was completely ablaze. As far as your eyes could see, there was nothing but flames. Kalexo dropped closer towards the lake of fire where you could see a line of people freely walking across this crooked narrow rock formation that rose fifty feet over the lake of fire. These people seemed to be so calm like they were in a trance or just believed this to be their fate. Without looking down, they would take their last step and plummet down into the liquid flames below. The sound of their screams, cries, and agony could be heard all throughout Hell, but no matter how loud they screamed, the others continued to willingly plunge themselves into the lava. The line marched forward without skipping a beat as the smell of burning humans puffed up with soot from below. Flesh peeled limbs stuck out of the flames as sinners sunk to the depths of Hell screaming out bubbles that float up and pop out the molten liquid. Kalexo dropped closer. Creatures could be seen coming out from the other end of the lake at their own separate part of Hell. They looked demented as if there were no thought put into their shape, or the placement of their limbs. Regardless of their hideous form, each of them would rise out from the flames shaking the burning liquid off their disfigured bodies and continued to march down into even darker tunnels, possibly into even worse sections of Hell. Kalexo watched this all as he floated down to the center of Hell, where he dove through the flames plunging into the heat. Although lava surrounded him, he was unaffected by their flames. He swam down to the bottom of the pool where there was a large crack riding along the lake’s floor large enough for him to maneuver his way down into the crevasse. A flaming vortex crumbles away layers of the crack until it is a wide pit that sucks him down fast into the darkness. / He appeared again in another cave, being spewed out from a waterfall, with red glowing water, where flames danced at the top of its arc, and the mist was replaced by smoke. Kalexo landed on this crusty plane with cracks everywhere shooting out jets of steam in some sections while bubbles foamed in others. A miniature volcano was before him. The front of this structure was indented perfectly forming the shape of a throne.

Kalexo: Lucifer, my Lord. I have returned.

A creature materialized before the throne in a collection of red burning lights. It was clearly a humanoid, yet he stood nearly twenty feet tall. It had the handsome face of a man with blonde hair and piercing cold blue eyes. This creature didn’t have arms, but four wings with massive human hands at each of their tips. The top wings were huge, draping behind his entire body. They had a skin based wing structure, similar to a bat’s wing. At the tip, his powerful hands branched out and stiffly formed a hook with his claw-like fingers. The whole set up looked very demonic, these hands were wrinkly, and his nails were unkempt, thick, and unreasonably sharp. The lower set of limbs are feathery, like an eagle’s wing. These set of hands were still clearly powerful in strength but looked much more like human hands. There were eyeballs, of all shapes and sizes, lined up from the beast’s wrists leading up the brim of his winged arms and across his chest where just a few of these creepy eyeballs were scattered along the upper portion. Every eye on this demented creature’s body glared down directly to Kalexo without blinking or ever straying from concentration. Lucifer’s lower body was basically the same as a human’s, besides the fact that he’s four times the size of a normal human, and he had hooves, like an ox. He wore a type of toga, mostly just a white cloth wrapped around his muscular body and weaved in-between each of his wings. The Devil before Kalexo took a seat on his throne. The magma inside reacted to his presence giving off a harsh glow.

Lucifer: Yes, I see that, Kalexo. I also see that you have failed to bring me the child. Again.

He spoke in a booming voice deeper and louder than any human could produce.

Kalexo: Correct, the wolves of Earth protected him, and it appears that he’s gaining control of his abilities at an accelerated rate.

Lucifer: This is not good, I will not allow this threat to continue. The boy already has the power to destroy the balance between worlds! You witnessed that event first hand and saw him change history right in front of us. While his presence may have worked in our favor, if you allow him to continue learning of his potential, he could create unknown tolls of damage against us and our cause. Eliminate him, bring the child to me! I wish to personally throw him into the Lake of Fire myself, and damn anyone else who dares get in my way! ///

Outside of the hospital towards the woods, Nikki and I followed Blake down a path where the vegetation had begun to dominate the narrow trail. We found scrubs for Blake and me to wear, the pants he needed, but the shirt wasn’t his style and he ditched it going along shirtless where I had found a white T-shirt to wear. We might have spent too much time at the hospital because not long after we escaped, alarms went off and all types of emergency vehicles could be seen flashing in the parking lot behind us.

Me: I still don’t think it was smart to leave that gecko bird thing just lying there in the hospital. Like, it’s weird enough that the body from a mysterious death just disappeared, but how is anyone going to wrap their heads around the fact that something like that exists.

