Donald Glover Comments on Directing A Star Wars Film

After a historic win at the Emmy’s for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, Donald Glover had many announcements to make including his thoughts on directing a Star Wars film.

Fans are clamoring the young actor/writer/musician and now, director, to produce his own Star Wars film. His thoughts on the matter were very humble.

“I would be honored, but it’s a big plate, it’s a big plate. That’s a buffet plate… I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.”

Well put Glover, how else could one respond to possibly directing one of the greatest movie franchises? Although, it would only make sense.
Donald Glover was the first African American director to win Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series. He plays a significant role as the young Lando Calrissian in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars film coming December 2018. He’s had his hand in producing numerous other works including Community30 Rock, and not to mention the production of his music videos under the alias of Childish Gambino.
Ron Howard tweets “Wildly impressive  wrapped his work on  last night. We’re all gonna miss you Donald!”
Donald Glover has the talent it takes to tackle a big budget film such as Star Wars. If it takes him a while to do so, that’s alright. This year will be the third out of at least six known Star Wars films that will be appearing in theaters. He has the time to decide if he wants to take on this heavy load, but the man already has a lot on his buffet plate.
He and his wife Michelle are expecting their second baby boy. In addition to his role as Lando Calrissian, Glover is known to be playing the voice of Simba in a new Lion King movie, now in pre-production. And don’t forget his booming musical career. He may not have anything in the works at the moment, but according to him, music isn’t something that he can give up. He just won’t simply be forced into creating a body of music despite his fan’s pleas. That’s not how creativity work.
Childish Gambino – Baby Boy
Lets also not forget the last time Glover’s fans pushed an idea in the “Donald for Spiderman” epidemic. Glover talks about the experience in his standup Weirdo, but luckily the idea for him directing a Star Wars film is far less looked down upon.
 Donald Glover – Weirdo
Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has already gone through many directors for her Star Wars films. With directors such as Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Colin Trevorrow and Gareth Edwards stepping down from the stressful role, Glover might have his shot. But with the second season of Atlanta underway this September, let’s just hope he stays focused on the work at hand.

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