Eyes of my Enemies

Previously, we saw my character very lost as his world was opened up the dark and supernatural forces of Hell. Kalexo, the Warg from hell, has killed St. J and left him staring at his own dead body on a morgue table. Is there any coming back from this? Read on below.

Book 1, Episode 2: Dead Man’s Tale


I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a dead body, but it’s a pretty chilling experience. We see people all the time, but a lifeless corpse without that little shine in their eyes really makes all the difference. But this is completely different because it’s your body. Nothing like looking in the mirror, because you can actually see yourself in a way only possible from outside your own perspective. And you won’t see that little bit of soul in my eyes either because I guess I am my soul right now. Floating above my own body. And right now, I could look into my own cold dead eyes.

I’m in the morgue room of a hospital in this clear spirit form still looking down at my lifeless body. I had a massive “Y” shaped incision cut into my body that was stitched back up after the autopsy. It only felt like a few minutes had passed since a beast tore through my body, and now I’m all cleaned up and the hole in my chest has been stitched making me look like some creepy ass doll. I don’t know what to do or what’s going on. My mind is still in panic from the previous events. I approached my body placing a hand on my face in an attempt to get back into my body and somehow forget about this whole nightmare. But the second I was about to make contact, my hand faded right through my physical body as if nothing was there. For a moment, as my hand was deep inside my own head, I could sort of feel my brain and the fluids inside my head. Completely grossed out, I flinched backwards and ended up floating through the wall behind me into the halls of the hospital. Doctors, nurses, and patients all passed by me, but no one could see me, or even feel my presence as they faded through me. I tried talking to them, but no one responded. Irritated I began screaming at people, but they walked right past or even through me as I’m right there in their faces. In despair, I threw myself onto a counter with an attractive nurse standing behind it. One arm faded through the counter while the other held its ground pounding against the counter. I picked myself back up and pinned one arm up to hold my head with two fingers massaging the gap in-between my brows. I slammed my other hand down in a fist and glanced up to see if I had caught the nurse’s attention. She was still peacefully standing there with a clipboard in hand and the butt of her pen in her mouth fidgeting it up and down as she thought.

Me: Hey! Hey, Blonde McBig-Tits! (I sigh is desperation) You can’t hear a word I’m saying, can you?

Still no response. I reached over to poke her breast, but again, my hand fades right through.

Me: God fucking damnit! I can’t do shit while I’m like this! What the fuck is going on!?

I screamed again pounding my hands on the countertop. This time I must have created some wind because a piece of paper flew out from the nurse’s clipboard and landed right in-between my arms. I dropped my head down and looked at the paper with curiosity. It started today’s date at the top, 8/17/15. As I continued to read, I realize it’s my own medical report and that the date it shows is that of my own decease, three days ago. That was enough to freak me out, but as I continued to read, I found the description column:

The victim was aggressively mauled by an unknown animal. Left in water making victim unreachable to said animal. One Nicole Terrain reported the dead body.

I looked up from the page instantly remembering Nikki. The last time I had seen her she was most likely being torn apart by that same werewolf that got me. After this recollection, I ran through the walls of the hospital until I found myself aimlessly walking on air outside of the building. At first, I was scared and found myself unable to move my limbs they just uselessly flopped about. But soon, with a little focus, I started to float forwards. From floating, I figured out I could fly, probably as fast as I’d want to go. There was no wind against my face or anything that could hurt me, I was completely free. The feeling was similar to when I was floating up to heaven, but now, I had control. In about a minute, I could reach Nikki’s neighborhood. Flying over common roads and taking shortcuts through forests where I normally wouldn’t be able to drive through. From up here, I had a perfect view of the area. Once I spotted the pond I recognized so close to Nikki’s house, I powered forward knowing exactly which direction to fly towards. I swooped lower soaring through the trees that piled up in their neighborhood and came to an easy stop at their driveway. The house wasn’t that large, everything was pretty average besides the giant beat up boat unused in the backyard. I saw their door opening to let out a medium sized cattle dog who trotted across the yard sniffing around for the perfect spot to relieve himself. I hovered close to him, but the dog bared his teeth as I approached. After backing up a bit, it seemed as if he lost track of me and started looking confused until he stopped and stared directly into my soul. Nikki’s dad, Dan, your all-American father, jeans, flannel, the slight smell of beer, and a mustache as thick as his head, appeared on the deck.