Nikki: (Scoffs) You don’t know what you’ve missed in the three days that you’ve been gone. I can tell you, it’s been a freak show lately. Ghosts haunting their relatives, sometimes right after they die. You’re not the only dead person people have seen walking around, and demonic voices have been heard in churches. Hell is literally coming to Earth, and people are going to know about it soon enough.

Me: Man, I didn’t know it was that bad. I really fucked up. I single-handedly ripped open the path between our world and the next, there’s a crazy man from Hell trying to capture me, and I have no idea how to stop any of it.

Nikki: At least we were able to get you back in your body.

Me: Yeah. (I said sounding less thrilled.)

I placed a hand on my chest looking deep in thought when a flashback hit me. // (((Black & White))) I was in the hospital bathroom looking at myself in the mirror with my shirt off. The “Y” shaped autopsy incisions had healed themselves once I regained my body, but the scars they left remained. I poked the discolored flesh expecting to feel pain, but there was none, I was completely healthy. Next, I looked at my eyes moving my face up close to the mirror. (((My silver eyes are the only thing in color.))) I pried open my eyelids and moved my eye about within its socket making sure everything was still normal. I placed my hand back over my heart over the trails of my scars. I could feel my body’s warmth and my heart pounding as powerfully as ever, but why is it when I look into my eyes, I look dead.

Blake: (From outside, he pounded on the door.) What are ya taking a shit in there? Come on, the cops are here, we gotta go!

I continued to stare at myself in the mirror with a blank expression. // (((Back to Color)))

Blake: (He chuckled) You guys make me look normal, and I occasionally have to take flea baths.

Me: (To Nikki quietly.) Why are we following this guy? He fucking killed me.

Nikki: Not to mention, him turning me into a monster. (We both stop as Blake turns around to face us.)

Blake: You’re not a monster. Not yet, at least. The only way you’ll ever be able to contain the beast within you, is with my help. And St. J, as far as anyone else is concerned, you don’t even exist. You are a ghost of your former self, a walking dead body with just about every cop in the station looking for you. (My eyes went wide after he called me a dead body.) If you want to explain to them how your three-day nap healed your wounds, be my guest. Or, you could follow me. Someone who’s been able to keep their supernatural abilities a secret all their life. You guys didn’t even make it a day till the news cameras started rolled up. So yes, like it or not, you will follow me. (He started walking.)

Nikki: You’re an asshole, you know that.

Blake: Yes, but like most assholes, I’m always right. (He said looking back at her with a large and strangely friendly grin.)

I held back the urge to let my energy go as it bottled up within my tightly grasped fists and flaring eyes. As mad as I was, I knew he was right. Nikki and I stopped to pause for a second looking to each other probably thinking the same thing. But after a second or two, we continued to follow Blake through this thin path in the woods without the slightest idea of who this guy really was or where we were going. //

Sammie gloomily opened the door for Tonka who dashed outside without hesitation. She stepped onto the porch barefoot and in pajamas. Tonka was another one of their dogs, he’s a short but stocky Pitbull with naturally sad looking eyes, yet he wore a giant smile on his face as he galloped off into the backyard. Sammie looked off into the distance starting to daydream as she leaned against the porch’s rails. Soon after spacing out into nothing, a pain shot through her head forcing her to clutch her skull as a look of discomfort came across her face. / (((Blue streaks formed along the edges of her sight.))) You start to see short flashes from something else’s viewpoint. Something that ran fast and was able to move through a wooded area in a blur. / In that moment, Sammie snapped back to reality after hearing a rustle in the bushes. Still startled, Sammie looked down to Tonka. His ears perked up at the sound of an intruder. Before Sammie could think, Tonka darted off at full speed towards the bushes.

Sammie: TONKA NO! Fucking dumbass.

