Game of Thrones Characters: By the Book

HBO’s Game of Thrones follows George R.R. Martin’s series with relative accuracy. But many fans of the books are not happy with the looks that some of these Character’s display compared to how George Martin envisioned.

Of course, Hollywood is Hollywood and everyone must be attractive, but George Martin is who he is as well and his story calls for a much darker reality.

Look at Tyrion and the Hound. No one could call either of them very attractive, but imagine if you will if the TV series followed closer to the novels. He’s supposed to have different colored eyes, a squashed in face, and that slash across his face was supposed to also take out a good portion of his nose. The Hound’s burns are bad now but imagine black leathery skin patches across his face, a much narrower face than we’ve seen, then take out one of his ears, and you’ll see the Hound as he was in the novels.

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