Dan: Vinny, the hell are you looking at. Come on, boy.

Vinny scampered back to his master. I was a bit surprised that he had the capability to sense me, but I couldn’t dwell on that for long. From the driveway, I could see through their window and spotted out Nikki walking around looking healthy and happy like nothing ever happened. Knowing that she was ok put me at ease allowing other things to occupy my mind. I phased into the Earth’s crust moving towards their home. I traveled through the darkness of dirt and grime until I appeared in Sammie’s basement room spotting her out in the center of her bed. Her legs were wrapped in blankets, arms digging into the collection of soft material. I floated up to her seeing that her eyes were as red as roses like she hadn’t slept in the three days I’ve been dead for. Her hair, that was always perfect and well kept, was now tangled and all over the place. It didn’t look like she had been crying, but more like she was just traumatized, her eyes had probably run dry of tears long ago. Now, her eyes were kept wide open and her mind constantly in deep thought. Her room was always trashed, but this was getting bad. Old food that she never got around to eating was left out for the dogs, not too many clothes were on her floor but other blankets and pillows look like they’ve been tossed about, and the empty tissue boxes scattered everywhere showed the extent to her grief.

Me: Sammie, Sammie I need you need to hear me right now. (I said brushing my arm through her shoulder.)

Sammie shivered as goosebumps crawled their way up her arm before she cocooned herself into her blankets. I floated back a bit knowing my ghostly presence wasn’t doing a thing to help. I was left to hopelessly watch her misery unable to tell her that things might turn out to be ok. That is, if I ever get back into my own body. The door upstairs opened and shut, and I began to hear footsteps trooping down Sammie’s steps and into her room. Her boyfriend, Marcus, enters from another part of the basement shaking his head after seeing Sammie in the same condition he left her in.

Marcus: Hey Sammie, Nikki made us some chicken fingers upstairs if you’re in the mood? (There was no response.) Sammie, how long do you plan on keeping this up? You’ve been at it for days now. What’s going on with you? (He stares at Sammie, but she doesn’t even glance at him.) Seriously though, tell me, what’s up, and not some rant about psychic visions. I need something real, a reason why you’re like this. Something, anything, so I can help. (Her silence continues.) Alright, don’t speak, I get it. This is obviously because of St. J right? Look, it’s sad and all but you need to get over it and go on with your own life. That’s what he would want right? Look at Nikki, that was her fucking best friend, but even she can manage to put on a fake smile, carry on, and go to work. (Sammie blinks twice then continues to be deeply involved with her thoughts). There was definitely something going on between you two. WHAT ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME!? Why Are You Silent!?

You could see how angry he was getting by the bulged vein sticking out from his forehead as he got up in her face. He stepped forward and grabbed the bottom of her head. His hand wrapped around Sammie’s jaw pinching her cheeks with his thumb and fingers making her look right at him. His other hand was in a tight fist pulsing every once and a while as it was stuck to his side. By now I was watching with fury, but in this state, I couldn’t do anything but let my rage build.


He had Sammie’s attention now. She was mad but didn’t react much. She backed away fighting against a bit of Marcus’ resistance, but he soon released her smooshing her face back. I rushed at Marcus, attempting to shove him into the ground. It would have been easy, he’s not a very big guy. But instead of being the hero, I just floated through his body. I could see him paused for a second, feeling the cold chill down his spine. But his suspicions were short lived as he went right back to accusing Sammie who stayed almost in a trance not showing any emotion or even moving a muscle.

Marcus: ANSWER ME! DID YOU TWO DO ANYTHING!? (He groans in a shouting manner), JUST DO SOMETHING, crazy bitch.

My anger started to be uncontainable as everything around me became hard to see. Light poured out from my eyes with the silver energy back again flowing through my body and whipping about the room gaining in speed the more he screamed at her. Sammie smacked his arm out of her face leaving Marcus astounded by her sudden retaliation which only angered him further. Marcus cocked his arm back looking like he was about to smack her. That’s when the whole room was sent into darkness. A pulse shot through the room shattering every light bulb until the only light in the room was coming from my furious glowing eyes. Her bed started to shake, lamps and other things on her desk where knocked aside. Her cat, Charlie, hopped on top of a stack of clothes and hissed at me before fleeing the room. I opened my mouth, letting out more light that shot out from my lips as I spoke in a demonic voice that was still my own.