She jumped over the rail of the porch landing in the driveway as Tonka had already disappeared into the woods after the animal moving with fear away from this bulky dog leaving Sammie to fall behind them both. She looked up after staring down at her feet and found herself starting to speed up moving quickly over the grass, rushing in-between trees, jumping through bushes, and over branches. She hadn’t been paying much attention to Tonka, she was just running intensely and found herself slowing down, surrounded by nature, and all by herself. For the moment, it was quiet and peaceful in the middle of these woodlands, but again, she heard rustling in the bushes. Instinctively, she whipped around to the sound at her left. A small female deer slowly emerged from the bushes staring at Sammie. Sammie didn’t move but continued to stare into the dark black center of the deer’s eyes. A ring of blue appeared in the deer’s eyes, and for a split second, she could see herself while looking through the deer’s perspective. She saw that her naturally blue eyes seemed to be more noticeable in that moment, they had this blue shine to them. Whatever connection Sammie had with the deer was lost and the animal galloped back into the forest. The blue shine in her eye vanished and she began to sway to one side, then to the other, before losing her balance and falling to the ground with grace. Like a dropping feather. Her head laid on a pillow of grass that rose up to tickle her cheeks as she looked to the sky seeing the birds fly above the trees. //

A large osprey flew into the skyline out of the massive tree that Blake, Nikki, and I stood under. The tree was unnaturally large compared to the other trees in the area that seemed to clear out of its way creating this little field in the middle of the forest with the tree in its center. A well was built off to one side with a line that went down into the well and shot up into the tree. I looked up to its height, my silver eyes shined in the light, and my long curly hair blew in the breeze. I saw that the tree was hollow from the holes in different levels of the tree. Yet, the plant was still obviously alive radiating with color. There’s a small balcony made of wooden planks hanging under one of the openings to the tree looking like the only possible way to get inside.

Nikki: So… This is it, we’re here. (She said relieved.)

Blake: Yes, this is it, World Tree. It’s one of the last living Native American legends left in this world. My family worked with them since we got here hundreds of years ago escaping European enemies. We found out the colonist weren’t as accepting either and ended up spiting with them and found shelter with the Indians in their sacred tree. They showed us how to use the tree to heal wounds and we took care of the supernatural problems they faced. It worked out well for us.

Nikki: Oh really, is some of your family in there now?

Blake: No, let’s just say things have been dangerous, even before your friend here caused this huge mess. Guy’s like Kalexo, Wargs, and occasionally your average skin-walker have been causing problems. But Wargs, (he shakes his head) Wargs have been the sole enemy of our kind since the dawn of our existence.

Me: Hold up a second, how old are you exactly? We’re talking about the colonist here.

Blake: I don’t know exactly, frankly I stopped caring. (Turns to Nikki) We’re not immortal, but our healing abilities keep us youthful for longer than what you’d need. I was bitten probably 400 years ago, and I barely look a few years older than I did that day.

Me: So, what, has there always been so much of this fantasy stuff going on, all this time, and everyone’s just been completely ignorant to it!?

Blake: You’d be surprised what people choose not to believe in. But now it looks like they’re going to have no choice but to man up and start believing in some of these fantasies. And then, they’ll have to choose a side.

Nikki: A side? What are normal people going to do? They don’t have a place in all this.

Blake: THIS, what we’re in now. THIS IS WAR! And war influences everyone’s lives. They won’t have a choice but to pick a side and win or get crushed in the crossfire.

Me: I have a feeling like things are going to be a lot more complicated than whatever you’ve been dealing with before. Like you said it’s been just werewolves and Wargs, so how can you explain something like me or, the creature that Kalexo had.

Blake: Alright, first off. I’m not a bloodthirsty werewolf! What you saw on the night of the full moon, was my animal instincts weakening me to Kalexo’s control over animals. Honestly, the plan was genius to use me, a lone wolf, so that he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. I’m going to tear that smart-ass prick to sheds when I see him again.

Nikki: You’re going to need our help. You can’t do this alone.

Blake: And what, I need to take help from a pup, along with some lost soul with a powerful temper tantrum.

Nikki: There’s nothing you can do all by yourself. You know you don’t stand a chance on your own against someone who can control you like that.

Me: Do I have to remind you two this guy’s straight out the pits of Hell. Imagine what other creatures he could have in a world of demonic monsters. That is, if he doesn’t just take over your body again.

Blake: I KNOW! Do you think I haven’t thought about this? (Sighs) Yes, I can train you, if you help me. I suppose you are my responsibility now. At least, that was how it worked back in the day. As for you, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m a Lycan, not some spirit guru, go find someone who actually knows about that kind of subject.

Me: Who the Hell is supposed to help me!? A palm reader isn’t exactly going to cut it… Just forget about me, I’ll figure something out. What are you guys going to do anyway?

Blake: About one months’ worth of training a day if you’re going to be any use to me when I rip Kalexo’s throat out. (He said glancing at Nikki while walking towards the tree.)

Me: Not sure how much I like this.

Nikki: Its fine, I’ll be able to handle myself.

Blake: Will you? (Nikki glares at him irritated.)

Nikki: Could you just check up on Sammie for me, I’m not sure how long I’ll be out here. Just go all invisible and sneak around or something. I just want to make sure she hasn’t gone completely insane.

Me: Yeah, OK, no problem. I guess I’ll be seeing you guys later then.

I looked up to the few clouds far out in the sky making for perfect flying weather. Nikki was looking at me with unsure eyes, she looked like she was in thought but seemed ready at the same time. With a burst of energy, I split the Earth’s crust under my feet causing dirt and rocks to fling up from the ground as I rocketed into the air. My face was stretched back not anticipating the g-force, but I then swung around back towards the hospital and center of town.

Blake: Alright then. Lesson one, survival, with a consecration on healing. (He said with a malicious grin on his face as his eyes started to shine a darker gold color.) ///

Blake let out a roar revealing his sharp canine-like teeth as he moved with extreme speed towards Nikki. He jumped up and punched down from above. Nikki managed to move out of the way by stumbling forward before rolling across the grass. She looked up off the ground and Blake was already standing right above her.

Blake: See, your dead now. You’ve got the speed, that comes naturally. This time, use your senses to control and manage that speed.

He said starting to creep forward. Nikki was more prepared now with her hands up in fists. Moving around a bit, Blake shot out with an electrifying jab. Nikki had her hands up and flinched back as she was struck, but when she brought her head back up, she flared out at him with her eyes burning bright green.

Blake: That’s it, girl! I want to see the animal inside come out! Let’s hear you roar!

She tilted her head back and spread her arms out behind her, leaving her body vulnerable. Blake took the opportunity to run up on her. Just as Blake was close enough to strike, Nikki let out an ear-shattering call that had a force behind it strong enough to knock Blake back and off his feet. Nikki approached him growling, she bore her fangs and flashed claws where fingers used to be. Blake shuffled back to his feet slowly. He was mostly just astonished by what was happening. Nikki sprinted for him slashing away viciously without quit. He’s able to dodge a good amount of her attacks using height as an advantage as he constantly slid back. But relentlessly, she pushed forward moving into a position where she could continue to tear up his chest. Blake sprung out backflipping away from Nikki gaining extra distance as he kicked off her chest. They both were tossed away from each other. The only difference was Blake was still on his feet dragging a hand into the ground to stop the backwards momentum, all while Nikki was still only starting to get up off the ground. She glared out to Blake who was bleeding terribly from wounds that were set deeply in his chest. Blake’s expression grew more serious as he saw the boiling rage lying within Nikki’s eyes. She growled out to him while taking a step forward. Before she could get any closer, Blake released a roar with such power that it trembled the ground they stood on. Even the mighty World Tree above shook and its leaves shed from the sheer might of Blake’s roar. Nikki cupped her ears and dropped down to a knee as her claws and teeth go back to normal and her body was showered from the World Tree’s leaves. The dust had settled, and again, Blake stood over Nikki. This time, he extended out a hand to aid her, but she was fine getting up on her own.

Blake: You might have some potential after all. How could you have pulled something like that off? What is this, like you’re second time fighting as a Lycan?

Nikki: As a Lycan… yeah. I suppose I took your advice seriously when you said go animal. Did I handle myself a little too well? (She says laughing while brushing some leaves and dirt off her shoulder.)

Blake: No, it’s not about that. How did you have claws just then without fully transforming? Only some of the strongest Lycans can shift specific parts of their body. Mostly, I’ve only seen it from the Dire family, a group of pureblood Lycans. A bitten Lycan should never be able to possess that type of power. You haven’t even turned yet, but you have an ability of a skilled Lycan warrior, how?

Nikki: How should I know, I expected it to be an easy move. Like, I don’t have to change everything, just my hands.

Blake: You don’t understand. Going full animal is a painful process, especially your first few times. You break bones and muscles to form your body into something new. To see you effortlessly do this doesn’t make any sense to me.

Nikki: (She laughed a little.) I don’t know what to tell you, Blake. Maybe you’ll need me more than you thought.

Blake: Maybe, but your still just a young pup, you can see it in the way you fight. Lots of power with no thought or reasoning. Our brains are what separate us from savage animals, always have your human mentality in control. You need to find the balance between you and the beast if you want to be successful in battle… So shut the fuck up, and show me the claws!