Energy flowed through her room like a storm causing Marcus to sprint out tripping on a drawer that flew out of Sammie’s bureau as he escaped her room nearly pissing his pants. I was still furious, my eyes showed it all. Not even from just the light, but how my brows strained, and my eyes were almost vibrating along with the rest of my body. I wanted to sprint up those stairs and chase after him, but at the same time, I didn’t want to leave. There was nothing for me to do here, but still, I felt the need to not leave Sammie’s side. An overwhelming feeling of guilt came over me because whichever way you look at this situation, you see Sammie suffering, and only me to blame. My presence, my death over, and right now I’m probably scaring her shitless with all these ghostly abilities. I looked over to her, she was no longer in the hallucination like state of deep thought, but I’m not sure if this was any better. Sammie dipped her head down and began to cry as her room still spun about with my silver wind that I was unable to contain. It hurt me even further knowing that I was not only the cause of her pain but a witness, the only one completely unable to do a thing about it besides scare her and bring even more confusion into her life. Through her tears, I could hear her mutter one thing out.

Sammie: Tha… Thank you. (She then went back to balling her eyes out.)

Me: She thanked me, after everything… she’s thankful?

I was dumbfounded. The first thing to happen next was I dropped down to the floor, her clothes and furniture parting away from my presence as I landed. The room settled down, the streaks of silver energy ceased, and the room grew quiet as the lights died down. Finally, my eyes flickered off and I took a deep breath of musty air feeling both relieved and exhausted. Sammie stopped crying and looked up noticing that whatever was going on had stopped. She began to look around the room that’s completely trashed, which says something considering how bad it already was. Then, for just a second, I swear, I saw her look up not behind me, but for a second, we had locked eyes somehow. Her deep blue eyes filled with fresh tears blocking out the red along the edges, looked up at me with awe. She blinked, and a tear streamed down her cheek. She then got up to her feet picking up a few of the pillows that had been tossed about by my energy storm. She flung them back onto her bed only to lie back down amongst them concluding her cleaning session. Her cat, Charlie hopped up onto her bed nuzzling his head into her ribs. She had the strength to form a smile as she stroked her pet that gave me a huge relief. In that moment, I could feel that she would be ok. There was nothing else I could do for Sammie. I didn’t want to haunt her or be forced to watch her cry, so I floated up the stairs out of her room that I left jumbled. I had only made it to the bottom of the stairwell when I found Nikki opening up the door then cautiously walked down each step. She stopped half way down the steps and darted her head in my direction. She stared at me with such a confused expression on her face.

Nikki: Saint St. J?

Me: Oh my God, Nikki! Yes, it’s me! You can see me, right? This is great.

Nikki: (She had mixed emotions.) St. J, I can hear you, but I can’t see you. What’s going on, and what just happened down there?

Me: Sorry, that’s a little too much to explain right now, but don’t worry I handled it. I know it might not seem like it, because I’m dead and everything, but I’m fine, really. More importantly, what happened to you? The last thing I remember is you waiting for me at the pool, and I just assumed that you were killed by Kalexo or his werewolf.

Nikki: Kalexo?

Me: I’ll try to explain that later, not sure how, but things might make more sense if I know your side of the story too.

Nikki: Well, wow this is all so unreal, but you know, I was going to meet up with you after work. Then out of nowhere, I saw its head, a giant wolf’s head, with bright glowing red eyes. At first, it was just sniffing around. I thought it would go away if I was quiet, but then it ripped out my door and bite me twice. (((Fast images of blood flying out of her car as the beast shakes its head violently.)))

She lifted up her shirt to show where the scar on her abdomen should be, then looked really confused feeling her skin on her arm where I’m guessing the other bite mark was supposed to be.

Nikki: It was right here… what? (I stared at her blankly.) Weird stuff like that has been happening lately, I tried not to think it was a werewolf, I really did. Almost convinced myself that it could have been a weird bear or some kind of mutant wolf, but after I saw my eyes and the claws. (She paused sensing my confusion.) I’ll show you, it’s kind of cool in a creepy way. Just let me just check on Sammie real quick. (She said eagerly.)

She walked down the stairs peaked around the corner at the bottom of the stairs to see Sammie sitting there in the dark in a cluttered mess. The only movement she had done was move from a sitting position in her bed, to simply laying back letting her legs dangle off the bed.