Fur brushed down Nikki’s forearm, all the way down to her deadly talon-like claws.

Nikki: I’m game if you are.

Blake: (He scoffed.) I’m just excited I get to take this a little more seriously now. The next round’s mine! (He screams charging forward with long strides.) //

At Sammie’s house, I floated down landing outside one of their windows where I crouched down with my back against the wall. I tried to switch to my clear form but was quickly snapped back to normal.

Me: Aw, come on.

Again, I tried to become intangible, and for a second time, I was unsuccessful. Frustrated, I stood up and decided to get serious. I stared at the wall for a second placing my hand against the rough surface while taking in a deep breath. My eyes were closed, I didn’t want to see the wall coming and give myself an excuse to be scared as I suddenly jolted forwards. The second my hair touched the wall, my body turned intangible. I held onto this loose feeling to the best of my abilities fearing that I might become solid after only phasing halfway through the wall. It felt like an instinct, not like flying. No, this was my body’s natural way of defending itself protecting me before I hit the wall. I flopped forward into their home where I quickly ducked down behind one of their leather couches. Slowly, I peeked my head past the edge but didn’t see anyone home. The TV was on with the news playing, the bathroom door was open with no one inside, and I couldn’t hear anybody inside the kitchen. It was safe to say, no one was home. I less cautiously moved up to the TV with intentions of turning the screen off but before I could hit the button on the remote, an image of our local hospital flashed on the screen. I was immediately interested and hurried to the screen. To my surprise, as I got close, the screen turned to static. My irritation with my unstable abilities grew, but for the moment, I was more surprised at what I’d done and just stood there for a second. Curious, I reached out with one arm which caused pure white sparks to fly in the air in between me and the TV. I quickly backpedaled falling into a seat on the couch behind me, which must have been far enough from the TV for our strange connection to cease. The white sparks vanished and the TV flickered back to the same report of the hospital reminding me why I had gotten so excited in the first place. /

Reporter: As if we thought local Tobey Hospital had enough to worry about when just three days ago we learned of the disturbing and mysterious death of Zachary St. Julien whose body was found mutilated at the local pool he was employed. All this morning, we’ve been following the case of his body’s strange disappearance, yet even more exciting was not the body that they lost, but of the one that they did find. Officer Slater, comments on the finding.

Officer Slater: It’s a shame we couldn’t find the young man’s corpse and it’s even worse that his death has caused so much attention. We’re doing our best to clear out the crowds and let the higher up organizations take care of the other findings.

Reporter: Can you give us any of your thoughts on this body you did retrieve?

Officer: I really can’t say much, they’re telling me to keep this case shut.

Reporter: So, you couldn’t say if the multiple witness reports were true about seeing an unreal giant creature with wings. That, or anything of the people seen fleeing the building with one of them, um, flying. (She said with a smile.)

Officer: No comment.

Reporter: Really, I have the video footage right here.

The police officer walked away. After he left they showed the footage of me flying away as Nikki and Blake jumped out the building. It’s filmed in terrible quality, but it’s believable. Throughout the original interview, there were people in the background with all kinds of signs of pure insanity saying Free The Aliens, and We Want The Truth. / I must have been watching with such attentiveness that I didn’t hear the car roll in as Becky enters her home. She tossed her keys on the counter running one hand through her hair as she stormed in. With barely enough time, I sunk down fading through the floorboards to the basement as Becky barged into the next room. While still intangible, I quickly look around the room finding that Sammie wasn’t home either. I shook my head and floated up the stairs to see what Becky was in such a rush about. At the top of the staircase, the door was slowly opened but Becky was not in the living room. I heard her on the phone in the next room. /

Becky: (On her phone, she waits as it rings) … Hey Nikki, it’s me again. You really need to pick up… Sammie’s missing, she ran after Tonka and we haven’t seen her since. There’s a lot of weird shit going on, so just come home, please. OK, bye.

She was extremely upset, it was easy enough to tell as Becky flopped herself onto her bed in distraught. I didn’t have time to explain to her everything, not when everyone’s out desperately searching for Sammie in the woods. I rushed out from their house with great speed now that I started to get the hang of phasing through walls. The blast from my take-off caused all the doors around me to slam shut with a howling gust. Being home alone, that’s enough to frighten anyone, but Becky just sprung out of bed to immediately opened the door back up.

Becky: Hello? Sammie, is that you? (The silence and unexplainable absence got to her.) Damnit, what’s going on in this house! //

Tonka ran through the woods looking as happy and energetic as ever, yet strangely, his eyes are bright blue. He looked around sniffing the area seeming overwhelmed by every scent he came across. The dog broke out rushing through a tall bush, which unexpectedly, stood at the border in-between the woods and the road. Tonka stood in the middle of the street blankly in a loss for direction when a car appeared speeding towards him while curving down the road. They quickly slammed their breaks and swerved out of lane. Sammie’s parents exited the car rushing up to their dog. Their mother, Jo, smothered the dog with affection while Dan called out Sammie’s name to no avail. Jo got the leash on Tonka and was petting his face when she noticed his abnormally blue eyes suddenly darken to their natural state. A wave of blue aura rushed through the woods and hovered above the clearing where Sammie abandoned herself. I had already found her passed out with her eyes glowing blue. To me, for all I knew, she looked dead. Her eyes were open, glowing or not, she was unresponsive to my calls and just lied there motionless. I had grown hopeless with my face buried in her gut crying.

Me: Damnit, Sammie. Come back. (I rose my head back up, unable to stop the tears from rolling down and plummeting onto her body.) Did I do this? Was it Kalexo. A fucking werewolf, something else from Hell? God, help me. If there’s a Hell, then you must exist too, right? Well, where are you then!? What are you waiting for!? She doesn’t deserve to die!

I can’t look at her or open my eyes at all. I’m too busy trying to stop flaring white lights from my eyes while fighting back tears and grinding my teeth together to the point that it should hurt, but I can’t feel the pain. I didn’t see the cloud of blue aura suck back into Sammie, but I do hear the long faint gasp of air she sucked in. I look down at her and feel her lungs rise with the first signs of life. I laughed in relief as I wiped the water from my eyes and dry my face. Sammie blinked her eyes a few times before they returned to their normal blue state. The look on her face is obscure like she can’t quite see me, or yet, she doesn’t believe that she sees me. But once her eyes do focus in on me, they widen as she gasps out. I could feel her cringe, but she stayed lying on my lap cradled in my arms, where she’s been since I found her in these woods.

Me: It’s ok, It’s real. I’m really here. I’m just so fucking happy you’re not dead.

I don’t know if at that time she truly understood. I don’t know how she would, but even still, she clung on to me and started to cry into my shirt until we had matching tear stains. I held her back and stroked her hair that flowed down from my chest to the grass below. We just sat there for a while under the trees both needed time to recover from the shock. ///

Me: I’m sorry if I scared you. I know I’m probably the last person you’d expect to be with right now, in the middle of the woods.

Sammie: (She sniffled a bit then looked up at me with a reassuring joy in here eyes.) Scared? Do you have any idea how relieved and happy it makes me to see you again? I have no idea what’s going on right, or why any of these bizarre things keep happening, or why they’re all connected with you. But what really killed me, was knowing that you were going to die without really having any idea of how I knew it, or if I could tell anyone, if there was something I could’ve done to prevent it. (She spoke frantically while sitting up slowly placing herself by my side with our legs still intertwined.)

Me: There’s nothing you, me, or anyone could have done, trust me. If you were there that night, it would have been just another person that got hurt because they knew me. Lately, not one thing in my life has been the same really. I really did die three days ago. That’d have to be the weirdest thing of ‘em all.

Sammie: Yes, you did. (She says it like it’s obvious) You don’t need to tell me that, I saw what happened to you, twice. Once in the vision, then afterward, when they asked me to confirm your body and this nightmare turned real. (I looked shocked.) You didn’t have your ID on you. Their only lead was Nikki, who we had to meet up with at the hospital that night, and she was still getting care, so my dad and I went into the next room and they asked us if this dead body was you. I almost couldn’t believe it, I wanted to say no but I couldn’t say anything.

As she speaks frantically, you can see what’s happening as she describes it. / (((Black & White))) Dan and Sammie walked down from Nikki’s hospital room to mine with solemn looks on their faces. There were two cops outside the door, and once stepping inside, the two were surrounded by doctors. After making their way through to the operating table they’ve placed me on, you could finally see me laying there with all kinds of stitching to cover up my wounds. After seeing my body, Sammie’s face grows blank and nearly turns as lifeless as my own. Her hand gripped onto her father’s arm with noticeable strength and he embraced her through the traumatic experience. (((Back to Color))) /

Me: Damn, that makes it all so much worse, I’m sorry.