Me: It’s not as bad as you think. I think she’ll be ok if we give her some space. Sammie thinks she’s responsible for my death because she tried to warn me about it, but there’s nothing either of us could have done about it. (I explained to her as we moved up the stairs.)

Nikki: So, we should just tell her right now that you’re fine, well sort of. I just don’t know how I could without sounding crazy. (She says picking up a sock and tosses it into a basket at the bottom of the steps. As she did, she passed by a beam of light that shined on her face revealing that her eyes now looked green.) But what do you mean she warned you, how did she know that this would happen?

Me: She told me she had a vision, and it described the werewolf that got us both. But we can’t tell her now, she’s been through enough supernatural shit today. And I’m going to find a way to get back my body back. Once I do that, I’ll just tell her in person.

Nikki: You think you can get better? St. J, you’re dead. We all saw your body. I was the one who made the 911 call reporting that you were dead.

Me: I know but some part of me is still ok and I honestly feel stronger now. I just need to figure out what the fuck is going on first. And right now, you’re the only person who can see or help me, which has to make you a werewolf or something, because so far, you’re the first human to give me a second glance. It seems that only animals can see or sense me.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad that I can help St. J, and I’m definitely happy that I can talk to you again, but still these last three days have been hell for all of us.

I got up in her face and released some energy to create a glow from my eyes that illuminated the dark stairwell.

Me: Yeah, I think we’ve all gone through some changes.

I said looking into her eyes that were most certainly brown last time I saw her but are now are a vibrant green. Her eyes reflected the light back like how a cat’s would in the dark.

Nikki: You saw my eyes didn’t you. It’s creepy, I know, but come on.

She walked up the rest of the staircase and opened the door letting in a light that brightened up the whole stairway. I followed Nikki up into their small hallway where a few outdated pictures hung up on the wall, mostly the three sisters. Becky was sitting on one of the leather couches watching some cooking show. When Nikki steps out you can see Becky’s attention pivot, she mutes her show and waits for a response to the obvious question.

Nikki: She’ll be fine. They had a fight, I think. But honestly, she’s probably feeling a little better right now. It’s still some shit, but I think she’s going to be over all of this soon.

Becky: Did you hear how much noise they made? What kind of fight was that? And you were down there for a while.

Nikki: I don’t know Becky, just give her some space, and give me some too. (She said slamming Sammie’s door then stormed off.)

Becky: Nikki, I was just…

She didn’t wait to listen, within the second we were in Nikki’s room at the end of the hall leaving Becky confused not knowing a thing about what’s happening to her family. // Inside her bedroom there were the basics, bed, closet, a chair only used to hold old clothes, inspirational posters, all that jazz. She hung up lots of art she’s made over the years and a few posters of pictures she’s taken and claimed were her best.

Nikki: Are you still here? (She asked after closing the door behind her and starting to look around the room looking clueless.)

Me: Yeah, I’m not going anywhere till I figure out how to get my body back.

Nikki: Well, this isn’t going to be easy, like how am I supposed to help you when I don’t even know what’s going on with myself. All my senses are on this whole new scale, and if you think what happened to my eyes is weird, then look at this.

She flexed her arms swinging them down fast. As she moved her fingers hardened into claws as fur sprouted up all the way to her forearms ending with a scruffy bit of hair pointing out past her elbows. She looked up at me; her eyes were almost glowing with such a vibrant green color.

Me: What!? That looks like it’s just the start, to be honest. You could probably do a whole lot more if you ever understand exactly what it is you’re doing.

Nikki: I don’t know if I want to use this. I’m turning into a monster, and I don’t want to end up like that thing that attacked me. Just look what it did to you! You’re dead now and turned into a ghost for some reason. Do you think this is what happens to everyone?

Me: I don’t know, Nikki. Probably not. But I was just trying to get at that there’s just so much more going on right now, a lot of bad shit that I don’t understand and I really can’t handle alone. You might need to know how to control whatever is going on with you, in case we ever run into Kalexo again.

Nikki: Alright, since you’re forcing me to ask. Who is that guy you keep on mentioning?

Me: He was the man who came with the werewolf. He’s the one who told the wolf to kill me.

Nikki: So what, he like has a pet Werewolf?