Sammie: Sorry for what, getting your chest ripped open? (She said with a smile that I doubt anyone had seen in quite a while.)

Me: Well, I did promise you that I’d be fine. And, then I died.

Sammie: You can’t blame yourself for things out of your control, I’ve been doing that for days now, so I can tell you it’s a miserable way to live.

Me: Yeah, but unlike most people, what you lost, sprung back to life in those three days without a scratch, just some silver eyes. (Sammie grabs my face curiously looking into my eyes.)

Sammie: What happened to you? (She said seriously, then slid her hand away from my face.) It’s time you let me in on this, really. What’s going on?

Me: Well, keep in mind, it’s all hard enough for me to believe. So, have an open mind. (She nodded.) Alright, so there are these werewolves, no wait. Shit, what was Blake calling them?

Sammie’s face was so lost, it made me smile. She punched my shoulder for laughing. //

Nikki and Blake were both panting, hands on their knees facing each other without letting the opponent out of their sight. The once beautiful field below them was now torn apart with claw marks and heavy footprints everywhere.

Blake: Ok, enough with this equal playing field shit. It’s time we go full animal.

Nikki: That’s alright with me. But you did say this was a painful process, right?

Blake: Very. (He said smirking.)

Nikki: Ok, well, I have to turn sometime, so how do I do it?

Blake: Alright, you’re going to take a few deep breaths, do whatever you can to relax. Obviously get some space, and if you’re stupid enough to hold onto or wear anything you really care about, now would be the time to get rid of that.

Nikki nodded following his instructions. She took deep breathes and awaited more commands.

Blake: Now, the best way to let your inner beast out, is by roaring. That’s an easy way to let your animal spirit take over. The moon does help us turn, so most first-timers will wait for a full moon, but we don’t have that kind of time. So try to clear out ALL human emotions and take in that primal instinct. Just make sure you don’t stop breathing, I don’t want to take care of an unconscious body.

Nikki: I think I got this.

She signaled for him to move back as she started the heavy breathing process and easily pulled out the claws, bright eyes, and teeth.

Blake: Ok, keep it up, but get angry, get wild!

Nikki hastened her breathing as veins began to pop up on her forehead and arms. She could hear her heart pounding faster and faster. By then, her transformation had truly begun. You could hear her bones snapping and crunching into shape as Nikki dropped to the ground moaning in agony. Her inners could be seen moving around under her skin, right before dark fur swept through the area. She looked up to the sky, tears poured from her glowing eyes then streamed down a misshaped head sprouting with fur. Up above, the half-moon could barely be seen as clouds filled the air right as it just started to get dark. Nikki released an immense roar up to the sky that was built from every ounce of pain she’s endured. She started to smash the ground as her limbs got bigger and longer. Blake took a step towards her as her transformation continued. Still hunched over, her body grew. You could see her new long and pointed ears shoot up as Blake drew near. She growled at him, but Blake wasn’t intimidated by such a young Lycan and kept walking. Nikki whipped around, surprisingly fast despite the pain she suffered and still continued to feel as she shifted into a full wolf form. Her coat of fur was long and shaggy. She wore a pitch black coat and she had these eyes so green they could be marbles. She was now growling twice as loud in-between heavy breaths as she inched closer to Blake. At this point, her tiny clothes could not handle such stress, her shoes sliced open as each toe shot out. She clawed off her shirt as her new form completed. The urge to drop on all fours and howl overwhelmed her, making this last cry much louder, sounding more like a wolf’s howl than the usual ferocious roaring Lycan’s yield.

Blake: Well, there you go, Kid-o. You made it past your first turn. How do you feel?

Nikki growls deeply, then charged, knocking Blake over as she gracefully leaped into the air. Her power was unreal, Blake was left to watch her bound well above the World Tree and seem to glide over the woods until dropping out of sight. Blake got back up to his feet still looking out into the distance as the setting sun was blackened out by an incoming storm.

Blake: (He groaned while getting up. Lycan grunts echoed throughout the woods.) These younglings are going to have me dead by the end of the week.

He snapped into a minor animal state growing fur all across his face, muscles flexing naturally, and his eyes turned a potent gold. The process was instantaneous only needing a quick growl to get his blood pumping. He then took off leaping after her on all fours, even while in a human state. He pounced forward swinging from trees and kicking off large rocks. He did whatever was necessary to keep Nikki insight and not let her stray too far away. ///

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