Me: Not exactly, if you saw this guy you’d get it. He was long and dark, wore a cloak, like something from a movie, but he did this weird thing with his eyes and the wolf thing did the same thing, so I’m thinking he’s gotta be some kind of mind control wizard type deal thing.

Nikki: I know this isn’t a time to be speculative, but that doesn’t make any sense.

Me: None of this makes sense! I died but somehow I’m still here ‘cause some guy in a cloak stopped me in the afterlife. He acted like I was some kind of threat to him, which was his reasoning for stopping me from getting into heaven; because he said he was from Hell.

Nikki: (under her breath.) What the fuck. Are you telling me you fought a… like a demon?

Me: No, no he had a word for himself. Ah, what was it? (Nikki pulls out her tablet, then looks back at me curiously.) Uh, I think it was a Warg.

Nikki: Hmm, don’t think I’ve heard of that before, (She glanced up from her device after tapping all over the screen with lightning fast fingers.) but look at what this site says about them. (Showing some creepy website, titled GoT, that looks completely fan based.) It’s supposed to be someone with the supernatural ability to connect with beasts. Their souls can physically connect with other souls creating a network with the souls they’ve interacted with. Because of this deep connection with the world, some receive visions or messages of all types…

Me: Visions huh.

Nikki: (She stops reading the text and looks up at me.) Sounds like what you said Sammie could do, right?

Me: She knew about my death, but not only that, she knew the specifics. That it would be a monster with glowing red eyes. Exactly what happened. As for all that animal stuff, I don’t know.

Nikki: Well she hasn’t exactly tried, or done anything really for that matter… I really don’t know how long she can keep this up.

Me: I know, I feel bad that I haven’t been able to do anything to help.

Nikki: Yeah, especially since this is sort of your fault she’s all like this too. (I glared at her after the unhelpful comment.) Anyways, we’re going to need to break this down if we want to understand what happened. What else did this mysterious guy say? He seems to be giving us some answers.

Me: He said the reason he murdered me, was to bring me to hell, that I couldn’t be allowed to go to heaven because of my potential. What would’ve happened if I did!? What if I made it to Heaven? Maybe they could train me or, or… hold up. Kalexo said something else that I didn’t get. (I said beginning to lose my focus.)

Suddenly it hit me like a flashback, my eyes lit up as I dipped my head down curling myself in a floating ball. / (((In Black & White))) I pictured myself back inside the white tunnel. Kalexo is yelling at me “Etheric revenant bastard. Stop this now child, you have no idea how to control yourself.” / I come out of the trance as the light sucks back into my eyes and the all the objects on Nikki’s desk stop shaking. Some things had knocked over during my mini episode. The chair full of clothes spilled out onto the floor making the whole place look like there was just a miniature earthquake. I floated down to sit on the floor leaning up against her bed. I mumbled something that was hard to understand.

Nikki: What’s happening, are you alright?

Me: (I tried to catch my breath.) Etheric… Etheric revenant, he called me that. I need to know what it is.

Nikki: (She typed away incredible fast quickly finding the answers I craved.) Alright listen to this, apparently, it’s a spirit, but of a former human being. It says they’re rare and a dangerous type of poltergeist that live in shadows and take the energy from living things.

Me: Well I guess anything makes sense; I could easily be defined as a spirit who isn’t human anymore. Is there anything on how to get my body back? (I ask as she continues to type away).

Nikki: No, not exactly, but it does say they can possess bodies both dead and alive. So you could just take your old body back, or a new one, whatever you want.

Me: I don’t know how to do that! Get in and out of a body. I tried walking into myself earlier, but I faded through it like I do with everything else.

Nikki: Well, you have to try to make it work. You won’t automatically just get your body back you probably have to do something. Maybe like how you can light up my room. You could try that?

Me: That just happens, the only times I’ve been able to do that was when it was to my advantage. When I really needed it. I could feel it building up when Marcus was coming at Sammie.

Nikki: Alright then, so we just have to get you mad.

Me: No, I didn’t say it was like that! I just think whatever I can do is tied to my emotions.

Nikki: Well, you should be feeling a bit emotional right now. Sammie’s growing more insane by the second, you’ve lost your body, and the only way to get it back (she whistles for Vinny who quickly pokes his head through the door) is by trying.

Me: No, I’m not going inside your dog! What if I can’t get out, I’m just supposed to live the rest of my life as your pet!?

Nikki: As entertaining as that would be, I don’t think you’ll get stuck in there. Think of it like climbing a tree if you put yourself in there you can get yourself out.

Me: What the fuck am I doing? (I sighed while getting into Vinny’s face.)

I took a few deep breaths putting more energy into every breath until I’m able to make my eyes glow, and this time without causing a mini hurricane. But what I was trying to do was different from before. I may have stopped myself from whipping energy beams about, but I couldn’t stop the room from getting cold or the frost from building on each of her windows. Vinny who senses me and the energy I was giving off tried to get out of the room, but Nikki shuts the door in front of him. She then gets down on her knees to hold her dog down, hugging and petting Vinney until he relaxed, but the dog was not having it. He snapped and growled barring his teeth in my direction, but as far as I was concerned, I was untouchable and continued to focus my energy looking into his eyes while concentrating with all my might. My eyes shined with a silver aura and Vinny’s eventually did the same. I moved my head closer to his bouncing my curly hair against his fur when suddenly there’s a bright light and I was sucked inside the dog’s body. My soul slimmed out and slurped into Vinny’s mouth. Nikki waits for things to settle down, the frost thawed and the lights simmered down to nothing. Slowly, she releases my new body and looked down at me from a crouched position.

Nikki: St. J, is that you in there?

I open my mouth and make a weird whining noise trying to answer her, but that’s the best I can do.

Nikki: I guess that’s a yes (she laughed) Come on, I’m driving you to the hospital. You can figure out how to get out of my dog on the way there.

I stumble out of the room trying to follow her while still getting used to my new legs. ///

We appeared out in the back parking lot of the hospital. I’m back in my intangible form floating a little over Nikki as she walked up to the building. She was looking behind us to see Vinny happily waiting in the car with his head stuck out the open window.

Me: Well, what’s your plan here? I’m going to float up to that third window there, I remember that’s where I came from when I left the hospital. What are you going to do; walk in, ask to see a dead body?

Nikki: Nah, I think I’ll improvise.

She runs up to the base of the hospital without hesitation continuing on at a full sprint towards the brick wall. Right as she reaches its edge, I watched her leap up higher than I’ve seen anyone jump before. She took two steps running right up the building’s side, then kicked off flipping through the air to land on the fire escape on the second floor. I, more simply, swooped up next to her.

Me: Hey, that was awesome! You really pulled that off.

Nikki: Thanks! (She said with a big smile clearly enjoying her new abilities.)

Me: Come on, it’s this way.

I said leading her to a window that I flew right through. Nikki springs up to the next level of the fire escape and extends out one finger slowly shifting it into a hard claw. She rams this claw into the lock and crawls through once the window pops open. She moved through the opening dropping to the floor fluently like a cat would, but as she rose up to her feet she did not move another muscle and became as speechless as I was seeing what was before us.

Kalexo: Hello again boy, missing something?

Kalexo was leaned up against the morgue drawers with a creepy smile. He swung my drawer wide open revealing my body just lying there waiting for me dressed in a patient’s gown, but there’s no way of getting to it with Kalexo hovering above me dragging his fingernail against my body’s skull.

Me: How can you even see me you’re not a werewolf?

Kalexo: Ah true, excellent deduction. Yet you and your little pup friend look like the smart type, I’m sure you two did your fair share of research and know all about my sorcery and Warg abilities. But another secret I’ll let you in on is that one of the perks of living in Hell is that you develop the Second Sight. (He explains while walking around the room.) Which would allow me to see you for exactly what you truly are. A demon, just like me.

Me: Quit lying to me, Kalexo.

Kalexo: Oh, what’s the matter, boy? You should be happy to finally meet something like you.

Me: I’m not like you!

Kalexo: Would you like to bet on that?

Me: Don’t you get it! This isn’t some game, this is my life you’ve been fucking with! I’ve been left in the dark and confused by just about everything that’s happened to me.

Kalexo: Yes, I would imagine so, but you do know what you are, don’t you? So you should understand the potential you could have in the afterlife. If you come with me I can teach you how to use that vast energy supply of yours. If you come with me I can answer all your questions and teach everything I know.

Me: You know that’s not going to happen. To think I’d trust you for a second.

Kalexo: That’s only because you still think like a foolish mortal. You’ll need to rid yourself of your human ways, because face it kid, you’re never going back to normal; body or not. By the way, in your little research session of yours; did you ever find out what my main ability is? To have control over things weaker and wilder than me?

He said as his evil glaring eyes began to shine red. I heard glass shatter and objects dropping to the floor behind me. I looked back to Nikki seeing her back up uncontrollably slamming herself against the wall with her hands clinging to her head. Her eyes were shut but you could see all kinds of lights peering through her eyelids. She called out my name for assistance, but Kalexo was right there in front of me. I took a step closer to Nikki while grinding my teeth towards Kalexo. Nikki was suffering trying to keep her senses and control over her own body. Kalexo was creeping into her head by force so Nikki dug her nails into her skull trying to claw him out as her own blood flowed out from her hairline. I knew there was nothing I could do without my body so I shot over to the drawers and grabbed my own dead face. My eyes glowed upon contact like a chemical reaction with my physical body that caused a great amount of energy to flow between me and my body. Kalexo was distracted and too late to stop me now. He rushed over too me by the time my energy was released and everyone was pushed back against a wall. My corpse sat up fast and gasped for air that its lungs couldn’t breathe. I felt myself fading thinner like I was disappearing as the slight glow my spirit form gave off faded to nothing. My body’s eyes opened slowly shinning bright as flashlights. My corpse opened its mouth and lights flashed from all openings as what was left of my spirit funneled into my mouth. Everything went dark for a second until my brain’s wheels started spinning again after the three-day vacation and I snapped back into true form howling a petrifying cry. My eyes which used to be a deep brown were now silver and my pale corpse seemed to tint itself back to its natural mocha color. My ghostly screech must have been enough to snap Nikki out of whatever spell Kalexo tried to put her in. Her body slid down to the floor resting herself against the wall after unrelentingly fighting against Kalexo’s mind control. She was exhausted, barely able to keep both eyes open, but at least they seemed to be back to their radiant green hue.


I yelled in a deep voice as I floated out of my metal drawer tomb and down to the floor. Nikki picked her head up and saw me first before anything else and was unable to believe her eyes.

Nikki: St. J, is that really you?

My body was hovering over the floor, my hospital gown fluttered from my pulsing energy. Despite the goofy attire, I stood in mid air with muscles flexing in the pose of a man ready for anything. With confidence, I sprinted at Kalexo winding my fist back about to punch him, but he stepped back jerking my arm forward flinging me at the wall behind him. I put my arms up closing my eyes preparing myself for the impact. But when my eyes opened again, I was floating through the wall of the hospital and looked down finding myself hovering aimlessly above some dumpsters. At first, I was afraid more than anything and I began to fall dropping down into the piles of trash down below. The crash was rough but I think I might have saved myself at the last second, or else injuries would have been more severe. I started crawling my way out from the lumps of trash bags.

Me: Damn it.

I growled finding the strength to burst up into the air with an explosion of garbage below me as each bag of trash was split open from the force of my take-off. I whipped around back and through the same wall again focusing my powers to become clear to phase through the wall then become solid again in time to punch Kalexo. By the time I made it back into the fight he was just taunting me standing over Nikki who was virtually helpless at the moment back to fighting against his control and squirming on the floor. I charged for him but wasn’t able to switch back to my physical form fast enough to strike a punch. I was able to knock him over tossing my legs out right as I flew past him and collided into the wall at the other end of the room.

Kalexo: All that power wasted on an angry child. (He said getting back up to his feet.) I’ll show you something with some real strength.

Kalexo’s eyes glowed again, this time he wasn’t after Nikki, but made a call out for backup. A massive birdlike creature broke through the window a second or two later sending glass and wall plaster into the room. It had a vulture’s head and wings but four reptilian legs and a scaly tail with a few sharp feathers towards its tip. It squawked loudly at me making me back up past a door that suddenly opened as a brave nurse decided to investigate the noise of beasts and destruction. The woman shrieks in fear seeing the monster hissing and lashing out its forked tongue. Nikki ran over pushing the nurse out of the room and slam the door behind her. She spun around and roared at the creature baring sharp teeth as her claws emerged from the blood pumping roar. I looked to her with surprise at her viciousness. She got to one side of the beast and I had the other as we both jumped up and down yelling at the creature backing it away from the door. I kicked, Nikki swiped her claws, and the beast whipped its tail, but we were each able to dodge these warning strikes. Once we backed the beast over to a corner, Nikki left me in charge as she ran back towards Kalexo who was standing peacefully in the back of the room enjoying the show. As she raced up, Kalexo remained motionless. All it took was just a flash of red from his eyes, and his pet jolted forward somehow maneuvering itself through cramped spaces. I leaped up into the air trying to intercept the beast before he got to Nikki, its target. Me and the beast collided. I clung onto its wing and from there, I made my way onto its back pounding on the bird with hammer fists and hook shots to the neck. Basically ignoring me, the creature continued for Nikki, clawing and pecking at her. Nikki could only dodge so many of its attacks and was constantly grazed by the creature’s claws before she managed to get a slash in under one of its arms. But the constant onslaught of attacks from the beast was too fast and too much for Nikki. She was knocked down to the floor, the bird stood over her. It’s twelve-foot wingspan spread over Nikki’s head ready to make it’s final blow to its fallen prey. In that moment, I leaped up off its back and wrapped my arms around its tube neck kicking at the beast as I was swung around. The bird was a bit confused now at this point. It managed to toss me up into the air while spinning around to whack me with its tail. I rocketed down to the ground but before the floor struck I tried to fly hard using all my strength to not hit the floor. The intense pressure placed beneath my foot and the tiled floor below became so intense that the tile actually split in two.  By now, I could feel the energy within me that allowed me to fly and fight. As I got angrier, I was able to create the silver whips of energy. Papers were tossed up into the air and the lightbulbs above us flickered on and off. Silver wind was flowing throughout the small room but two noticeable concentrations of energy slammed the beast against the wall creating cracks that spread throughout the entire side of that room. Kalexo reluctantly was forced to step in, not expecting me to have this much control of my abilities already. He pulled a dagger from his sleeve and approached me from his corner.

Nikki: ST. J, look out!

She warned me just in time to become clear as I turned coming face to face with Kalexo just daring him to use his weapon. As we were in the middle of this heart racing standoff, everyone’s attention was diverted to the direction of a loud howl that shook the entire hospital. You could hear the nurses and doctors now banging on the door yelling at us to open up as Nikki effortlessly pins the door shut by just leaning on it. She was forced to stand guard at that end of the room while behind me there was a bang against the wall coming from the outside. Nikki’s face looked horrified at the idea of something else entering this fight. She must have lost her position on the door because a few doctors and nurses had teamed up to ram the door open nudging Nikki out of the way. I sprinted over shoulder checking the door shut when I heard another explosion like bang from the outside of that wall across the room. All I could see was the dust and plaster enter the air while hearing this out-of-world screech and a few weak chirping noses. I looked over my shoulder to see the same dark wolf that killed me now with a half dead bird-like creature within its jaws. With one more jerk, the bird’s lengthy neck snapped sending feathers everywhere silencing the monster. The wolf growled at Kalexo with orange blood dripping down from its furry lip. By the look on Kalexo’s face when he saw the beast, you knew that this time, it’s not under Kalexo’s control. Shocked by how fast things turned away from his favor, Kalexo backed himself into a corner and began rummaging through his robes until finding a small sparkling vial containing a purple liquid.

Kalexo: Until next time then. For your sake, let’s hope you’re better prepared.

He said smashing the glass across the floor creating a blinding light that involuntary made all of us look away shielding our eyes from streaks of intense light. The flash subsided leaving Nikki, still barricading the door, me, the half black kid in a torn hospital gown, a dead ten-foot-long flying reptilian, and a werewolf standing over his kill. The werewolf lifted himself up to stand on his two hind legs. I looked into the beast’s golden eyes, he was still as he stared back at me. This made him look far less threatening and much calmer than the previous shade of glowing red. He let out one last howl while raising his arms up high in the air only to smash them down to the floor as his whole body began to morph back into his human state. Thick shaggy wolf arms started to shrink as all his hair receded throughout his body. Claws turned to fingers, black fur turned into a full head of dirty blonde hair, as his limbs shifted into proper human shape. The naked wolf-man stayed crouched low to the floor then looked up at Nikki and me, who had backed into the opposite side of the room.

Blake: Hey, I’m Blake. (He sounded winded from the transformation.) Neither of you two wouldn’t happen to have a pair of jeans on you, maybe a blanket.

Nikki and I looked to each other and then broke down laughing out of relief. ///

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